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This is to help our grandchildren to go back home on Nov 10, 2011 My husband and I went to see our brandnew granddaughter that was born on Nov 1, 2011 when got there it was awesome the house was clean, boys were playing in there room until they saw papa and I come in that is. My oldest granddaughter was in school so we waited until she got home so that we could see her.While we were waiting my daughter in law called her mom and told her to have Kaylie her own daughter to come home when she got home because there was someone to see her. Her mother gave her the third degree and I could hear her mom yelling at her on the phone. Well when Kaylie got home and saw me standing on the porch she could not take her eyes off of me and said with a big smile on her face NANA and gave me a great big hug. I then step back and Kaylie looked around the door to see her Papa sitting on the coutch her eyes got as big as saucers and said Papa and up on his lap she went. well before we left she wanted to come home with us and told me that she did not want to go back over to her Grammy's. well needless to say she did not come home with us and now I could kick my self in the rump for that. When I do get to see her I am going to tell her how very sorry we are that we did not bring her home with us that day. Krystal's mom has done nothing but lie on this family. Please help us by signing this petition to show your support on getting these children back home where they belong. They already had to spend christmas alone without family. Dont let them spend another day alone with no family. I will go to my grave fighting for our grandchildren if I have to get full custody of them to make sure they are never alone again. The other grandparents have a oklahoma felony record and her husband has done time in prison for selling marijuana his inmate number is 153355 from phenoix arz. and her mom is listed under the oklahoma Department of correction with the docket number # 226512 she was charge with assault &/ or battery w/ Dangerous weapon, Maint place for keeping/selling Cd's, Illegal Poss of Controlled Substance all of loagan country. These people are bad news and we need to show her that she cant' do this to incent people any more. So plaese sign list to help us stop her and go check it out for your self don't just take my word on it look it up you will see.

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