Congress enacted the27th Amendment in 1992 to prevent their pay from ever being compromised.  However,
if repealed, “We the People” could adjust their pay based on performance.  If you want to motivate people, sometimes you
have to get in their pockets.  Pay for performance has always been common practice throughout the government and private
sectors, why not for Congress?  Remember, during the last sequester, there was no money for air traffic controllers’
until Congress couldn’t get out of Washington?  Well, an emergency secession fully funded the air traffic controllers
before sundown, so they can work together if it impacts them.

Help me send a message that we are tired of yearly government shut downs, furloughs, and sequesters. The first people to be financially impacted by their failure to work together should be them, not us.  They consistently blame each other for not being able to do their jobs and at the end of the day, laugh all the way to the bank.

Please sign this petition and send a message to Congress, al Qaeda should be the only people excited about a government shutdown.