Preservation of Italian language at Jyväskylä University

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2016-04-15 16:26

Perché non si può solo insegnare la fredda tecnologia.


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2016-04-15 16:34

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2016-04-16 07:03

I consider Itlaian language and culture highly important to be taught at university level wherever in the world but mostly even more in European universities. Our common at the same time multilingual and multicolour history, present and culture is an undispensable treasure for us and for children. Italian culture is one of the most fundemental cultures that made the base for Europen culture and welfare.



2016-04-16 10:08

Italian language is a challenge, a world to discover.



2016-04-16 12:44

Nothing makes the world a better space to live in than language contact across borders. For peace in our turbulent times see to it that students of Italian at Juväskylä University can help understanding and promote classical ideas from the the land of our ancestors - Romania or Italy.



2016-04-16 16:33

I think that a University of tradition as The University of Jyväskylä is, should do any possible effort in order to maintain and possibly increase the number of language taught. I find even the idea of suppressing the Italian language simply Inconceivable with the standards of any reliable university.



2016-04-16 16:43

I strongly believe in the role humanities play in the formation of students in terms of future citizen of their country and of the entire world. Foreign languages and cultures are all important and Italian is certainly one of them as it gives access to a rich history and culture. I really hope that Jyvaskyla University understands how its reputation would become less prestigious in the international academic arena and, above all, how less sophisticated its students would be.



2016-04-16 17:20

I believe in supporting Italian.



2016-04-16 18:09

Not only english in the whole world!!!



2016-04-16 21:30

Avevo previsto che la nazionalizzazione linguistica inglese delle università italiane avrebbe portato alla progressiva chiusura dell'insegnamento dell'italiano nelle università del mondo.
Auguri e speriamo bene. Giorgio Pagano



2016-04-17 00:34

It would be breathtakingly short-sighted for a Finnish university, or any university, to stop teaching Italian. Please show more sense.



2016-04-17 06:40

Firmo questa petizione perché dal 1976 al 1986, inviata ufficialmente dal Ministero degli Affari Esteri d'Italia, ho lavorato come Lettrice di Lingua Italiana nel Dipartimento di Lingue Romanze dell'Università di Jyväskylä.

La Lingua Italiana è una lingua di grande cultura e parte integrante e basilare delle Lingue Romanze.



2016-04-17 08:24

I think it is extremely important to continue teaching and studying languages and culture of the different European Countries which form the European Continent. I personally think that promoting the social, political, and religious values linked to the history of the European civilisation is a vital component in order to understand our past and shape our future as European people. If we do not know where we are coming from it is impossible we understand where we are going.


2016-04-17 08:49

While in average Italian is the fifth or fourth position most studied language in the world, why Finland is moving backwards? Such decisions are short-sighted. How about improving performance instead of cutting indiscriminately, what are experts and econoisy



2016-04-17 11:24

Italian is one of the most diasporic languages in the world. How would students understand global phenomena of cultural mobility and migration if Higher Education gives up the study of languages? We probably need to rethink the teaching of European languages and cultures, though: this is the second petition for the preservation of an Italian Department that I sign in two weeks. What would make the study of languages something meaningful, rather than in need to be preserved?



2016-04-17 11:30

I love italian language and culture



2016-04-17 11:41

Lo studio delle lingue e delle letterature straniere è tramite alla conoscenza culturale delle popolazioni e arricchimento del loro patrimonio ideologico e intellettuale.



2016-04-17 14:59

Let's defend language variety!



2016-04-17 19:28

I have studied Italian language in Jyväskylä for a long time, also at the university. I belong to Dante Alighieri and I love Italian culture and language. Is this where EU takes us to?



2016-04-17 20:57

Because i think that it is important that italian language and culture remain in Europe, even if, nowadays, not winning economicaly.



2016-04-17 23:48

Because i believe in culture exchange.



2016-04-18 07:26

Languages are important!



2016-04-18 07:46

Vailla Italian taidehistoriaa ja kulttuuria olemme köyhiä! Kielitaito on ainoa avain sisäänpääsyyn italialaiseen elämään. Kielen opettajat ja tutkijat mahdollistavat tämän kullanarvoisen taidon kansalaisille . Myös Helsingin yliopiston Italian kielen professuurin lopettaminen vei tältä taidolta lattian kansalaisten jalkojen alta --
Ainoastaan paperille syntyvä todenmukainen säästö on hävettävää Suomessa, joka on kulttuurimaa itsekin. Helsingissä on kasvamassa hyviä tulevia henkilöitä arvokkaan Italian kielen johtoon mm Mattia Retta, Torinon yliopistosta Suomeen saatu aarre, jonkalaista opiskelijaa ei Suomella ole varaa päästää menemään esim Yhdydvaltoihin tai Englantiin !

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2016-04-18 08:23

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 Käsittääkseni italian oppituoli on (vain) "jäädytetty". Onko italian professuuri Helsingissä tosiaan lopetettu? Siis, että enää ei voi hakea esim. jatko-opiskelijaksi?




2016-04-18 08:28

W ITALIAN CULTURE ! We have problems, we are not the best, but we have got big heart and culture!