World Vitiligo Day - June 25th

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2011-10-27 19:18

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Thanks so very much for your comment, sure would love if u can help. Please edit and send to me on Thank you and looking forward to it


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2011-10-27 20:05

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Thanks so very much. I trust it would bring all the Awareness....I forsee all the media globally talking about Vitiligo on a 25th June and the World wondering who and what they are talking will happen, am very very positive!!!

Great ur family was there for you all through, so many do not have that opportunity.....


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2011-10-27 20:06

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I believe you!!!


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2011-10-27 20:06

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Together We Can!!!


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2011-10-27 20:09

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It would be great if you can start one. I encourage it much more than anything else.....



2011-11-14 21:23

Yeah! Because remembering the death of a pedophile vitiligo patient is a great thing.



2011-11-18 00:48

It is about time people stop judging others for their appearance only, even because so much pain can lay hidden under an apparently " strange" face! To be ill is hard enough, let alone to be bullied for it! Time to broaden our minds and open our hearts in knowledge and acceptance!



2011-11-18 01:11

Vitiligo affects many people around the world and it should receive recognition and have research as well.



2011-11-18 01:11

I want to have people be aware of this condition and for the people who have had it and have been accused of it being something else.



2011-11-18 01:43

I love MJ



2011-11-18 03:40

people should know more about vitiligo michael jackson had it and lee thomas has it vitiligo should gain more attention its effective way not make fun of people



2011-11-18 07:44

For all those suffering from vitiligo here is some love.. For Michael I love you forever and I truly miss you every second if every day.



2011-11-18 11:56

People need to understand there is an codition like this and it's not called "skin bleaching"!!!



2011-11-18 12:57



2011-11-18 15:30

Idea good!!!



2011-11-18 15:54

The public have to be made aware of this terrible condition and to believe Michael Jackson when he said he suffered from Vitiligo!



2011-11-18 17:41

This is an amazing way to bring awareness and the date is perfect...<3 MJ <3



2011-11-18 18:14

let it be, for the sake of awareness and be educated.



2011-11-18 18:28

this might be the good way to let everyone be aware and be well educated about Vitiligo. Stop the hideous, bullying name tags and break the wall that separate from normal life.



2011-11-18 19:24

I hope by signing this petition people will be more informed about VITILIGO...and I wish the psychologicaly affected by this disease will have more help to coupe with it.



2011-11-18 19:54

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2011-11-18 19:58

Michael Joseph Jackson

- The People's King -

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

We L.o.v.e. You!
Dirty Diana Peace Maker


2011-11-18 20:01

El vitiligo es una enfermedd que caracterizó a Michael. Arrastró durante toda su vida prejuicios, aún así batalló contra el. Es un ícono de lucha contra esta cruel enfermedad.



2011-11-18 20:12

Michael Jackson :D

#75 vitiligo

2011-11-18 20:24

Michael Jackson didn´t change the color of his skin he had VITILIGO!