Save "Kims Animal Rescue" Kennels from demolition Order

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Graham Green

#76 Re: Can't Shut you down Arrrrrrr

2013-06-29 12:42

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I no longer live in spain but still have friends and see posts from them.I cannot belive they would do this after all the great work and rescues you have carried out. Not to say all the Dogs you have re-hom

This is Disgusting




2013-06-29 14:02

Wish I had some money to donate.



2013-06-29 16:36

We don't have enough refuges for animals now so it would be criminal to close this one.



2013-06-29 17:20

This must not happen. Such a fantastic rescue working so hard to save lives. x



2013-06-29 20:34

Please everyone sign and help these very caring people to save more and more poor animals....Thank you....



2013-06-30 01:13

Please help to save this kennel from a demolition order. Without this place the dogs have no-where to go. Please sign and share xx



2013-06-30 05:15

Save "Kims Animal Rescue" Kennels from demolition Order



2013-06-30 07:36

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Pass on these famous and true words that to the local council and major government. Do they not realise that they are behaving in a antiquated, medieval manner. In the rest if the world, times are moving forward, yet in Spain they are moving backwards when it comes to animal welfare.

Good luck with all the great work that you do.



2013-06-30 10:02




2013-06-30 12:27

We need more kennels and catteryies around the world for all the stray animals



2013-06-30 13:51

There are so many unwanted animal with nowhere to go how can people want to demolish a place where people give there time an effort into keeping animals safe.



2013-06-30 15:02

Kim does so much for animals in Spain...never mind the petition...the government should help towards all she would be a crying shame to close her down



2013-06-30 15:22

the government should be doing something about these poor stray animals.



2013-06-30 18:16

This is outrageous and must stop immediately !!!



2013-06-30 20:21

This is totally wrong at a time when more Animal Rescues are needed because of the amount being animals being dumped and the Animal Rescues are the only ones to help them



2013-06-30 22:50

go vegan



2013-07-01 10:09

Don't tear down a rescue - we need all of them we can get to save lives!



2013-07-01 12:49

What a shame. I would oppose a closure of any animal sanctuary. They are very necessary and the people who run them are saints!



2013-07-02 08:12

save "Kims Animal Rescue"



2013-07-02 21:24

It will be a total injustice if kims closes shame on those trying to do so



2013-07-05 15:00

This is typical in Southern Spain. Have been living here for a long time and seen and lived horrific things regarding how bad people can be to animals who are so defenseless and need our love and attention. They are true friends to human beings and for life. Good hopes that Kim can continue her rescue centre with all of your help!



2013-07-05 16:02

Kim runs her animal sanctuary with love and hardly any money. She does this because she does not want healthy animals killed because there is no home for them. Kim re-homed three cats for me when i was unable to care for them and still has one of my cats that she feeds at her own expense. Kim should be applauded for her work, not hounded by a town hall whose job she is doing for them. Please let her continue with the work she is doing which is so necessary in Spain and such a life line for owners who can no longer care for their beloved pets.

#98 Re: Kims Animal Rescue

2013-07-14 10:29

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Please save this amazing Rescue, thank you.

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