World Vitiligo Day - June 25th

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2011-10-22 12:35

A very good way to start

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2011-10-22 16:17

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Sure.....let's make it a reality...



2011-10-23 17:57

In honor of my beautiful friend Linda Alago who we will see on the Silver Screen shortly.


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2011-10-24 07:16



2011-10-25 02:13

Love my Skin, Love my Vitiligo!



2011-10-25 03:23

Great Idea! I hope it will help to raise awareness and also promote more Vitiligo research. I have had Vitiligo for 36 years and have dealt with many stares, questions, and thoughtless comments. Luckily I had a lot of support from my family, my husband and my friends. I am now almost completely depigmented from my vitiligo spreading on it's own. Yes, despite all of the doubters who said Vitiligo would not have turned Michael Jackson so completely white, it can and does happen! I think choosing June 25th as World Vitiligo Day is also a wonderful remembrance and tribute to Michael Jackson who spent most of his life being ridiculed and bullied by the media for something he had no control over. Thank you!


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2011-10-25 04:05

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I'd love to meet one, I bet they're gorgeous



2011-10-25 04:19

Good idea. Thank you for your efforts. Might be even stronger with some editing....I would be happy to help.



2011-10-25 05:12

I have lived with Vitiligo for the last 20 years. It is an emotional situation that you wish someone could understand. I pray more help will come for us suffering with this.



2011-10-25 05:34

this is a good day, we need to help & raise awareness my granddaughter has vitiligo, she is 11 yrs old & very brave, & beautiful..A loving grandmother.and i care you would too !! nancy bulatow


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2011-10-25 05:43

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 you are so right,may god bless you,my granddaughter has vitiligo she is 11 yrs old, i just wish she would turn one color!! xmichael J.... should have talked more about it ,being in spot light..i could imagine how he felt..we need  to raise awareness...............Thank You !!!!



2011-10-25 08:21

We need the world to really understand what vitiligo is and how it affects people.



2011-10-25 09:27

lets celebrate the fact we were born the wrong color!!!Spots are superior!!!two is better then one

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2011-10-25 10:58

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Always remember you have support from us too. We need to erase the stigma around vitiligo.



2011-10-25 14:15

Together we can fill the world with LOVE.



2011-10-25 14:45

Too few people, especially in the medical community, are aware of the debilitating psychological effects of living with vitiligo. We need to build awareness by getting the word out so more attention will be paid to research and treatment of this disease.



2011-10-25 16:04

needed great research team on it


2011-10-25 16:42

Yes Vitiligo is a visible skin disorder and people affected can be stigmatised, but it is only skin deep and we are all still beautiful human beings inside and out. So let your personalities shine through and above all else be who you want to be. If people cannot accept you for who you are they're not worth knowing.



2011-10-25 18:20

I've had this disfiguring skin disease since I was around age 16. With a mind of its own, it has appeared and disappeared on various parts of my body, requiring me to set my daily life around the disease. Many people are ignorant of the disease and the people affected by it, and this is an excellent way to bring Vitiligo to light. More research also needs to be done on it, with the aim of treating it more effectively and maybe even bringing it to and end altogether.



2011-10-25 18:38

I Know A Few Persons With That Condition..


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2011-10-25 19:11

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We have a support group in Delaware



2011-10-25 19:19

I have had Vitiligo for over 27 years and I went through so much physcial, mental and emotional. I started the first support group in my state and would like to help anyway I can to let the world know we are here and deserve respect.
I wish more health officials would try to help, many give out creams and steroids and there is no cure so why do they do this?



2011-10-27 03:35

I am so happy to be a part of the signing of this petition. I am a 58 year old female that developed vitiligo by means of Eczema. As a 4 year old my skin became very discolored on my legs and arms. So I know the feeling of being rejected. I love all of my vitiligo sisters and brothers and pray for a better day for all of us. Tanga Perry



2011-10-27 06:12

Great idea!!!



2011-10-27 12:54

In Bangladesh we would like to organise awareness meeting