Support Filipino Sign Language Act of 2012 - House Bill 6079

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2012-10-20 11:25

rey lee

#2 WE Support to FSL Bill House Bill no 6079

2012-10-20 12:28

PFD true SUPPORT FSL Bill House Bill no 6079. FSLto be declared as National Sign Language of the Philippines include TV/ Telecommunication, COurts, Justice (Police, prison, etc), Education, Workplace, Health Facilities, Government Communication. We encourage you support to many and more signature for FSL Bill HB no 6079. pls you pass... thank u...

#3 FSL is a Right --- never an option

2012-10-20 12:35

The usage of FSL in whatever setting is not an option --- FSL is the Deaf Filipino's basic right.
Let us, the hearing community, give back what is due to them; it is not for us to decide which is best for the Deaf community.
Ignorance --- hence their pretense knowledge --- of some hearing people (who are anti-FSL) will and should never be tolerated, especially if they have a stake in this issue.


#4 Support Deaf People’s Right to their OWN Language!!!

2012-10-21 03:04

There are some deaf Pinoy who use signed English or S.E.E as their primary language. There are other Deaf people who sign using Filipino Sign Language (FSL). Since long ago, SEE is used in education to teach deaf kids speak, read, write English. Hearing teachers focus only to teach Deaf kids to speak, read, write English. Did the Deaf fully learn and develop as a person? Did they develop the needed competencies they need for higher education? Did they have greater opportunities for employment?

Those Deaf children are now Deaf adults. They are asking that Filipino Sign Language, their OWN NATURAL LANGUAGE be used NOW in education. NOT signed English. But hearing teachers and decision makers still insist signed English should be used in the education of Deaf children. Deaf Filipino want FSL, hearing Filipino and few deaf want SEE.

Which has more value? English or Filipino? Who has more right to find ways to help deaf children to have better future? Deaf people or hearing people?

Deaf people want to learn how to write and read English, but they want to learn it in the context of their Deaf experience, using their Filipino Sign Language as primary language to communicate and learn in the classroom and everywhere else. Using FSL in education will make real learning accessible. Deaf students will learn more meaningfully. Deaf will have greater access not only to words and spellings, but access to a learning environment enriched because their OWN language is used and therefore greater opportunity to develop fully their brain potentials and competencies. Something many of the Deaf adults have been denied in the education they received as children because signed English and English alone was given importance by the system and by their teachers.

FSL Bill supports Deaf people. It recognizes importance of learning using their own natural language. Hearing people and some deaf people who love SEE don’t want FSL Bill, they say Deaf people will not learn English.

Deaf people who support FSL Bill are advocates of Deaf people’s rights, they are representatives of Deaf organizations who are involved in UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. They are Deaf people who are helping Deaf children and other Deaf people who are isolated and discriminated by people who don’t believe in Deaf rights and by the system that only recognize hearing people’s rights.

Who should we support? Deaf people who represents the Deaf community and are fighting for Deaf rights? Or hearing people and some deaf people who just don’t like FSL to be used in education??

We all want to learn something we fully understand, and we learn because we understand. We want that for ourselves. Why should we deny Deaf people that same right? Why should we deny them their right to protect the Deaf children who will go through the kind of education system they went through? Just like anyone, we want our children to have a better future. They want the same for Deaf children. Why should hearing people deny them that right????

FSL Bill must be passed!!! Let us support Deaf Filipinos’ right to their own language!!!



2012-10-21 04:35

please be respect Deaf community and in Philippines what we have our own is FSL the understanding communication. Thanks for your supportive and cooperative. God bless FSL users.


#6 FSL

2012-10-21 04:45

Every individuals have their own identity based on their life background, choices made in their life, and many other factors. Filipino sign language is an identity that we Filipinos should be proud of. Why use other sign language when we have our very own?


2012-10-21 05:11



2012-10-21 09:38

Let FSL be declared as the National Language for the Deaf but to mandate it as the medium of instruction in schools is questionable.In my opinion this issue is like declaring Filipino as our National Language but do we make it a law in the Philippines for ALL our schools to use it as the medium of instruction? School is a formal set up where we educate them and guide them as they become productive and self-sufficient individuals. What FSL fails to do is that it fails to develop the reading(written) and writing skills of those who use it because FSL DOES NOT FOLLOW A FORMAL GRAMMAR.Does it matter? YES IT DOES. The very reason why we have schools that use SEE (Signing Exact English) and Oral Deaf schools (where they don't use sign language and rely on lip reading), is that we want leave it to our brothers and sister who are deaf to make their choice and choose the school that uses a curriculum where they will BEST BENEFIT. Leave the schools out of this.


2012-10-21 15:24

Please help to advocate for Support Filipino Sign Language Act of 2012 - House Bill 6079


2012-10-21 15:54

I am Deaf.I love FSL!!!

#11 Support FSL BILL!

2012-10-21 17:58

FSL bill is very important to us [Filipino Deaf Community] to use our own language because FSL is our natural sign language as first language. Support FSL Bill and spread the word!



2012-10-21 18:47

Good bill, too bad I am not a senator... yet

#13 We Support Filipino Sign Language

2012-10-22 04:02

Thanking for we support Filipino Sign Language in the future! ;D

#14 HOUSE BILL 6079

2012-10-22 06:02

I SUPPORT HOUSE BILL 6079. An Act Declaring Filipino Sign Language as the National Sign Language of the Filipino Deaf and the Official Language of Government in All Transactions Involving the Deaf, and Mandating its Use in Schools, Broadcast Media, and Workplaces. FILIPINO SIGN LANGUAGE AS NATIONAL SIGN LANGUAGE OF THE DEAF FILIPINOS.

#15 House Bill 6079

2012-10-22 06:19

Support FSL for Filipino Deaf people.

#16 Re:

2012-10-22 07:43

#8: Anika -

There is no DepEd mandate that Filipino be used as medium of instruction in all Philippine schools, but they are pushing for the use of the mother tongue to be used instead (see

Is SEE the mother tongue of the majority of Deaf people? NO.

Are there proofs that SEE is a better medium of instruction than FSL, nor proofs that it indeed helped the Deaf students have better English skills? I DONT THINK SO.

Yes, you are right that FSL does not follow a formal grammar --- if your basis is the written/spoken English. But as the Deaf people have been painstakingly making some misguided hearing people understand, FSL IS A VISUAL LANGUAGE THAT HAS ITS OWN SYNTAX AND GRAMMAR.

You are saying we leave the decision to the Deaf people regarding this issue? Yes, that's what we are doing --- and the Deaf are clamoring that FSL be used instead. But why is it that certain hearing people --- albeit not fully aware of the deaf's learning process nor fully understanding sign linguistics --- keep getting in the way of what the majority of the Deaf community want --- and pretending they know what is best for the Deaf?

Lastly, schools cannot be left out of this issue because this is where they will have their first formal exposure to sign language.



2012-10-22 08:30

i was already about Deaf is community also natural sign language in FSL its difference on way and will support to guys for the FSL.

I hope you will support, help and good community of Deaf with S.L in the FSL also friends there...



2012-10-22 09:03

Give them A Voice!

#19 english

2012-10-22 09:07

i will support FSL Just want to learn teach me :)


2012-10-22 09:09

support FSL ACT OF 2012-HOUSE BILL 6079. The Deaf Community needs.....


2012-10-22 10:39

My wishes your better try FSL learn good very nice different FSL right. I hope to your well!!!

#22 Natural Sign Language and not Natural Sing Language.

2012-10-22 10:45

FSL is a Natural Sign Language.
S.E.E is not Natural Sign Language.

Are Deaf fully understand used in S.E.E in read, speak and written in English? NO! I noticed Deaf in SEE not prefect in English grammar!
FSL is not written separate subjects focus on speak in English and Filipino Languages read and written and FSL focus on Natural Sign Language.

There's few Deaf used in SEE and many Deaf used in FSL in the Philippines.

We are pride our country in the PHILIPPINES "Filipino Sign Language"!
DEAF, Inc. - president

#23 Encourage with all Deaf pupils learn a FSL

2012-10-22 14:32

We Support FSL Bill House Bill no 6079. I researched, Deaf pupils from different school hard understand using SEE as while they children still not learn it. But they must learn using FSL as include practice write and read English, Tagalog, and dialect language in class. We are using FSL in Philippines, also pride our country history!!


2012-10-22 15:54

Support wholeheartedly.

#25 FSL

2012-10-22 16:28

We Support FSL House Bill NO 6079. We Love FSL! For the Deaf, Filipino sign language is a unique language.