Yuqing - We wish to live in a safe world

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2011-11-09 23:37

seeking out the murderer......give us the answer......



2011-11-10 09:25

May the soul of the dead get peace soon, the killer's conscience be awoken to confess his quilt and the justice be upheld in this world.



2011-11-10 13:58

find out the criminal AS Early AS Possible!



2011-11-10 14:24

We want the truth
push from media

#5 publish it in Beijing

2011-11-10 14:53

Please publish it in China, Beijing,Shanghai...


#6 Re:

2011-11-11 09:10

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2011-11-13 20:47

We need justice!



2011-11-14 03:32

I real wish to live in a safe world!

#9 May her soul rest in peace

2011-11-14 05:18

My deep condolences to her family. May her soul rest in peace. Its quite unusual news to hear, since crime rate is almost zero in finland. Lets hope, police will find the criminal very soon.



2011-11-14 10:39

I wish the truth could be indicated soon to comfort her soul. Best wishes to all her family!



2011-11-14 11:54

I heard finland is the safest place to live, but now seems to be not.


2011-11-14 13:09

She is a wonderful woman. She and her husband are the first Chinese people I met on my first day in Finland. They are very kind and helpful. Several days later after we firstly met, they gave us a double bed. We have used that bed for about 4 years. We are always grateful for their help. It is quite shocking to hear about her sudden death. How cruel can a killer be to kill this good-hearted, always smiling woman!

We need to know the truth to comfort her soul in heaven. Best wishes for her husband and young daughter!



2011-11-14 13:15

Against violence! Looking forward to the truth!



2011-11-14 13:39

Wish the criminal can be caught as soon as possible!



2011-11-15 05:16

Wish police can catch the murder soon, thus Yuqing can relief in the heaven. Wish the family can have safe and calm life.



2011-11-15 06:15

Truth needs to be disclosed!



2011-11-15 09:03

May her family/friends/colleagues get the strength to continue with their lives. And hope that the law enforcement agencies are able to find the killer, soon.



2011-11-15 09:08

I feel sorry for the killed woman.I wish her family to be strong. Instead of her, could be ANYONE of us. I hope police will find the killer soon, whoever he/she is. IF it was a spontaneous murder, probably, the killer had psychic sickness or something else, for example, following some racist or satanic ideology. Interesting that many psychically sick people, instead of staying in hospitals under doctor's control, live with other, adequate people, they may be our neighbours and we aren't even expect any danger from them but should. At least all people living around such people are supposed to be warned about this (I think, psychically sick people are dangerous and they have to be isolated from society).



2011-11-15 09:30

No word is strong enough to express my feeling of disgust and anger towards this hatred act.
May Yuqing rest in peace, we shall never forget her.



2011-11-15 09:45

It's a huge loss ... no words enough to condemn such heinous act of taking someone's life ... we wish guilty people get due punishment under the law.


#21 We need truth and justice!!

2011-11-21 18:46

We need truth and justice!!



2011-11-22 03:41

God bless you
C&D from Shanghai

#23 Ask for the truth!

2011-11-23 03:25

So bad to hear about such case! We have to push police to find the truth ASAP! Wish the victim rest in peace, and her families come up stronger.



2011-11-23 05:13




2011-11-23 05:17

we need the truth !