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2012-04-26 15:58

I support this because I had to create my own website just to so my fans could read my Mature Content! There should be an ADULT section where we r free to write EROTICA if we choose as many like to read this content....That is locked to underage or what have you...however they choose to manage it fine but it isn't fair that we loose readers when we move our work off Wattpad because it is too difficult to go off site to follow stories. Had there been and Adult section that allowed this content life would have been easier and a lot of readers would be happier! SO Thank you for doing this.....Bout time someone tried to make a change for Rated R or Adult Content Stories!


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2012-04-26 17:20

#15: - Ages 


15 is too young and 16 is pushing it. You are not a legal adult until you are 18. 16 is not the age of an adult. You talk about high school age but I remember not too Many freshman, sophomores, Or even juniors that were that mature in thought and action.



2012-04-26 18:09

Wattpad is the best ebook (free-read) where aspiring novelists can get feedback from readers, improve their skills, and provide entertainment! It becomes difficult to find works that are MATURE, since there are so many "teen based-and teen written"stories, that even a NON-TEEN FICTION search still pulls up teen books. Please, please, please allow these mature authored themes to have their own place on Wattpad! It becomes very boring reading about high school students when my high school days ended in 1967! Thank you for the opportunity to express this mature reader a voice and a vote to support some of the best authors for ADULT READERS and hopefully give them poetic license to write to a mature audience!



2012-04-26 18:52

Very good idea and very understanding about each point



2012-04-27 01:00

I believe that younger people shouldn't read Rated R that are under the age of 18 and that Rated R should be able to enter in the Watty Awards as Rated R. Like you would get mad if you could enter your story under teen fiction, werewolf, romance, etc. What if they weren't aloud to enter under what they actually are then there would be an uprise.


2012-04-27 01:00

no they shouldnt block da R-rated storys from everyone



2012-04-27 01:25

Rated R stories should be able to be searched.
End of story.



2012-04-27 01:40

Yes!! I love to read rated r stories but it takes me forever just to find a good one. Why? Because Rated R stories barely get any credit and it's super hard to find them.



2012-04-27 01:48

This is really a great idea, act on it!



2012-04-27 02:21

It's Important that any kind of story is rewerded!



2012-04-27 02:58

I think the hard work y'all put in these books are amazing and this petition shows that others agree


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2012-04-27 06:46

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I think that this was a wonderful idea!!!!

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2012-04-27 14:47



2012-04-27 17:46

If they're so bothered about younger children reading them, maybe they can make the Rated R page only accessible  to people who's age is set 18+?




2012-04-27 21:20

Yea we need r rated come seriously adults reading pg stories i mesn their good but missing dat hint of r ratedness that



2012-04-27 21:20

Yea we need r rated come seriously adults reading pg stories i mesn their good but missing dat hint of r ratedness that we oh so need and enjoy!!



2012-04-28 01:56

21st Century Wattpad - get with the times!



2012-04-28 02:23

I see nothing wrong with allowing  ppl to be able to write and read the (R) stories as long as the stories are marked as they are suppose to be. There are lots of us on Wattpad who like to read (R) stories.



2012-04-28 05:16

Rated R books should be allowed for wattpad rewards. It's about mature imagination. To pull the readers in. All readers have to do is be 18 or older and the author to make sure that put for mature adiuance.



2012-04-28 22:29

Wattpad, please fix this problem.



2012-04-29 08:14

r rated stories need to be allowed because many writers are old enough to see these types of things and it is not fair to deprive them of these stories.



2012-04-29 20:11

i support u



2012-04-30 19:00

i support



2012-04-30 19:03

i support mature writers...

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2012-04-30 19:04

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yeah its really true....