We are writing to request immediate attention to concerns we have about the dangerous road along Highway 101 from Simdars Road to Palo Alto Road in Sequim WA.  The design of the preliminary study, named “US Highway 101 East Sequim Corridor” will solve our concerns as it will eliminate direct access to Highway 101 at Happy Valley and Palo Alto Roads by adding a frontage road from Simdars to Palo Alto and adding the two missing ramps at Simdars Road, making it safer for residents to have access to Highway 101.    The dire need for the proposed improvements is exhibited by the recent accident at mile post 267, just west of the Happy Valley Road intersection where a mother and her 12-year-old daughter were killed the day after Christmas and two others severely injured and had to be airlifted to a regional hospital.  Now is the time for the proposed improvements be placed on an emergency priority list, and the State legislature approve funding for the completion of the preliminary study for the engineering, design, and permitting for the proposed project and funding for the total project estimated cost of $26+ million. It is ironic that the fish in Johnson Creek, which is just east of Happy Valley Road, will get better access to Johnson Creek than the taxpaying public due to Happy Valley and Palo Alto Roads, the fish improvements have been funded.  To save costs we are requesting that the fish issue and making the road improvements on 101 between Simdars and Palo Alto be done at the same time.   As of today, the 55 mph speed limit has been reduced to 50 mph; a left turn lane was added at Happy Valley Road narrowing Highway 101’s lanes and shoulder on either side of the road. And now, drivers are using the left turn lane as a passing lane to get around a car making a right turn onto Happy Valley Road.  The traffic has significantly increased in the last five years, making it more difficult and less safe to get onto and off of Highway 101.  With the above quick and inexpensive fixes, it is quaranteed that there will be more fatality accidents along that stretch of road if your apathy continues to ignore the seriousness of the problem.  It has been five (5) years since the Happy Valley residents crusaded for road improvements on 101 and at the intersection of 101 and Happy Valley Road, and little has been done and our efforts have had minimal impact on you.  We as your constituents are a strong force and we will not let you destroy our family and friends from your failure to act on something as crucial as preventing horrible accidents and saving lives. In summary, we are all very concerned with the increased traffic at the intersections of Highway of 101 and Happy Valley and Palo Alto Roads, revised speed limit is not being followed, too narrow lanes and shoulder widths from inserting the left turn lane, and the lack of simple safeguards like funding needed road improvements are all failures to protect human life.  We want monies allocated to fund the “US HIGHWAY101 EAST SEQUIM CORRIDOR,” AND WE WANT IT NOW BEFORE THERE ARE MORE DEATHS! 

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