Keep 19 Kids and Counting on TLC!

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2014-11-19 18:33

Please do NOT cancel the Duggars. A group spreading their hate should not bring down this wonderful family.



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2014-11-19 20:39:56

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 That's what the duggars are. A group spreading hate.

The group trying to get the show down is spreading love. Nothing else. 


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2014-11-19 21:02:36

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 They are trying to stop them before they do things involving hate on their tv show. They are trying to promote love because they can use their tv show for bad.


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2014-11-19 22:40:40

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 I don't agree with all their opinions but I would fight to the death for their right to have them.


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2014-11-20 03:02:44

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 Why is bullying ok for some groups?  The Duggars are a wholesome family with traditional values.   I respect their views.


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2014-11-20 04:04:22

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 The Duggars are the group that is spreading hate. Do your research.


#944 Re: So you think that hate shouldn't be spread?

2014-11-20 04:13:36

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 Why do you support their particular brand of hatered?  Because it comes wrapped in an american flag holding a cross?   You are supporting facism.

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2014-11-20 11:11:35

#2: -  keep the show on or else I'll stop watching tlc. 


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2014-11-20 11:13:14

#2: -  keep the show on or else I'll stop watching tlc. I love this show and thir values. 



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2014-11-22 01:18:32

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 I don't think they will be. There's a petition I have been following that only opened a day ago and already has almost 100,000  signatures. It's currently climbing very quickly. From 3:00 p.m. To now it has gone from 70,000 to over 90,000. 


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2014-11-26 03:39:53

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 The Duggars are such an inspiration.  Having 19 kids may not be for you but I don't know how anyone can dispute that they have raised some great kids.  Again, you may not agree with their ideals but the kids are not out stealing, doing drugs, etc.  Whatever they are doing, it's working! Wish there were more people like the Duggars.  I also wish I would have been lucky enough to have a Mom and Dad like them.  You can't dispute the kids are very much loved.