Ban Tail Docking on Dogs in Ireland

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2013-11-11 14:45

Fucking morons fucking up legislation as fucking usual!! FUCK!!!!



2013-11-11 14:50

This is a barbaric thing to do to a dog.STOP THIS PRACTISE NOW


#78 Re: Actual text of the Act

2013-11-11 14:53

#19: Barry - Actual text of the Act

Barry this petition is in relation to the proposed Regulations which have not yet been passed.  If it goes through it will be an exemption and I don't know about you but I certainly don't think its okay to amputate any part of any living being unless done by a professional when it is absolutley necessary for health reasons and not without anesthetic!



2013-11-11 14:54

This is a barbaric piece of legislation.



2013-11-11 15:08

this should never be allowed i cant even believe there has to be a petition to stop it !



2013-11-11 15:38

This is absolutely horrifying. The potential cruelty this is making legal is staggering. We cannot let these painful procedures happen to innocent animals when it provides no benifits beyond the aesthetic.



2013-11-11 15:58

To allow docking and dew claws to be removed, by novices, when vetinary regulations ban them from doing these procedures is inhumane. Please ban these totally. No loop holes for sadistic people to continue these mutilations.

#83 Re: Actual text of the Act

2013-11-11 16:06

#19: Barry - Actual text of the Act

Like many pieces of legislation, the Act takes the approach of banning everything, then allowing certain specific exemptions.  In this case, every form of surgery except "veterinary treatment" is banned, unless it receives an exemption (Section 16(a)(i) and (ii)).  Because of this approach, at the time that the Act commences the Minister intends to make "animal welfare regulations" (as referred to in Section 16(a)(i)) to permit certain listed procedures.  If he doesn't do that, operations such as preventive neutering may become illegal.  Unfortunately, the draft regulations that are currently being discussed contain an exemption that will allow unqualified, unregulated lay people to amputate tails and dew-claws of dogs, without even being required to use anaesthesia or pain relief of any kind.  The purpose of this petition is have those elements of the draft regulations removed, so that the absolute ban on operations "for cosmetic reasoons" will remain.



2013-11-11 16:15

This is just barbaric, cop on !!!!



2013-11-11 16:22

It is within the Ministers remit to face down the hunting & breeding lobbies and act on behalf of the majority of the population who don't want to see the canine equivalent of footbinding on innocent animals



2013-11-11 16:52

This possible incoming law is an actual disgrace!!! Tail docking, de-clawing and even cropped ears is beyond cruel and I'm shocked that in todays day and age this is actually happening! It's like we're in the dark ages! Seems the word 'humanity' means absolutely nothing as it's us humans that cause these poor defenseless animals to suffer day to day because of the SERIOUS lack of education! And this is all for image?!!... It's absolutely disgusting that these poor animals land in the hand of these scumbags! ...They should really start thinking about tightening up on animal welfare laws in general! I'm shocked at The Kennel Club as it seems ANY dodgey 'so called breeder' can get papers to sell on these poor innocent puppies, it's a money racket and sickening how animals, dogs in this case are treated in general. This being banned could be a start, but it is an obvious one and ridiculous that this is where we are still at when theres so much else to fix!



2013-11-11 16:53

I used to work at a vets: the puppies screamed when their tails were docked at 2-3 days old. Their ears were snipped and dew claws pulled out. They do feel pain and this practice is wrong!



2013-11-11 17:04

This is cruel and un-necessary



2013-11-11 17:04

What a disastrous step backwards for dogs. This is a medical procedure and is outdated and unnecessary in todays society. To allow members of the public to carry out this atrocity is unbelievably stupid. Ireland, you are losing all credibility to even consider this.



2013-11-11 17:15

Unnecessary practice and needless suffering imposed on the poor dogs



2013-11-11 17:21

Anyone that does this to puppies/dogs are SICK TWISTED FUCKS please ban this barbaric act as soon as possible and anyone who breaks this ban should have similar suffering done to them! Get your act together government and sort out the animal welfare once and for all! These animals bring us so much joy and love us unconditionally and this is how we treat them???
Orlagh Mc


2013-11-11 17:25

Outdated unnecessary procedures. .



2013-11-11 17:30

Please don't allow this barbaric practice of tail docking... it should be illegal at all times.



2013-11-11 17:33

The docking of tails is a barbaric act and should be stopped !


2013-11-11 17:39

good luck with petition



2013-11-11 17:40

This docking of tails is nothing more than a fashion's wrong.



2013-11-11 17:42

Simply Barbaric in this day and age.



2013-11-11 17:47

This is an absolutely disgusting and barbaric practise on defenceless animals. We re meant to be moving forward with awareness of the rights of animals and for someone to say that it doesn't hurt them is complete ignorance.



2013-11-11 18:08

This must be banned, NOW!!



2013-11-11 18:17

This is just horrific to put these poor dogs through. Stop it now.