Joostenbergvlakte Railway Road



The reasons mentioned in accompanying letter of petition all applies to myself.

(Joostenberg vlakte , 2017-09-29)


I have a few friends in area and to take N1 to visit not in favor off

(kraaifontein, 2017-09-29)


We live here and have a business too
It is vital for our business to get in and out asap
Also for safety

(Kraaifontein , 2017-09-29)


Im signing because the concerns raised are valid. I understand that the "powers to be that decide on this" have no personal interest whether the road stays open or not, but please, we have to live here. We need that the alternative exit.

(Joostenbergvlakte, 2017-09-29)


There should be public participation for the residents. The situation is far more serious and not just an open and close case.

(Joostenbergvlakte, 2017-09-29)


Our safety comes first! Rail road should be opened and tarred to prevent dust. A controlled access should then be made available for Joostenbergvlakte residence

(Kraaifontein, 2017-09-29)


I am in favour if the crossing gets moved. I do not want the same road opened because of the dust pollution.

(Joostenbergvlakte, 2017-09-29)


This is directly affecting my security and value of my property.

(Cape Town, 2017-09-29)


As a resident of Joostenbergvlakte, I fully agree with and support the reasons of this petition.

(Cape Town, 2017-09-29)


I agree with all the factors mentioned in the petition.

(Joostenberg Vlakte, 2017-09-29)


I am a resident of Joostenbergvlakte, and I have to drive to kraaifontein every day to drop off and collect my kids at the day mother. Brightonroad is not safe during peak hour traffic as the beggers there see this as their opportunity, and whenever there is an accident where the highway is closed, or an emergency like the strike that happened it is absolute chaos to get out off Joostenbergvlakte. Please consider our safety as well as our suggestion for a diverted route as per the petition.

(Joostenbergvlakte, 2017-09-29)


Its in the interests of residents and safety for the railway road to be reopened

(Joostenbergvlakte, 2017-09-29)


Our Pre- school in Tarentaal rd needs the road open for parents from Kraaifontein area including Buhrein Estate, to enter and leave our area without having to use the N1.

(Joostenbergvlakte , 2017-09-29)


Our safety comes first

(Joostenbergvlakte, Cape Tow , 2017-09-29)


I have lived in joostenbergvlakte for over 20 years and my children is also growing up there , that road is so important for many reasons which n few was mentiond in the latter. open the road.

(cape town, 2017-09-29)


I have a new born and its a very long way oriund to the hospital.

(Cape Town , 2017-09-29)


It is unfair to close a road that could be someone's security to living it closes the short cut to hospitalization security when emergency and most of all when there are strike's boycotting we are totally closed in crime in area has become bad since closed

(Cape town, 2017-09-29)


The closure will effect our freedom of movement in case of emergencies and restrict our access

(Joostenbergvlakte, 2017-09-29)


I feel strongly in an emergency and disruption on N1 that we need an alternative safe route out of the area

(Cape Town, 2017-09-30)


Kind in skool

(Joostenbergvlakte, 2017-09-30)


I have been affected by crime, which could have neen stopped if the road was open. During the protests i had a very hard time getting my kids from school back home. Financially it costs me a lot more fuel per month to drive to the nearest shop and to drive my kids to school and back.

(Joostenbergvlakte, Kraaifontein, 2017-09-30)


I agree that the existing road is an air pollution concern and cannot function in current state, but the temporary closing of this road has isolated the Joostenbergvlakte community from school and emergency services which cannot be allowed on a permanent basis. The council has a responsibility to all communities, not just the new development giants.

(Joostenbergvlakye, 2017-09-30)


Security risk for us ,so open road or new crossing please

(Joostenbergvlakte, 2017-10-01)


I reside in Kraaifontein and work at QiKids school in Joostenbergvlakte. I use to travel on the gravel road to and from work as to avoid the traffic pile up on Brighton road heading towards the N1. I now have to leave 45 mins earlier to travel via Brighton road. A lot of our parents that also travel on the gravel road have complained as they also have to go via Brighton road. I also feel that in the event of a strike like the one we just had with the taxis there is no way out. It affects the safety of staff and children alike. I would like to see it reopen with safety precautions.

(Cape Town, 2017-10-02)


Ek teken dtr vir my eie veiliheid want dit is dom om daai pad toe temaak as daar iets in die vlate gebeer sit ons daar binne vas en dit is on aanvaarbaar ek kanie sien hoekom ons moet onveilig lewe om paai wat uit die vlakte gaan toe temaak om ander mense van ons paaie af tehou nie die mens wat kla is seker mens wat later jare daar in getrek het want almal kan sien daar is n grond pad en dit gaan stof maak

(joostenbergvlakkte, 2017-10-02)


Due to n1 being closed and unsafe ulternatives as mentioned above left us stranded with n naby in a car for more than 2 hours tryingvto get home as we will your the railway rd to get home or to work should this happen . I struggled the other day with the vw accident more than an hour just to get into town .

We have struggled more in the last to months to get to hour home in joostenbergvlakte than ever befor . We have lived here for over 22 years without having any problems .

Safety and security is also problematic since the road closure.

Please reopen .

(joistenbergvlakte, 2017-10-02)


I would like the road to remain open or a suitable alternative in the same direction to be opened. I used this road for dropping my son at school as well as fast exit from the area to avoid the congested highway.

(Cape Town, 2017-10-02)


Ken die toestande in JBV en dit is nodig vir n nood uitgang

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-02)


Keep the rail crossing open

(Joostenberg Vlakte Kraaifontein, 2017-10-02)


As a neighbourhood watch member this closed road is a big problem as criminals now use this as an eacape route and we can follow with vehicles.

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-02)


We need alternative routes as the roads like Darwin which leads to Brighton which leads to N1, are over populated. We need more roads! Buhrein is killing us with traffic. Keep road open! for more than 30 years, this road has been used and when its open, there is no harm! closing it will cause so much harm.

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-02)


I just want to tell you that if they tar that road all the problems is solved.Buhrein is responsable fot that.Otherwise somebody must pay my doctor acc. and wash my car every week.No problem.Hopefully this will be done.

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-02)


I am a resident of Joostenbergvlakte. My child goes to school at Fanie Theron Primary. I am also a member of the Neighborhood Watch. Crime has increased sins the road has been closed.

(Cape Town, 2017-10-02)


It must be close

(Cape Town, 2017-10-02)


The closing of the dust road affects our business.

(Zoo Park Kraaifontein, 2017-10-02)


I as chairman of the area Kraaifontein Sector 4b NHW find it difficult and frustrating if a suspect of crime fled over the railway line and members give chase or seach for the suspect. Even if emergencies happen in both side of the railway line to give our assistance as quickley as possible.

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-02)


Affecting our business as I have clients and suppliers in the area. With the recent taxi violence we where unable to work due to the fact that I could not get to my clients where as if the road was still open we could have done business

(Kraaifontein , 2017-10-02)


This road is a danger to all living in close proximity of it. The constant dust is not something that we and our kids need to be subjected to on a regular basis.
Kind Regards,
Derek Van Turha

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-02)


It is an easy access to kraaifontein from joostenbergvlakte

(cape town, 2017-10-02)


Im a resident in the area and the closed road closes the access to a quick exit and can be used during strickings for example as a saver option.

(Cape Town, 2017-10-02)


The taxi riots completely blocked residents in Joostenbergvlakte, this is a very dangerous public safety matter.
Kids struggle to get to school on time as there is always blocked up traffic.
We can't access farms fast enough in a case of emergency as taking the always blocked Brighton N1 bridge is a nightmare.

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-02)


I live in Kraaifontein and work near Fisantekraal on the gravel road. I have to reroute via Uitzicht, where as previously it took me 5 min to get to work.

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-02)


I care for my community and wish to serve and being served. This road serves a vital role for the community and is a life line in case of emergenciesm

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-02)


We were regular patrons of Dorado and Cape Nursery till the road had been closed.
Have not been in Joostenberg Vlakte since closure of railway road.

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-02)


I am signing because i use to take the gravek road to work. It took me 5min and now i have to sit in the traffic in brigton road for 30 to 45min to get to work. The gravel road was confient. We also use to go to local restaurant dorados and cape garden center but now its to much of a mission to drive around on the n1 so they lose out on business.

(Cape Town, 2017-10-02)


no other plan were made to cross over n1 apart from brighton bridge

(kraaifontein, 2017-10-02)


ons as buurtwag sukkel om die kwaad doeners te vang wat inbreek want hul hardloop net oor die spoor en nou dat die pad toe is kan ons as nhw nie die manne van en arresteer nie. die crime in daai area naby die spoor het baie verhoog nadat daai pad toe gemaak is. die krimeneel weet dat daai nou vir hul n wegkom kans is veral wanneer dit spittyd is wat dan kan geen noodvoertuie of saps vinnig na die toneel gaan nie weens die verkeer op die n1

(kraaifintein, 2017-10-02)


One road into our community is very unsafe. The implications of the dirt was very clear before Buhrein was build, but we had no say and it was still done. Build a crossing lower down, straight Mostert Street, or treat/tar the dirt road.

(Joostenbergvlakte, 2017-10-02)


We use the road between Joostenberg vlakte and Fisantekraal everyday..major trafficing by trucks damage the gravel making it uneven for cars to drive safely. Every week I see the department evening the road out..why don't we do it right for once and all..safer for everyone.

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-02)


We have lived here for 23 years and often use the railway road. It is part of the community and saves a lot of time. Especially with all the NEW developments, access roads are becoming conjested and the railway road adds relief to the traffic.

(Kraaifontein , 2017-10-02)


I agree with points mentioned in petition. I suggest that the road should be tarred and Buh-Rein should pay half the expense.

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-03)


It are dificult for us as Armed Response to responed to our clients

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-03)


I come to joostenbergvlakte everyday (early mornings and late night) as my horses are being stabled there. When driving, sometimes during night time, I am alone and have to drive through phisantekraal or N1, which I feel very unsave. Will you please open or link a road from Kraaifontein for my safety? It's not just me but many other people who feels unsave being trapped with no safe way to enter or leave.

(Brackenfell, 2017-10-03)


As resident in Joostenberg Vlakte I previously used the road on a regular basis. (Work, Visiting Family, getting to the hospital quickly, getting to the Bowling club on time ect)

Not only is this road convenient for access it cuts time down in traffic, not only for the public but emergency services too. (Fire Services had to use n1 and took them 20mins to arrive on scene, they could have arrived within 5mins if the gravel road was open on the 29/09/2017)

(Joostenbergvlakte, 2017-10-03)


We have used this road for many years now.
It is a road to use to go to shops schools ect.
And in case of striking were do we go??

(Kraaifontein, Cape Town, 2017-10-03)


I'm a resident in Joostenbergvlakte, and had first hand experience with the rise in crime since the railway closing

(Joostenbergvlakte, 2017-10-03)


I used to take the gravel road when traffic in brighton road were backed up. Too many cars in Kraaifontein during peak times with limited access to N1.

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-03)


My daughter and grandchildren live in Joostenberg Vlakte and on 4 occasions I have had to get to them in an emergency as well as having to collect them at the railway line to get them to school when there are accidents on the N1

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-03)


This road is necessary for safety in our community and aids in diminishing traffic congestion

(Joostenbergvlakte , 2017-10-03)


I need a safer option to have access from home (Brackenfell Cape Gate) to work (Joostenbergvlakte) and return. When the N1 is congested or strikes happening I have no decent safe alternatives

(Cape Town , 2017-10-03)


The is a vital connection to shops from joostenberg to Brighton Road

(cape town, 2017-10-03)


Ons as inwoners was nooit geken in die saak nie. Die pad bestaan al vir bitter baie jare en was nooit n probleem nie. N veilige oorgang oor die spoor voor die pad is goeie oplossing. Dit los n groot probleem met verkeer op as die pad oop is. Darwin en brighton se verkeer is n nagmerrie spitstyd.

(Kraaifontein Viking Village , 2017-10-03)


To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you as an active member of the Kraaifontein community with businesses and property interests in the direct vicinity at heart.

After consultation with affected property owners regarding the closure of the Joostenbergvlakte Railway Road and the inconvenience it has caused.

I have also taken it upon myself to object against the approval of the closure of the Joostenbergvlakte Railway Road.

If I am not mistaken, we were very successful in our attempts to stop the high crime in our areas, in both Kraaifontein, Buh-Rein Estate and Joostenbergvlakte.

It is inconvenient, blocking us and allowing the crime to spike since we cannot follow the suspects to apprehend them. Too many property owners, including myself have been affected directly by the crime spike in the vicinity. If there are break-ins it takes longer to get there and lives might be at stake.

Furthermore, I feel that the City of Cape Town should be vigilant on this matter not just for the people affected, but also the fact that our children cannot access Monument Park High School easily, crossing the railway is unsafe and dangerous for all employees and pupils that are exposed directly.

In my opinion, the City of Cape Town should not have even considered the closure for this reason alone.

Why doesn't the City of Cape Town just tar the road? The dust problem will then be solved and there will be no heath issue at hand.

I strongly object against the closure of the Joostenbergvlakte Railway Road.

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-03)


The road is going play an ever increasing important link between Joostenbergvlakte and Kraaifontein.Tarring and upgrading will ensure safe travelling between the two regions

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-03)


Emergency access is very limited.
Convenience to get to shopping for supplies.
Allowing potential clients into the area from neighboring suburbs for our business.
Criminal elements are difficult to apprehend as quick route is needed over the railway line.

(Cape town, 2017-10-03)


I live in joostenbergvlakte and the traffic is a nightmare

(Joostenbergvlakte, 2017-10-03)


It benefits alot of people

(Kraaifontien, 2017-10-03)


Our community NEEDS the access for safety & security.

(Joostenbergvlakte, 2017-10-03)


Alternative entrance if problems on N1 or Phisantekraal.

(Joostenberg vlakte , 2017-10-03)


Don't close the road! Please!!!!

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-03)


Dont see why the needs of people who chose to live next to an existing gravel road, should be more important than the people of joostenberg. The closing of the road caused more problems than what existed before

(Kraaifontein, 2017-10-04)


I feel it's a safety issue for all our residents, getting out of Joostenbergvlakte for emergency medical reasons to access to medical hospital help, reasons like ,when N1 has been delayed, or cases of riots where existing Joostenbergvlakte is limited, also security guards in the area can apprehend suspects during theft or crime in the aria, suspects they flee over the train line and get away.

(Kraaifontein , 2017-10-04)


It is very important to keep road open especially for neighbour hood teams responding to Joostenberg Vlakte and EMS

(Kraaifontein Cape Town, 2017-10-04)


I'm signing because we need a safe road to travel on.

(Cape Town, 2017-10-04)


We have been here for over 20 years and the "Witpad" as we call it, has been part of this area and it's traffic even before then. Western Cape government should surely invest in either fixing up the road, preventing dust pollution or give an alternative. There are many businesses in Joostenberg Vlaktes that I can imagine are doing worse due to the road's closure. Land is bought as is, including surrounding areas, local people should not suffer because of some rich estate investors.

(Cape Town, 2017-10-04)


I am signing this petition as I fully agree with reasons stated in petition letter.

(Joostenbergvlakte, 2017-10-04)


I'm signing this petition, because I am a resident in Joostenbergvlakte and feel this is the BEST safety net we have.
It is a necessity!!

(Cape Town, 2017-10-04)


I am a resident in Joostenbergvlakte.
We need this railway crossing!

(Joostenbergvlakte , 2017-10-04)