Rectify an unjust situation regarding the name of a boy in Quebec

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2014-06-07 05:04

In the context of Quebec today, a boy with a family name of a girl will certainly have the destiny of an outsider, harassed, humiliated, because kids can be cruel.
Imagine a boy with a name Isabelle???
This mistake must be corrected immediately before it generates an irreparable trauma .


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2014-06-07 09:51

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I totally agree with that



2014-06-07 18:33

This is a fair and reasonable request. The Bulgarian language and grammar command that a last name ending by -A denotes a female. A male with a female name will be exposed to ridicule and looked down.


#4 Je supporte cette cause

2014-06-07 23:12

J'espère que le Gouvernement va prendre en compte cette pétition afin de réparer cette injustice.Oui,en bulgare pour différencier les noms féminins et masculins on ajoute la lettre А à la fin du nom de famille.Un garçon ne peut pas porter un nom de fille,ce sera ridicule et même absurde.Je fais un appel au Gouvernemnt de RÉPARER cette injustice!
Maia VelevA

#5 Format of Bulgarian names

2014-06-07 23:17

Ignorance is not an excuse! My name is Veleva, my sons' names are Lazar Velev and Alex Velev. When I came to Canada I insisted my name to retain the Bulgarian female format of the family name Velev, which is VelevA. Every time when I was signing school papers, I signed as VelevA. Often the teachers notes would refer to Alex VelevA and/or Lazar VelevA. My kids understood the difference and were very often insisting I change my name to Velev, so the kids are not calling them Mommy's boys. It did take time and effort to explain to them the self respect I had put in my name and keeping the Bulgarian format.
Canada is a democratic multicultural country. Quebec is (presumably) a province of Canada with it's own ethnic specifics. The long time going political fight is to keep the ethnicity and the cultural traditions of the french in Canada. Why would they apply double standards!?



2014-06-07 23:29

Louise or Louis?
Jean or Jeanne?
Leon or Leone?
Fabien or Fabienne?
Surely the Quebec government understands the difference between masculine and feminine names and the consequence of switching them around!



2014-06-08 00:32

I'm extremely surprised that this situation exists...One government official once told me that I could give my child any family name I wanted (that was 25 years ago). I believe this is a problem caused by one ignorant bureaucrat.



2014-06-08 01:26

You should try to get your MP and the Bulgarian consulate involved.



2014-06-08 04:07

My son is George BENOV MALE
My son is Kiril BENOV MALE
I'm their mother Roumiana BENOVA FEMALE
That's how it is in Bulgaria
That's how it is in Alberta Canada



2014-06-09 14:22

The Quebec law allows a new born to take either his(her) father's name or the mother's name or both names. In this case he could take his father's name and the 'A' problem won't exist. Actually in Bulgaria the children take their fathers' family names. If you absolutely want to have your son with your family name, you can request a name change after the birth certificate is issued but you need to pay certain fees. I understand from a Bulgarian point of view that it is going to be difficult for a boy to have a female family name but there are solutions to this (as just explained) and changing or bypassing the law for a particular case is not necessarly right. Imagine if all cultural communities requested changes because in their countries the rules differ from the Quebec and the Canada law...



2014-06-09 22:24

I hope this is due to some sort of misunderstanding. Quebec is the only civil law jurisdiction in Canada when it comes to private law and it allows a couple to combine both parents' surnames with or without hyphens when naming their child. However, most couples give the child the surname of the father.


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2014-06-10 02:44

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Above is correct. As per

The child can adopt the father's family name, the mother's family name, or a composite of the two names joined by a hyphen.

The family names of the mother or father must be written in full so that the child's family name fully reflects the family relationship either to the mother, father or both.

The problem here as I see it is that the Quebec bureaucrats do not understand that "A" in the feminine family name is just a SUFFIX. And now such suffix exist in masculin family names.



2014-06-10 11:18

Nie imahme obratnia problem...I do dnes moiata dyshteria v Canada se vodi Alexandra Dimitrov, otkazaha da ia zapishat Dimitrova...



2014-06-10 12:17

This would be very bad for the child..



2014-06-10 15:35

Bulgarian naming convention and long going traditions only female Family names and Surnames end "A". It is would be huge embarrassment for a male child, its parents and insult to Bulgarian traditions and believes to have a boy with family name ending with "A".



2014-06-10 16:22

I keep getting emails about this petition. I do have a son born in Quebec and his family name finishes in V. I also know many boys born in Quebec from Bulgarian parents in recent years and months and NONE of them has a family name finishing in A when the father's name is finishing in V. You should probably give more details about this case because I guess an error was made when filling the application for a birth certificate. If the boy has a Bulgarian father there is no way the father's name to be modified and the boy WILL have the V finishing name unless the mother wants her family name for the boy and then the problem will arise. Sorry, but I do not see a problem. There never has been such problem in Quebec with boys. The problem could come with a girl taking her father's name where she has to have a name finishing in V. Many girls' family names here finish in V and to my understanding the parents do not mind. Check first what you have done when filling the application for the birth certificate before making crazy all the North American Bulgarian community with useless petitions.



2014-06-10 19:52

This is a simple fact, that should be known to everyone with enough general knowledge or the ability to use Google.



2014-06-10 21:33

Every language has its babynaming rules. IN a gender-prone language like Bulgarian all nouns, pronouns and names have gender. The general rule goes like this: If it ends in a vowel - we are talking feminine, w hilea consonant designates masculine. A male name always ends in a consonant!



2014-06-11 00:13

In favor. A mulricultural society shall accomodate such gender specific name variation. Actually, only a suffix variation well-known and recognized in many languages.

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2014-06-11 01:09

#18: - Yоu  generalized and thus fell into a wrong territory. E.g. Георги, Митко, Марио, Гоце, Недялко, Еленко, Станчо



2014-06-11 01:38

Putting an -a suffix to a man's name, either first, middle or family is not only grammatically wrong, legally unacceptable according the Bulgarian law and defaming stamp for the rest of the life, until changed in another court!

And, it seems that the mother insists on putting Her family name, instead of father's??

It will be more proper if we can see the father's name also. When we see it, we will know that it is not GatevA!

And according to Bulgarian common low the kid is adopting the father's family name, otherwise it is assumed that it is adopted.



2014-06-11 02:07

I live in British Columbia and my son's name doesn't end with an 'a'. We never had issues with the authorities regarding his name. Quebec's government gets more ridiculous by the minute. Shame on them!

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2014-06-11 02:33



2014-06-11 17:41

Please ask the Canadian citizen - movie actress Nina Dobrev about male/female names - she is supposed to be Nina Dobreva (not Nina Dobrev).



2014-06-11 20:41

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I am the mother of the child and I am Bulgarian. The father is from Quebec. We gave our son both names to honour his dual ancestry, which is not only permitted by law in Quebec but is also the default naming process (Mother's last name, hyphen, Father's last name). We filled out the application correctly, i.e. without the 'a' in my name, but it was rejected and the default was applied instead, i.e. with the ‘a’.

We were told we could remove the ‘a’ by applying for a name change, but only once the registration was completed.  Now that we have filed the application for a name change, the process is stalling. Hence our petition, which we feel is necessary and not useless at all.