Petition against uranium mining in Kuusamo, Finland

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2011-09-07 00:51

It is wonderful that people far & wide are supporting this petition. Please continue to add as many signatures as possible to support this.

#3 one more international petition

2011-09-07 19:08

Sign this Japanese petition against exporting equipment for nuclear waste production.
jari n

#4 Stop Madness, Facebook and other petitions

2011-09-10 10:04

Uranium mining is a dying industry with great dangers and risks. All civilized countries are closing nuclear power stations within next decades, there is no market for uranium.Gold is for vanity. It has no real use for it or value compared to the real values of nature. The mining industry hunting for gold and uranium waste nature, limited resources, and cause greenhouse & climate crisis for nothing and bankruptcy.

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-Ei uraaniteollisuutta Suomeen, no uranium industry to Finland by Luotoliitto (National nature-union organization)



2011-09-11 00:14

Help us, please!!!



2011-09-13 19:59

"But now," says the Once-ler, "Now that you're here, the word of the Lorax seems perfectly clear. UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." - Dr. Seuss



2011-09-14 18:37

Mining death is no way to make a living



2011-09-21 05:31

Mining death is no way to make a living.



2011-09-21 16:12

protect the beautiful environment



2011-10-20 14:59

People please sign ore petitie on to stop the dutch nucleaire program for building more nucleaire plants.



2011-11-07 20:22

Wake up & stop polluting our planet!



2011-11-14 12:39

We have already distroyd Mother Earth - it´s enough NOW...

#13 No uranium mines in EU area

2011-11-28 13:07

There are no more operational uranium mines in the EU area. There have been sevaral (about 100), all closed now. Most of these have ruined their environment, as the decay products of natural uranium are left in the waste at the site. These by-products are more dangerous than uranium: radium and polonium.

A recent proposal to open an uranium mine in Sweden was cancelled, as the council of the Berg county opposed the idea. So this leaves Finland all alone with all these uranium mine projects.

There are several petitions against these uranium mines, but the highest number of signatures can be found in the petition for referendum about nuclear power and uranium mines. This one is for finnish citizens only. The other petitions against uranium mines are: (same as this petition) (agaist a mine in Lapland, Rovaniemi/Ylitornio area)



2011-11-29 22:24

I do not want to live in a destructive world!!



2011-12-08 19:47

We don't givup to resist, against the Atom-Nuclear-Millitäry-Industriell-Komplex. Lets go together, wher ever we are !

#16 Moses Schenker

2011-12-08 19:55

Verzichtet auf das was Ihr nicht unbedingt braucht, und Wir werden weiter kommen, und die welt erhalten lernen.


2011-12-08 19:59

Giv them not your littel finger, they will get your body complett, you now what I mean ?



2012-01-10 13:38

We are responsible as we leave the world our children and grandchildren



2012-01-18 17:39

our path of wholeness is towards simple tecknology.. there is the happy way...



2012-02-15 09:13

Mining companies should be held responsible for cleaning up the mess they've made globally - only then will they be able to start operating responsibly. The tremendous sense of entitlement and breathtaking arrogance has got to stop!



2012-02-15 10:37

Stop Earth destruction!!!



2012-03-12 23:53

Th uranium mining industry have done what is now appearing more like murder on a large scale , and it must stop, its businesses hung out to dry, and its followers purged



2012-03-12 23:56

Sign, please! No more mining!



2012-03-30 05:47

I have been involved in research of short and long term effects on health. I agree.


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