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2012-04-30 21:38

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You can search for them if you're logged in and check the 'mature' box but you have to know what you're searching for otherwise it's pretty much useless.



2012-05-02 13:39

In my opinion, it's okay to have a mature section or rated r books because
majority of the readers and writers are matured in this situation. Beside
that, the parents must be guide their children to become aware of this.



2012-05-02 21:38

I've written an R rated piece called Alex in Hogwarts. Due to the no-search thing with R rated, it misses out on the audience I intended it to have. I published it on another website and it got a huge amount of reviews saying how funny it was and stuff. I agree with this petition because I may be 16 but I can write mature things (even if the book itself is immature in plenty of places due to the humour genre).
(THE) Shannyeight


2012-05-03 01:30

Wattpad says and claims for all intents and purposes to be a site where people can read unlimited stories, but I noticed not too shortly after I joined amongst all the (blah) versions of harry potter/twilight/hunger game fan fics, that Wattpad started to cater its services mainly toward a younger audience- in order to compete with facebook, twitter, and that other zilla writing website(that ISNT really a writers' website)...in other words, Wattpad wants to be a social website disguised as a writing website. Yes, they have ratings for their stories, but what's the purpose of having an "R" rating, if you hide/prohibit access to all the stories that are written with under its guidelines. In other words, if you want your work to get wide exposure, then it CANT be rated-R. They claim the site is for EVERYONE, but they cater to the younger audiences that frequent the site, instead of being the "unlimited" stories site they say themselves to be. Wattpad is in a position where they can be something greater- a vehicle that could discover more writers, but its like they've made their decision to play it safe, and bandwagon ride on all the stuff that made other "writing" websites unbearable. I have been a firm believer in them redrafting their policies on mature stories and R-rated material- not all R-rated stories have gratuitous sex scenes in them...for me there is a big gap between appropriate R-rated material and "erotica"- I dont just write about sex all the time. A lot of my stories have very compelling plots- the only thing that makes mine R-rated, is that my stories tend to deal with real life/adult type situations...that's what I do- I write reality.

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2012-05-03 20:19

Keep signing



2012-05-04 00:52

good idea



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2012-05-04 02:36

I read mature books and they deserve as much credit as fantasy,romance or horror books. The mature writers mean a lot to us little perves, even if you dont support them others do. They need a catogory or atleast a space to be search and be voted for a wattpad award.



2012-05-10 01:31

i think it's good ur doing this


2012-05-14 02:16

I'm glad this is happening because I'm so proud of my work but i get a little sad when it isn't even allowed in the Watty Awards. I hope this petition helps



2012-05-19 22:37

Come on Wattpad, you dont only have dorky teenagers in the site



2012-05-24 17:03

They're right, just because a story is rated r doesn't mean it's so graphic it can't be seen, if anything the authors should be applauded for letting people know what to expect. The whole point of wattpad is that anyone can write what they want without judgment or prejudice, I'm a fan of many brilliant books that have been marked as private and that is taking away the opportunity to read said brilliance from many who could benefit from it.



2012-06-05 21:37

I love that there is a petition for this. Even if they say they don't want to corrupt young minds it truly doesn't matter. They are going to read what they want after all they are most likely on the site without them knowing anyway...


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2012-06-25 10:04

Every author should be free to express thier creative. They shouldn't have to hide it away like some kinda diease.....


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#68 Writing

2012-07-11 23:35

Certain ratings are offered and therefore there will be stories under that rating. It's not fair to display them differently because of the ratings. Writing is an outlet for the real world and if you take that away, then what do writers have to write about?



2012-07-11 23:40

Men and women who deserve to be credited with amazing work are not, let's hope it changes!!! If they are so worried maybe only show rated r to those who have accounts so that wattpad knows people who are over 18 are the actual ones reading the rated r stuff. Also why not make a category age 15 and over for works that contain swear words and mild sexual content, and just keep the rated r stuff for sex content and more mature content, such as extreme violence, sex, disturbing content I.e rape etc. wattpad needs to understand that there are people who write extremely good books that are rated r but thy take all precautions to warn readers before they read the chapters or section


2012-07-12 00:12

Is it bad that younger readers enjoy it? I mean I read R-rated and I'm classed as a younger reader but, in all fairness. These writers who have more mature and descriptive novels have much more experience and generally make a much more captivating story. They are written much more professionally and seriously. I love how they have the key elements for creating a great novel someday, and the people who write them are actually wanting to make that happen. Trust me, if I, at sixteen can note this, surely wattpad and many other will also get the right idea too and give the R-rated authors their recognition and that of which they deserve. I know I'm considered too young for it. But it's not all for that, like I said, it's fantastically written, I can't deal with those who can't use grammar or spell check at the least, the younger writers who are without a doubt, lesser than those who write R-rated. Of course I see that they shouldn't read it, well their parents should say something shouldn't they?
So yeah,I'm supporting you!I don't want the best content, the mature content, to be removed. :)

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2012-07-12 01:18

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2012-07-12 02:13

All writers and stories deserve to be out there I guess



2012-07-12 06:29

As a wattpad-er (?) I love it because it has ideas that we would probably never find in libraries or bookstores. Whether it has sexual content or not we should be allowed to read it. A lot of mature story have thousands of votes because we adore them. As a girl I speak for the few select girls that are like me and have that fantasy of a hot sexy man(men) or woman(women) that gives you allllll of their attention and is/are mind blowingly unforgettable in bed. So please don't take it away from us. Please.



2012-07-12 16:51

All venues of writing should have an equal possibility in sharing, publishing and a go at the Watty's if they so please.