mandatory parenting/pychological assessment

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#1 Well done

2011-07-30 00:42

This is a well thought out petition, let's pray that this can be achieved some time in the near future :)
Mark >

#2 Re: Well done

2011-07-30 02:26

#1: Mark - Well done

this is a scam, yet again.

The author of this petition


2011-07-30 02:55

whats a scam

#4 mandatory parenting/pychological assessment

2011-07-30 03:05

this petition is a scam


#5 forced adoption

2011-07-30 05:58

it will be a nice little earner for the psychology department, they already make a shed load of money from local authorities for bullshitting about parents. they will make even more from local authorities by making paedophiles look like saints

#6 Re: forced adoption

2011-07-30 06:10

#5: ihatesocialservices - forced adoption

I rest my case!  and observe the indivduals who sign the petition.  what are these parents doing? intentionally feeding the system for further abuse.  some times one must wonder are they really here to help parents or are they using facebook as a tool to generate income for local authorities and cause further harm to children.



2011-07-30 08:18

U Rock



2011-07-30 08:19




2011-07-30 10:29

It is not fair to assess natural parents without also assessing foster parents and potential adoptive parents. It is known that foster parents and adoptive parents have caused harm to children that they are given care of. A natural parent has a right to feel secure about which strangers are around their children.

#10 Re: Re: forced adoption

2011-07-30 13:27

#6: blowinthewindproject - Re: forced adoption

This petition ties in with the Government wanting to take  paedophiles off the sex offenders list,   because it infringes on their human rights and clearing them to work with children.


ihatesocialservices, keep up the good work that you are doing to save any child you can and educating parents.



2011-07-30 21:00

"One person can't accidentally sign the petition multiple times."
Yes they can. Anyone can pretend that someone signed the petition when they did not. I have just proven it. The Petition is a worthless piece of paper intending to cause harm to the parents rights movement.  Government pays big money for parents to cause harm.  Think of someone who has been in the media to sale their story and you will not have to think to hard.  So far there are 4 people.

Ashley anderson

#12 this is not a scam

2011-07-31 00:18

im the one who started this petition iam doing this for my children the home they are in they are getting abused so really if you think this is a scam and iam just doing this to feed the system your sadly mistaken iam doing this to protect children from being abused. i would like to thank everyone who has signed this petition you are helping in a big way :)
Parents Rights

#13 Re: this is not a scam

2011-07-31 04:02

#12: Ashley anderson - this is not a scam

People need to think before they do things just like when people joined that class action spared headed by a group of idiots that allowed the government to do the family review.  If they had continued with the class action, this would have been a remedy for the family review which shafted many parents.  A proper class action would not been managed this way. What is needed is accountability if fosters carers and others were made accountable then there would not be abuses like they are happening today.

No petition should be started for self serving reasons:  "iam doing this for my children the home they are in they are getting abused".  You need to start a petition or a cause focusing on the very sad situation of your families plight  or you need to take your complaint via the proper channels and not use other parents to sign a petition that is not going nowhere or may in the long run course damage to all parents.  In the past I have sat back and observed people starting things when really the only interest that have is for their own child, this is normal, but wrong.  Other parents will suffer in the end when the Government will use this petition to stab us all in the back.


My child was molested in care. So I know what I am talking about!

I am so sorry for what is happening to your children and you having to live this every waking day.  All the best!

Ashley anderson


2011-07-31 06:52

no child should be abused children have rights i will be the voice for those who cant talk and i wont stop fighting to make it mandatory that these people have to go for a parenting and pychological assessment i will be taking this petition to city hall my intentions are good and iam not using other parents their kids have rights as well
Parents Rights

#15 Re: Re: this is not a scam

2011-07-31 12:15

#13: Parents Rights - Re: this is not a scam

Anyway there are too many flaws with the petition that will not deem it a legal binding document anyway.  One of the reasons is that it has been signed more than once by the same person, which renders it void. As for the other reasons there is no point revealing them.  This is why the ss win, too many people signing things without doing their own research to find out what it is indeed they are signing.

The Government wants more foster carers and their assessments will swing in their favour.  This is not debatable.

I worked as a resiential social worker for a local authority and the assessments are also psychological and tough.   Yet, people are still are able to sexually abuse children in their care.  You will not eradicate this,  no matter what.


This is about the family courts system and giving children to strangers for profit.  the questions should be why once a child is in foster care or adopted that the local authority will do anything to block complaints of abuse by children?  This is a very important issue and parents need to educate themselves to fight the system to stop the abuses from being hidden.  Local auhtorities protect foster carers and adoptees.  It is only by bringing them into account will these people think twice before they rape or murder a child another child they are trusted to protect.  One more time assessments are already in place. Social workers need to be brought into account too NOW.


If a petition should be formualted it should be one making it clear that all lawyers and family court judges are given a psychological assessment before involving themselves in family proceedings and renewed yearly.   How can a judge sit there and allow a child to be abused by the local authority, when the sole purpose it is claimed is to protect a child.  The more people expose these Judges the better.   Any social worker involved in care proceedings must be assessed also.  It is the key players you should be gunning for.  Those who hide the abuse.  Of course, this type of peition is not the place to do this, it can be easily voided.  A good peition must be done by someone who has the qualifications to formulate research.  A petition is doomed for failure without the relevant research methods in place.

Closing this current Government intend to get private companies to deliver a number of key services.  Read the comments that are against this petition and workout what is really going on here.  I will not be touching on this subject again.  Assessments are already in place and children are still being murdered and raped.  Start holding local auythorities accountable by their pockets and expose all the corruption.

I for one is busy fighting the Freemasons,  Government funded Human Trafficking will only continue if we do not bring those who promote this into account.

Thank you all for taking the time to read from Parents Rghts.




2011-07-31 12:37

I have just been attacked and insulted by someone who calls herself a campaigner on Facebook for signing this petition. This woman believes that this idea will harm the parents and not help. Yet she is not saying what would be a better approach. Insults and attacks that are not balanced and fair do not help anyone and ignoring the responses and deleting (so as to cut off communication because someone does not agree...and this is not a matter of if I had a view that promotes violence against animals or something, it is a subtle view on a way to deal with the same problem we are all having) continuing to add insult to injury and shows a damaged personality. This person's example is why Humanity is in such a terrible state and so easy for the elite to pick us apart. Get your ego sorted I would suggest. Hope all works out for you. Hope more people can find ways to improve our damaged world.

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2011-07-31 13:19

those who like to slander

#18 Re:

2011-07-31 13:30

#16: Campaigner. -

Produce the evidence! I am informed that it is indeed you who blocked this woman.  A part from trolling facebook shouting for change what is it you really do.  Produce your publications here for all to see.  Who in the community where you live will stop and say you are a campaigner?  Show us your protests what you do in the outside world to label yourself a true campaigner. We can all use a keyboard to type in groups chatting and listen t profiles making false promises without any evidence in support of their claims.  Your manner is childish Nigel Beckwith.

This petition is not a place to bring your own personal attacks on any indivdual. You are the type of breed signing this petition.  Job done!



2011-07-31 14:14

Seems that your manner is childish I was deleted by you Ngozi and insulted time and time again before I responded politely by explaining that this, as most petitions may not get very far as the system is so corrupt and as Parent Rights is the judges etc that need psychological assessment. I signed it because friends asked me to and I support my friends wherever I can. There is massive amounts of work to do. But your methods of attacking those who are trying to do their best and making suggestions is indeed more flawed. You ask for my evidence of campiagns. I ask for yours. Who do you think you are? You are no authority Ngozi and that is one of the main problems with society that we have false authority acting over people and causing suffering.

In your case you dont even seem to understand the meaning of the word campaign, and with someone as lacking in humilty as you, I am not sure many would be able to evn work with a tyrannical personality such as yours. I dont look up to your authority Ngozi as much as I dont to the wicked elite controllers.



2011-07-31 14:20

And by the way Ngozi Angeline Godwell. In the cause of openess I am happy to publish our exchange on here to show what sort of a person you are. Would that be productive?

The powers that be love people like you, it does so much of the work of dividing and conquering for them. Goodbye and good luck in your campaign.
those who like to slander

#21 Re:

2011-07-31 20:40

#20: -

Go on then produce the exact screen shots remembering that facebook gives you notifications via your email.  Also becareful what you write.  You see those comments by 'parents rights' those are me.  So you contradicted yourself in your previous comment stating that I did not explain myself to you.  Yes, it was right there on the message board.  Lastly, you can respond without calling me names or swearing.  I have taken a screen shot of your first comment.  If your profile is real you know the score about name calling you are intelligent enough.

those who like to slander

#22 Re:

2011-07-31 20:47

#20: -

and please hurry and and let us read the comments.  full of contradictions just like a corrupt, bad and lazy judge. go get that screen shot. Then we can extend this open discussion to the facebook administrator.  Who will clarify who indeed was throwing around the insults.  again I will remind you that facebook sends notification of messages to your email too.

those who like to slander

#23 Re:

2011-07-31 21:59

#20: -

This guy has only been on my friends list for five minutes and with his name calling reveals how vulgur he really is.  let him hurry up and produce his works to prove that he is indeed known in his community as a campaigner and also those screen shots.  I did not friends request him, I do not know who he is and I have ever met him.  Most importantly in the five minutes he has been on my friends list I have not read one article produced by him.  Yet he keeps singing a song.


#24 Re:

2011-11-29 06:01

#20: -  

In the name of openess, after she cleaned the floor with Nigel, let me now post to you more good works by a woman who is helping many despite the rape of her only child and northamptonshire police abusing her like a dog.  In the meantime do not send your children to live in that town,  the corruption is so deep that it is rumoured that the ss is really about helping the police steal children to order on a massive scale.   Do your research about HHJ Waine and see how many people do appeal his cases,  many a time this judge does not even bother to read through the documentation presented to the court.  I have it from a good source that he runs a business for foster care children.  Reminds me of the child migrants.

A couple of years back the county overspent by 9 million pounds from its budget for children in care.  Everyone to busy using the children to make money for their own personal bank accounts.  Now who knows it maybe 18 million, because they are begging anyone to register as a foster carer to take the over 10s.  What a piss take.  They steal children, use the same quack expert for all their childcare cases,  use the children for profit and now they complain, that they do not want them anymore.



#25 Re:

2011-12-20 00:35

#20: -


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