STOP BILL 89 - Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, 2016.



I do not agree with Bill 89 it is bad enough that the Ontario Children's Aid Societies already refuse to follow our current Child & Family Services Act Law this law will turn Ontario into more of a guilty until proven innocent state! for the sake of our children don't do this to our families!

(London, 2017-01-30)


I'm signing because this bill is outrageous and shouldn't support CAS. Kids need to be with their parents not some random stranger

(London, 2017-01-30)


The Children and Parents protection against CFS Agency that has become a haven of abuse to children and parents undermining the traditional family unit including their own policies and procedures with no ethical values towards Canadians,furthermore they veto parents constitutional protected rights and charter of rights and freedoms in this grey area not to mention the judiciary protecting A bias family court that does not follow the rule of law !! Reform is a must in all areas mention above !! Let have change in a lawful manner put in a legal context that does undermines the rights of the people .

(Big Grassy , 2017-01-30)


freedom of religion

(Brantford, 2017-02-26)


Parents are the ones to raise their children, not the government.

(Lynden, 2017-03-08)


I do not agree with this Bill 89.

(Niagara Falls, Ontario, 2017-03-10)


I am very strongly against this Bill 89. Our primer should keep her personal life preferences to her self and stay out of our family values. We will guide our child as we have for many past years.

(Port Colborne, 2017-03-10)


Very concern about this situation

(Niagara Falls, 2017-03-11)


I am a Christian and I feel that my rights as a parent and grandparent would be violated if this bill goes through! What right does the government have on raising my children! Isn't it my constitutionall right to teach a child when they are young to be good citizens to love one another and treat others with respect and pay their taxes and work hard for what they live on as well as help others in need. If this government puts this into law then I will have to follow God's word and will. For I fear His wrath of losing life everlasting more that I fear what man can do to me!

(Niagara Falls , 2017-03-14)


I'm signing because governments need to recognize that parents know what is best for their children, and that governments have to be very careful about reclassifying what is considered abuse. Teaching a child to accept who they are physically is not abuse.

(Calgary, 2017-03-16)


Children do not have sexuality preference.. They are children..and this sounds like a bill submitted by a pedofile..who ever wrote it should be investigated.

(Coniston, 2017-03-17)


I don't want a corrupt government to impose its values on children in a captive school environment.

(edmonton, 2017-03-17)


I am Catholic.

(Richmond hill, 2017-03-28)


am mother of 4 adult kids and the grand mother of 5. I am very concerned where my grandkids will be as adults

(Ottawa ON Canada, 2017-04-04)


I don't agree with Bill 89!

(Brampton, 2017-04-04)


I disagree with Bill 89!!

(Belleville, 2017-04-05)


I am not agree as a Christian with bill 89. It is against all my believe and I think is very very wrong!

(Mississauga, 2017-04-05)


I am totally not agree with Bill 89 and it is against my believe as a Christian.

(Mississauga, 2017-04-05)


The government and CAS need to stay out of people's rights to raise their own children. Morals and values that do not endanger children should come from within the home and redefining words every time they don't fit with govt wants need to stop.

(Hamilton, 2017-04-05)


Im horrified what Canada will become if this bill is passed, I hope it wont come to that.

(signal moutain, 2017-04-05)



(meaford, 2017-04-06)


Children do not belong to the state!!!!

(St. John's, 2017-04-06)


this bill is wrong and extremely disrespectful!

(Stratford, 2017-04-06)


Because the government has no place in our homes, we will teach our children right from wrong, sex education, religion. Don't need communist whynne dictating our family values.

(London, 2017-04-06)


I do not condone any part of this bill. I vote no. Leave our kids alone!!!

(Ramore, 2017-04-06)


My child is mine, and I don't agree with any of what there trying to do.

(Kitchener, 2017-04-06)


This is outrageous! We need to let the parents raise their kids with the beliefs they have. If they are born a male they should be raised as one and if when they get 18+ they decide to change them that's up to them but to make it so the government can take the kids away is insane!

(Toronto, 2017-04-07)


I disagree with K. Wynne's personal ideology being imposed on all Ontario residents/parents/children.

(Brockville, 2017-04-07)


I'm sorry, but this bill has 0 rights to exist.

(Scarborough, 2017-04-07)


I don't want the government meddling where it shouldn't. There's no telling what this could unfold into, and government is meant to serve the people—not run their lives.

(Hamilton, 2017-04-07)


I am embarrassed at what our premier is forcing on families!!

(St Catharines, ON, 2017-04-07)


The government is over reaching and pushing leftist godless ideology upon families and in particular vulnerable children.

(Melbourne, 2017-04-07)


I do not agree with this bill.

(Cambridge, 2017-04-07)


I'm signing because this bill and bodies an idea that parents have no rights. I'm signing because the spell changes in terms of references for CAS from making the religious values of the parents primary to making the child's personal ideas primary and removing religion entirely. I'm signing because I do not believe children are capable of understanding the consequences of their actions until they become adults and this is true about many trivial matters and we all know it and bought a very difficult matter for Jim ca children are capable of understanding the consequences of their actions until they become adults and this is true about many trivial matters and we all know it. Children simply are not capable of understanding ideas like gender or gender identity in an adult sense just like you're not capable of understanding sexual desire because it never experienced it until they go through puberty. Even during puberty people continue to have some confusion about how to act based upon what they feel. in other words, children do not understand and cannot understand or see the long-term consequences of her actions and they need parental guidance not government interference or ideological programming. In short, it is not child-abuse for a parent to avoid hormone blocking treatment and surgery for children who claim to have a transgender identity.

(Toronto, 2017-04-08)


This Bill only shows how far Canadian Values have fallen. Stop this nonsense, you should all be ashamed of yourselves for allowing it to be read at all. What is going on with the government under Trudeau? Are you all lunatics?

(Coombs, 2017-04-08)


Ontarians do not agree with this horrible government. Wynne needs to be removed immediately. Stay away from our children

(Windsor, 2017-04-09)


My Children are precious to me and I will fight to retain my childrens' dignity and honour.

(London, 2017-04-10)


I m signing because its in the best interest of my children. Children are not property.

(St.catharines, 2017-04-10)


This is absolutely ridiculous. C.A.S. has too much power now. This will just make it worse

(moose creek, 2017-04-10)


This bill is outrageous. I want to keep our children and families safe from the liberal government

(Kenora , 2017-04-10)


I want to raise my own children!

(Hamilton, 2017-04-12)


I absolutely disagree with this bill!! The government has no right to determine how parents are to raise our children in regards to gender and religion. This is taking away our funimental freedoms and right here in Canada.

(Brantford , 2017-04-13)


This Bill will not serve our children but only confuse them . Let our children be children when they're adults you can ask any questions because they will know who they

(Brantford , 2017-04-14)


I'm signing because the Canadian gov't is clearly overstepping their boundaries with this bill

(Chilliwack , 2017-04-14)


Stop this bill!

(Enderby, 2017-04-14)


The God given rites of parents to raise their children. Keep your abominable hands off our children you cursed Liberal government

(Leamington, 2017-04-15)


It's not right what there doing

(Merritt, 2017-04-15)


It's an abomination to our nation to impose these details on the families of ontarians , without first completely obliterating the corruption that stands as a heavy weight reality within this sect of government, it also opposes several laws including the newly passed bill m103 and all parties involved should be charged accordingly.

(Mississauga, 2017-04-16)


Children are not property, they're people. And anyone that thinks it's okay to teach small children about anal sex, etc, is without a shadow of a doubt a pedophile. I cannot fully express how sickening this bill 89 & Kathleen Wind is to me. I refuse to be treated like cattle by these pedophiles, psychopaths, sociopaths that run the world!

(Oshawa, 2017-04-17)


I'm not giving over this kind of control.

(Chestermere , 2017-04-18)


I believe kids should be instructed according to the Holy Bible (God^s Word ) if that was the case our society would not be in the terrible mess it is now. Kids commintimg suicide and feeling that they don't belong. we have to go to the Bible for help in how to guide and instruct our children, after all they are a gift from God.

(Brampton , 2017-04-18)


This is madness

(Windsor, 2017-04-19)


This bill is completely formed from radical leftist ideas and formulates a totalitarianism future for our children. At an age we're children's hormones are not developed should a child have no say and should federal law have no decree that they choose to go against biology.

(St George, 2017-04-19)


I know right from wrong

(Ottawa, 2017-04-19)


Children should not belong to the State

(Toronto, 2017-04-20)


We can raise our own kids without government intervention, This bill (89) is a Stupid waste of Tax payers money; also it's worth mentioning, the only other group of people who have special interests in the abduction and indoctrinating kids, are ISIS and SLAVE TRADERS. The democrats will eat your children alive if you let them! I'm sure you have seen what happens to Pinocchio in the classic Disney movie. If not, let me jog your memory; he was tricked into thinking he could do whatever he wanted without consequence, but he turned into an ASS, instead of a real boy. Vote bill 89 down, spread the word that the Democrats want to use your own children against you.

(Lombard, 2017-04-23)


Most probably, the Ontario's premier does not understand what is parenthood and what is childhood. Maybe she did not respect her own parents and her kids did not respect her... Canadian laws are ruining all human values, they don't want healthy and strong families, they just want to control people by setting them apart from each other. It's better if she starts doing that to her own children. Keep your hands off of our children. Keep your own preferencies inside your family, it's your business. We and our children are not your slaves. And this happens in 'The 2nd best country in the world'??? Whoever came up with this idea and whoever supported it should be charged for actions against humanity.

(Toronto, 2017-04-27)


This is not God's design of family!

(Cornwall, 2017-04-29)


yeah its bill 89 and it begins with a childs sexual identity. the public schools have been taken over with a majority of liberals. now after the push of sex ed getting younger and younger, and way more in depth has now hit a cross road. if your son\daughter identifies as the opposite sex and you fail to meet all requirements of your child, the state will step in. this means what? for the first time in history the gov is in full control of the possession of your childs development (state co-parenting). they are even trying to remove father and mother off the birth certificate. kathleen wynne is leading bro this is the end of family it starts simple but will grow to be a monster.hitler did this and everyone is worried about trump!....but this bill is okay?

(strathroy, 2017-04-30)


I'm signing because I'm a Christian and I will stand up to God promise I will raise my kids to be Christine not be afraid to show it

(Cornwall, 2017-05-01)


I am a Christian and I stand by God 100%

(Cornwall, 2017-05-01)


Government is over stepping.

(Paris, 2017-05-01)


No one should have the right to take our children away unless agreed upon by a full jury of our actual peers - not a jury selected by the same organization who want to take our children. And no organization should have so much power over families to begin with. The CAS needs to be absolved and absolved and an entirely new and impartial one needs to be assembled for the actual protection of children who are actually being abused. As it is currently, the people who need protecting are the public, from the CAS! Oh my god someone help us all! The amount of pain that has already been caused by that horrible organization is hard to grasp, I can't imagine the damage that will be done if this bill is passed. Please stop bill 89 from being passed. What they're doing is unethical. God help us all.

(Newmarket , 2017-05-01)


I believe in educating parents not punishing them before they do.

(Parry sound , 2017-05-03)


Wynne should not be allowed to impose her
warpped ideals on families.

(Etobicoke, 2017-05-04)


Parents should have the rights to own their children; "not the state" parents have the rights to guide them. They know what's best for their own kids.

(Richmond Hill, 2017-05-04)


Children do not belong to the State

(Chapleau, 2017-05-14)


We the ppl are our own, we are the parents to our children NOT the government. We feed, cloth and raise our children 24-7 not you.

(Niagarafalls, 2017-05-15)


Children going through a phase, shouldn't be furthered confused by BS science, and identity politics.

(Toronto, 2017-05-18)


This bill is an infrigement of the charter of rights and freedom and freedom of speech,it states that its goal is to streghthen child' safety which should be everyone's goal to prevent abuse but instead it promotes the limitation of rights on some and imposes guidelines on how one should raise his or her children and imposes an ideology dictated by the province which you may or may not agree with and this fellow citizen of Ontario is dangereous and grounds for future bills that will restrain the rights of the people even further.Please join this movement and say no to government imposed ideology and restrictions.A child education is fundamental and should be left to the parents not to some government elected official.The focus should be to prevent real abuse and lift families out of poverty,drug use and unemployment which are its prime source

(Cornwall, 2017-05-20)


the government has no authority over our God given rights as parents!

(Cornwall, 2017-05-24)


I do not want government imposing its will upon my home. I do not want government reaching in to my personal life; imposing its ideology on me and my family.

(Cambridge, 2017-05-24)


This bill is going against the grain!

(Cambridge,On, 2017-05-30)


This bill is dangerous, allowing the state to decide what is best for our children in terms of religious beliefs and gender ideology and gives the state the power to take away our children for almost any reason the child is not in agreement with the parents on.

(ORLEANS, 2017-05-30)


This bill is taking away the rights of parents and is only the start of taking away our rights in general. The government uses this as an excuse to promote equality, but taking children away for religious views is hardly equality. If it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to drink or vote or do anything with an age restriction because they are not mature enough or fully developed enough to make level headed decisions, wouldn't assuming their gender at a young age also fall into this?? Most kids have no idea what they want to be when they grow up. That idea is constantly changing. When they are old enough to make a level headed decision about their gender (drinking/voting age!!) then that is their decision! This bill is looking to just take even further control of the masses to push the government agenda and needs to be stopped. We are the people and we have a voice. This is not equality, this is not freedom, this is not giving parents their right to be parents. What ever happened to the "True North strong and FREE"? Keep passing bills like this and you might as well change our country's national anthem because this country is quickly becoming a place where we are no longer FREE.

(Charlottetown, 2017-06-02)


I support the right of the family, over the government, to raise their families according to their own beliefs.

(Red Deer, 2017-06-02)


I do not like the amophous language if the bill that leaves out and undermines the importance of faith in children's lives.

(Kitchener, 2017-06-02)


I dont want history to repeat itself like the government did with the natives

(Shefford, 2017-06-04)


this is ungodly and another communist cultral marxist attack on society

(Kitchener, 2017-06-05)


The government shouldn't be this involved and personally I think this bill is disgusting

(Mississauga, 2017-06-05)


I care about the marriage and family formed of one man and one woman and their children.

(Kitchener, 2017-06-05)


This is a horrific bill that needs to be stopped. It is pushing something that isn't proven and is not even necessarily the best way to solve the gender debate.

(Manchester, 2017-06-05)