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2012-07-12 19:36

Go mature readers!!!

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2012-07-12 23:17


#78 R-Rated

2012-08-18 01:58

I love that someone has done a R-Rated Petition and there should be a section for them because the are a lot of good writers !!!

#79 HOPE

2012-11-28 05:47

I hope that they fix it to where we can get mature reads easier!



2014-04-26 18:06

I want all my chapters to be visible to the public. I feel it is unfair to my readers, especially the one's that don't have an account on Wattpad. I feel just warning them is enough. So are you allowed to view material on that story that is rated R if you are following this person and are under eighteen, because that's what happens with a lot of the stories I read on Wattpad.



2014-09-15 01:04

wattpad is a unique site, but i don't think they realize that by playing censor, all they're doing is creating a perfect opportunity for someone to swoop in and create a site that welcomes the frustrated authors that just wanted to share their stories on wattpad.



2014-10-20 14:02

it's expansion of knowledge through narrative writting of real things that happen around us. it is free learning from artist



2014-10-21 04:45

Writting is one of the pillars of democracy if regulators will tighten their grip in wrters then we come back to dark days
literally we can satisfy everybody in separation or segragetion of mature writting but not stopping it since ...its a form of oppression un democratic..it could lead to back lash..since their is a sector who is not included..



2015-01-31 11:13




2015-09-04 20:20

I'm so disgusted with Wattpad's attitude toward erotica that I'm not going to post any more of my stories here. I left what I had already posted along with a message telling any readers that might stumble upon my stories why I won't even add the rest of the chapters to one of the stories.
I have no argument with Mature, but once something is listed as Private, no one will find my stories unless they already know about them. For a writer, that's pretty useless. Good luck with the petition! If the policy ever changes, I'd be glad to hear about it.



2015-09-10 02:27

My friend was reported by some jerk.



2016-08-10 14:06

it's not fair that all us mature readers have to suffer because of this


2017-10-09 12:47


I'm a pretty new writer, and I'm not a yuong adult, so I consider myself a mature writer. I think this petition is really good but I wanted to ask your opinion about one thing I've been thinking a lot recently. Wattpad is the most famous and most used platform for serial fiction, the other tousands of similar platforms are not as important as wattpad, especially because the main drive of it are the teen-agers. I was thinking to create something similar to wattpad, oriented more to mature audience, and focusing more on actual .epubs and similar formats. Do you people think that it would be just a new needle in the haystack and worthless? My idea was to do something similar to wattpad, but also to organise some short stories competitions giving a specific theme. The fact that underage uses should not see these stories does not mean that they should not be part of competitions or non available to a big comunity of reader. How does it sound to you?