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2014-01-07 11:16

Please share this petition .


2014-01-07 16:53

No Famine ...



2014-01-11 19:16

Respect for the ones who perished.



2014-01-11 19:24

Signed in Proud & Loving memory of our Forefathers.



2014-01-11 19:27

Let the Truth be heard!!!



2014-01-11 19:36

It wasn't a famine there was plenty of food in Ireland at that time yet people still refer to it as a famine



2014-01-11 20:05

its long over due that the murdering English are shown for what they are, when people are shown what the english are they will realise why many irish acted towards england, england is a horrible neighbour i am scots/irish scotland and ierland has had horrific times due to the blood stained hands of the english,i pray this year scotland get's independence
Mike McC


2014-01-11 20:18

Great job in getting the truth out Being 3rd generation Irish living in the US I've always known of the famine. But by reading on this page I have come to learn it really was a genocide that's been covered up by the British for decades
The British never stop amazing me when it comes to oppressing people through the centuries Now I know why my grandmother called their flag the Butchers Apron


#9 Re: Famine/

2014-01-12 19:36

#8: Mike McC -

Thanks for signing Mike. Please make itgers aware. I think I should point out that it has been ignored by succesive Irish governments as well,,,much to their shame.



2014-01-12 19:59

History was written by the powerfull and the victors this is our truth and I want it known to everyone the suffering of the Irish people in these times



2014-01-12 20:07

it's just about the truth that all victims of atrocities deserve to be remembered as such.



2014-01-13 00:43

Truth has to be told.



2014-01-13 01:32

the truth must come out in the public eye.the British must come out what with the knowledge of action.thank God we kicked their ass they had no control the USA.



2014-01-13 01:33

TIME that the truth came out as a 4th generation IRISH AUSSIE i applaud your efforts to get the truth out



2014-01-13 10:59

The truth is Ireland was exporting food that could sustain the population.



2014-01-13 11:09

Makes me so mad and sad when i read the history of this awfull treatment of human beings.My family originally from Cork



2014-01-13 23:42

Sbout time as a nation we were open about what happened to all our ancestors



2014-01-14 00:58

people need to know the facts.



2014-01-14 05:41

I believe that one hundred thousand tons of grain was exported from Ireland to Britain during the Great Hunger.



2014-01-14 07:03

its time the British government admitted that they did this for a reason, and apologized to the people of Ireland, and all the family's what had been driven away from there home land.



2014-01-14 19:52

The truth has to be told and England has to be brought to account



2014-01-15 13:15

Irish History deserves her rightful place shoulder to shoulder in equal standing with other Countries. Irish History deserves her History to be shown with the hard truth. Nobody has the right to whitewash her history.



2014-01-15 22:23

the truth is power...hopefully history will be rewritten....



2014-01-15 23:53

A progressive step forward in ensuring remembrance of the past and the horrible crimes committed on Irish people. As a nation, we cannot possibly know where we are going unless we truly know where we have come from. best of luck with the Project!



2014-01-16 00:58

It is way past time to tell the truth and remove such words as famine and great hunger. Also time to hold the British accountable for their genocide and war crimes against the Irish Race.