Ban Tail Docking on Dogs in Ireland

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2013-11-11 19:50

Absolutely disgusting that our idiot government would alow this. What the hell is wrong with them?!



2013-11-11 19:59

Typical shiny arsed politicians, the country going down the tubes and all these morons are interested in is legalising cruelty to puppies.



2013-11-11 20:05

tail Docking is cruel and unnecessary and barbaric. When will we stop treating our animals so badly. Dogs are supposed to be our companions.


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2013-11-11 20:06

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Well said



2013-11-11 20:25

Why would anyone think this is ok? The cruelty of it is unthinkable, thank you for this opportunity to show my horror of acts like this.



2013-11-11 20:34

A complete step in the wrong direction - we should be prosecuting people who do this to any dog or puppy



2013-11-11 20:44

It is unbelievable that a Government would condone such a barbaric act in this day and age...Ireland is so far behind other Countries in compassion to animals.....its government should hang their heads in shame.....



2013-11-11 20:45

Please Sign This Petition



2013-11-11 20:45

Please Sign !!



2013-11-11 20:46

Remove this new section as it is totally inhumane and should not be part of the new animal welfare law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



2013-11-11 20:46

actually beggars belief!



2013-11-11 21:07

This needs to be banned. These poor puppies, only 4 weeks old most of them, have their tails cut off, without any pain relief, and the only reason is "it looks better for showing etc.

Vets don't do this which must count for something. They don't approve.

It's cruel and needless.

Please do the right thing.




2013-11-11 21:08

This is gross. Every time our so-called Minister makes a move, it surpassed his last one - in BAD DECISION - even when he doesn't move, the same applies - bad decision not to make a stand. Time for an election



2013-11-11 21:11

Dear Sir ,
I am writing to express my absolute horror at the prospect that, this bill still allows the barbaric act of tail docking and Dew claw removal. This should be amended immediately to save animals unnecessary pain and suffering. DO THE RIGHT THING AND BAN THESE ACTS OF CRUELTY.
yours sincerely Clelia Herron.



2013-11-11 21:11

please stop this



2013-11-11 21:12

Tail docking is a cruel, needless practice, even when done by a qualified vet, under anaesthetic. It beggars belief that in this day and age anyone would want to allow it, leave alone for it to be done by anyone who owns a dog! Are you absolutely off your trolley??!!



2013-11-11 21:13

there is no need for this



2013-11-11 21:15

Totally unacceptable practice



2013-11-11 21:29

unnatural cruel practice



2013-11-11 21:38

its cruel and if you dont know what your doing it could end in disaster xxx



2013-11-11 21:41

Ban this barbaric treatment of defenceless animals ... there is no need for either practice to continue! we wouldn't do it to human babies!!



2013-11-11 21:45

Absolute barbaric!
That' our stupid government doing what they want again
Heartless bastards.. Please people sign ...



2013-11-11 21:46

Tails are for wagging!



2013-11-11 21:53

There is no reason what so ever to tail docking. This is a cruel & uncalled for practice....



2013-11-11 21:57

simply no justification for docking (sometimes done as DIY). We are not in the middle ages.