Attention: Greywood Heights Homeowners that have not received the Exterior Coach Lighting that was to be included per our contracts with HistoryMaker Homes

Issues to be addressed with HistoryMaker Homes: We are all current homeowners of Greywood Heights, a subdivision in Van Alstyne, built by HistoryMaker Homes. We have come together to address our neighborhood's lack of sufficient exterior lighting. Per our contracts, it states that we should have Exterior Coach Lights - Black, which was in fact not received. Our streets are dangerously dark due to the few insufficient street lamps provided. Had the Coach Lights been installed on our homes it would have made a significant impact on the obscured view from our dark streets. We are a small neighborhood comprised of many families with young children. The inadequately lit sidewalks and streets make it very dangerous after dark. Per our contracts, we are requesting that HistoryMaker Homes remedy the infraction by installing the lights for the homeowners that should have received them and or adding additional street lamps on our affected streets

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