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2013-07-14 06:30

Why does our government continue to waste our dollars on worthless
things that we all pay for
Its like a forced tax


#2 spelling error

2013-07-14 15:31

I know this is nit-picking, but this is going to a judge... in number 3 I think the "and" should read "any" in:
"I am capable of either accepting or rejecting and offer"

Also, thank you for writing this up, hopefully the judge will listen!



2013-07-14 15:48

This action is impacting my retirement and is on protecting my interests. Fairness dictates that this be stopped immediately. Please help!



2013-07-14 17:02

Please allow us to make our own decisions. These investments are an integral part of my retirement fund.


2013-07-14 18:39

This looks like such a scammy website, especially with all the ads, especially the "Global Anti-nazi charter." I trust this site and petition as much as I trust Western Financial.



2013-07-14 22:17

Let's hope this works this receiver is doing nothing!

#7 Pleaser leave my investment alone

2013-07-14 23:40

Please pull my land investments, my wife and I made in good faith, out of receivership; This is the only logical course of action.




2013-07-15 03:33

This court-appointed Receiver's actions have been an outrage to the owners of the property. He needs to be removed IMMEDIATELY!



2013-07-15 04:00

I want to get my money out of this investment.

Thank you, Victoria Campbell



2013-07-15 05:34

I feel that the receiver is acting in the interest of himself and not at all in the interest of the investors. We all know that this is a long term real estate investment and not at all a securities investment. We are the general partners who should be solely in charge of the investment.



2013-07-15 05:38

PLEASE keep the government and the receiver out of our business. We feel we have made a good investment with Western Financial Planning and Louis Schooler. The Receiver has done us no favor by being there and is only hurting our investments.



2013-07-15 17:51

It should be illegal for a lawyer to expend partner funds without partnership approval, Is the lawyer breaking the law?



2013-07-15 17:55

I have tried unsuccessfully to contact the "Receiver" in this action, to gain a simple explanation of the receiver’s activities, and what the intent of the action is. I originally purchased ownership in three of the partnerships during the 2006 to 2007 time frame, for the pure purpose of having an investment in raw land that can appreciate in value over time, and then ultimately selling that interest, with proceeds to be in partial support of my retirement funding. The recent and current actions of the "receiver" as I see it, only serve to block this possibility. I am fully aware of the depressed value of the properties (and of most real estate) now. I purchased shares in the partnership knowing full well what the possibilities were for appreciation, or alternately, depreciation. I have worked in the land development business for approximately 40 years as a civil engineer, so I know how this process works, and I have been willing to take that financial risk, based on MARKET CONDITIONS, NOT POLITICAL MEDDLING, as I believe it is a good risk in the long run. I expected no short term huge benefit. But I also expected the ownerships to remain in place untouched by federal agencies and political processes. Get this receiver out of my personal appears to me that the current work by the receiver may be a make work project to boost his billings and to collect fees, without any benefit to me, and without any input from me. Please leave my investments alone; I am quite capable of making decisions for myself.



2013-07-15 20:32

This is all I have for retirement now and I was relying on it to be there!



2013-07-15 21:46

Dear Western Financial, Keep up the good work!



2013-07-15 22:28

Do the right thing.



2013-07-16 01:40

The appointed Receiver, who has a responsibility to do what is in our best interests, has not been doing that. The Receiver has asked the Judge to allow him to sell our investments for pennies on the dollar and without our approval.
*** Petition to remove the current Receiver immediately due to unsound practices.
As General Partners we have not been given consideration of our rights and powers thus finding ourselves under the authority of a receiver - deprived of control and imposed with unnecessary costs.



2013-07-16 03:03

Please! Please! Remove the receiver. Allow us to manage and maintain our investment as originally agreed upon by all!



2013-07-16 04:14

I strongly urge the court to remove the Receiver and allow the partnerships to function as they were designed. If we are forced to sell now we will most assuredly loose money. We understood this was a long term investment and want to hold it until the market rebounds.



2013-07-16 04:33

Please stop this madness. We all knew this was a long term investment. We do not need a Receivers help in any way. Please remove him immediately.
This was structured so that the partners make the decisions and we have lost this ability.
Thank you!



2013-07-16 06:03

If the receiver is supposed to act in our best interests, then why did he order appraisals of raw land, especially in this real estate market and with no buyer interest? He didn't ask the GP's to give him permission because he knows we would vote no and he is getting away with spending thousands of our dollars. I wonder if he would waste his money like he is ours? I think the crime that has been committed is against us.



2013-07-16 08:24

I would like the receiver removed from the managing role for the General Partnerships. As expressed by several other investors, I also recognize that this has been, and always was, a long-term investment. The recent actions of the receiver are diluting precious liquidity from the accounts that was intended for various expenses such as taxes, insurance, and administration of the vacant land parcels. I am also concerned about the ordering of appraisals by the receiver, which seems to denote the serious possibility of a forced sale in the near term, which would be disastrous for the value of our investments. In addition, I hope the Court looks closely at the basis of the receiver's fees up to this point in time, and if not warranted, then the total amount of fees for collection by the receiver should not be approved. Above all, why is control being taken away from the General Partners? Controlled should be returned to the General Partners immediately, where it rightfully belongs!



2013-07-16 16:01

Thank you for taking the lead on this!



2013-07-16 16:04

Thank you for doing all you can to get this and other envolved partnerships out of the control of the receiver. Sincerely, Clementine Bunker



2013-07-16 17:00

There has been no accountability to the property owners by the receiver which is not acceptable. Removal is requested now.