Save "Kims Animal Rescue" Kennels from demolition Order

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2013-06-27 22:18

save kims dog shelter



2013-06-27 22:19

please help by signing this petition.



2013-06-27 22:24

Kim and her volunteers have worked tirelessly and have saved 1000s of dogs from death they must be allowed to continue. The setting is in the countryside and is doing no harm to anyone



2013-06-27 22:28

These animals need a home, please share and help save the kennels


2013-06-27 22:31

please everyone help Kim and sign this, it would be an awful sad day if we loose her she and her helpers to such great work at saving the animals


2013-06-27 22:33

please sign this petition Kim helped me like she helps so many others


#32 Re:

2013-06-27 22:38



2013-06-27 22:57

Please allow these kennels to be saved they do such a great job helping so many animals!



2013-06-27 23:46

with all the political and financial uoheaval within spain at the moment you would think that there would be some empathy for a chrity trying to ensure the animal problem does not become any greater,come on sort this out its not a huge deal xx



2013-06-28 00:01

Please have a heart



2013-06-28 00:16

this is outrageous! the government should be helping these refuges for animals, not making things impossible!
Please help if you can, these people do a wonderful job for little reward


#37 Re:

2013-06-28 00:26

#2: -  



#38 Re:

2013-06-28 00:32



2013-06-28 03:22

Thanks to this organization we are able to enjoy Claude, a marvelous dog with such a good disposition and happiness that you cannot be sad or lonely with him. Please join! These dogs need help!



2013-06-28 05:58

don't demolish somewhere where people are trying to help defenceless animals. There is enough cruelty in this world without this



2013-06-28 07:42

a a frequent visitor to lovely spain, i have witnessed first hand the sad problem of sick, stray and abandoned animals. many, i'm ashamed to say, by returning brits. places like 'kim's animal rescue' do amazing work and should be encouraged and given every possible help, not demolished!



2013-06-28 07:51

It would be a tragedy for this rescue centre to be closed down, they along with many other find it hard enough to cope with the amount of abandoned and mistreated animals, we need more rescue centres not less.

#43 Stupid

2013-06-28 07:53

try knocking down the government buildings if you need the space



2013-06-28 08:12

This is simply outrageous. Let's do everything we can to help Kim's Animal Rescue.

#45 Re:

2013-06-28 08:22



2013-06-28 08:24

Animal welfare in Spain is a massive issue, which the Government needs to take action on. The state of Spain's animal welfare, is comparable to that of developing nations and for an EU country, this is simply not acceptable. Better services and support need to provided to the amazing people who put themselves out on a daily basis to save animals abandoned and mistreated by residents of Spain.



2013-06-28 08:30

please kim and send a donation no matter how small



2013-06-28 09:07

I've always believed that the Spanish, along with many other southern European nations have little respect for animals, but I would dearly love to be proved wrong on this occasion.



2013-06-28 09:29

If you love animals you will sign this, only a minute of your time



2013-06-28 09:44

I want to save this rescue centre from demolition. Stupid idea to get rid of it!!

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