World Vitiligo Day - June 25th

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2011-11-18 20:34

Isabelle ESTEBAN

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2011-11-18 23:27



2011-11-19 01:18

More people know vitiligo, more people will be able to understand and to not discriminate persons that have it and maybe persons with this problem will stay a little better and will be more accepted.



2011-11-19 02:46

Espero que con esta petición, se pueda dejar a un lado la inconciencia y la falta de ética de las peronas, sabemos que se hará justicia, y que seremos saciados!!
Acepten esta peticion!!!



2011-11-19 03:47

Vitigilo is real ! Michael Jackson didn't change the color of his skin He had Vitigilo ! to honor him and all those who suffer from this disease, June 25th Vitigilo's day



2011-11-19 04:43

In honor of a huge humane being who suffered Vitiligo, but the entire world would not believe it.



2011-11-19 12:54

Let us reduce the ostracism,discrimination towards those who have Vitiligo and let them know that Michael Jackson became white is because of this disease and not by bleaching!!!



2011-11-19 15:21

its important to stand behind this project for more
information about vitiligo for every one



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2011-11-19 22:11

I love Michael, so much!



2011-11-19 22:27

.... ricordiamolo .... Michael Jackson ...



2011-11-22 02:55

che sia di chiarimento a quelle persone ottuse che ancora le sento presumere sul fatto che Michael Jackson si sia fatto la cera....!!!!NON E' CERA E NEANCHE INTERVENTO ALLA PELLE,SEMPLICEMENTE UNA MALATTIA DELLA MEDESIMA....PUNTO E BASTA NON LO RIPETO PIU'!!!



2011-11-24 04:38

necesitamos un dia para todas esas personas que sufren de esta terrible enfermedad
Alejandra Gallardo


2011-11-24 04:39

necesitamos un dia para todas las personas que sufren esta terribloe enfermedad

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2011-11-24 10:23

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You are so right, the more the public knows and understands, the better for Vitiligo persons as the Quality of Life will be improved tremendously.....



2011-11-25 17:03

a great petition for a great cause



2011-11-25 20:07

es muy importante que se haga una campaña para que ese dia serecauden fondos para la investigacion de nuevos tratamientos para las personas que sufren este terrible daño en la pielpues les transforma la vida .



2011-12-05 07:10

Please help the world understand this disease and the people effected by it.



2011-12-07 21:11

No one has to suffer from bullying because of ignorance about this condition. it can kill your soul, heart and whole being. it's hard to a person who is suffering from this disease recieving a hurtful words, a mocking and degrading words from others, especially if this person wants to defend himself but no one wants to listen. Michael Jackson was the one who suffered from this, it killed his soul slowly, as writing this i can't hold my tears because i can't believe that a human being who gave and share his heart to the world will suffered from cruelty of a fellow human being.He didn't deserved this. I hope and pray that the public will understand and will be able to know what is this skin disease, and the ignorance and cruelty will never happen again to anyone who are suffering from this, i wish MJ is the last. I support this and i hope it will be implemented. Michael Jackson you were the true advocate of vitiligo, you endured the pain from public humiliation because of this disease but it doesn't made it a hindrance to you to continued your work as the greatest entertainer/humanitarian, despite all of that you kept and stand strong. you are my greatest inspiration, my king. i love you. thank you for the petitioners, more power!



2011-12-10 21:03

El Vitiligo es una enfermedad y tiene que ser comprendida como tal, no es una elección, no es un gusto ni siquiera es posible prevenirla... simplemente es parte de quién la posee, nace con el y debe " soportarla" toda su vida... Seamos conscientes.
" Prejuicio es Ignorancia"



2012-01-06 02:53

People need to become more educated!!



2012-01-25 21:29

I support this petition because Michael did have vitiligo and was ridiculed for it and the day of his demise should be world vitiligo day June 25



2012-01-26 20:54

I share your sentiments and aspirations and wish you well in your endeavors. Cheers. - Mr. Uzoma Emmanuel Oduigwe, Journalist, Publisher/Group Executive Editor, Embassy Media Group, Lagos Nigeria.

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2012-01-27 02:28

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Thanks so much Mr. Uzoma Emmanuel....



2012-01-31 20:40

We desperately need more awareness of this disorder. One of the worst effects of it is the anguish caused by ignorant peoples' reactions to it.