Fosters Recreation Facility and Water Park at Exit 62 Fosters AL

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2015-10-09 10:22

Will bring revenue tonthe area. High school students would have local jobs. An bring jobs to the area.



2015-10-09 12:33

Community growth



2015-10-09 13:50

We have been needing this activity community center for so long for everyone to enjoy!



2015-10-09 14:51

It would be good for the community



2015-10-09 16:41

It will be a great thing for the community



2015-10-09 16:43

Will be great for the community



2015-10-09 18:29

Need one in the area


#8 Needed

2015-10-09 19:40

Will bring growth to the Area, Jobs, and someting to do.  Much needed



2015-10-09 21:33

Our community needs things to do for the younger generation. This will bring jobs to our area and local revenue.



2015-10-10 02:04

It will be a great advancement for the community and more jobs to the area!!



2015-10-10 02:18

Will be great addition to the community and much needed!



2015-10-10 12:14

We need more family and child orientated things to do.



2015-10-10 14:05

It is a good idea for the community growth and will provide more jobs for people in the area.



2015-10-10 19:16

I think it's time we get something in the area for the kids. Instead of having to travel to surrounding locations.



2015-10-10 22:18

I live in Fosters and we need things like this in our community..


2015-10-12 02:07

This is the worst idea ever. I grew up in the nice calm country community and moved back for that reason. This would cause and invasion of people in our area from EVERYWHERE!!!!! There is a splash pad water park at exit 68 at Palmor Park go there if you want to participate in the fun.


#17 Alabama - The Pig Saga

2015-10-12 16:39

I wondered when the numerous pigs would start frolicking in the sewage however not surprised to see the main HOG marking territory.   After all you could smell the stench from the onset.  Just like gluttonous pigs fattening at every opportunity devised.

My sympathies to the residents of Fosters.  If you believe the guy in prison was a nightmare then your in for a rude awakening.  Don't summon the Devil then complain when he shows up.

Good Luck


#18 Re:

2015-10-12 16:41

#16: countrylivingmatters -  

 Totally Agree!!! A nightmare for those of us that live in the country for a reason! I don't want the crime that comes with this, or the traffic. And with the school so close, this would be awful! 

Let's be honest

#19 Re: Alabama - The Pig Saga

2015-10-12 18:55

#17: EyesWideOpen - Alabama - The Pig Saga 

 Wow, we are HOGS because we would like a PARA facility in the Southwest District 4? What about the other districts that have multiple PARA facilities? I say they are the HOGS you mentioned. I hope wherever you live has opportunities for your Seniors and Youth, oh yeah, you said you didn't live in our district, so I'm sure your area has plenty. Thanks for the good luck and I've never thought of PARA as the devil.   Tammy Zimmerman, Ralph, Alabama



2015-10-12 19:03

This will be great for our County and The City of Tuscaloosa.

#21 Re: Alabama - The Pig Saga

2015-10-12 20:56

#17: EyesWideOpen - Alabama - The Pig Saga 

 Yes let's be honest because the individuals pushing for this development are not interested in your community or entertainment it's simply about dollar signs.  They don't need permission from y'all to implement what they have devised.  Tths petition is just show so that the pigs and the main HOG can tout how important and necessary it is.  




2015-10-13 13:36

Help the community come together



2015-10-13 13:36

good place to hang out with friends



2015-10-13 16:47

This is a great opportunity for jobs to be created.



2015-10-13 17:36

Our community needs this!!!