We want Robbie Mitchell working back at Walmart



That's bullshit he's been there for so many years I remember him from when I was a kid and I'm 28 years old now

(Carencro, 2017-11-29)


I worked with him at Angleton Wal-Mart years ago. He was a hard dedicated worker.

(Sweeny,TX, 2017-11-29)


Robbie has been a well known employee at Angleton Wal Mart for years! He’s always greeted people warmly!

(Angleton , 2017-11-29)


We all look forward to seeing Robbie when we come to Walmart. Letting him go was a mistake

(Angleton, 2017-11-29)


I worked with Robbie back in college. He's a great guy and deserves better than this. I won't be going to that store if they don't make this right.

(West Columbia, 2017-11-29)


As much as society complains about people not wanting to work, why stop some one that wants to.

(GALVESTON, 2017-11-29)


Robbie has been a staple in the Angleton Walmart since I was little. He deserves better.

(Angleton, 2017-11-29)


I find it appalling that you would fire someone after 22 years of dedicated service for something so petty!!

(Belton , 2017-11-29)


He doesn't deserve this!

(Brazoria, 2017-11-29)


Robbie has been such a huge part of Angleton since as far back as I can remember as a kid going to Wal-Mart. This is very upsetting. He deserves better!

(Angleton, 2017-11-29)


this guy has been at Wal-Mart for as long as I've lived in angleton. he's always cheerful and a pleasure to talk with during my shopping trips. if this is how you treat an employee after 22 dedicated years I do not want to do business with you.

(angleton, 2017-11-29)


This is really messed up.

(Denham Springs, 2017-11-29)


I think they should have not fired him if he had called in that is not right. they need to get him back to work he's been there for a long time.

(Danbury, 2017-11-29)


He has been a superior employee and has a legit excuse

(Danbury, 2017-11-29)


This is obviously him being discriminated against because of his disability.

(Brooklyn, 2017-11-29)


Robbie is the Best Door greeter Walmart has EVER HAD!!!!

(Danbury , 2017-11-29)


I grew up seeing Robbie at Wal-Mart, and later worked with him. He is so nice, and always in high spirits. He is honestly a staple in Angleton, I am highly disappointed to see him forced out of his long time job because of such a minor infraction. It's a disgrace to see Walmart act in such a Manor, in such a tight knit community.

(Oyster Creek, 2017-11-29)


I personally know Robbie and he is an awesome door greeter and did not deserve to be fired. He is a single father trying to make a living for himself and his kids. He deserves justice.

(Angleton, 2017-11-29)


Robbie has been the bright spot at angleton walmart sense I can remember !! My boys from time were little would say hi Robbie when we entered Walmart or where's Robbie if they didn't see him at the door I knew and they learned to know they would see him somewhere in the store in his wheel chair pulling a buggy taking items to the places they belonged! And my boys never asked me momma why is Robbie in that chair they just knew can we go to Walmart to see ROBBIE!!!! Robbie is a POSTIVE reflection of your company ! I was totally shocked to learn in fb that this company I hold in high standards had fired him as were my boys now grown men theirselves! See I raised my boys to treat everyone the same and they grew up always knowing Robbie would be at Walmart in his wheel chair to say hi give them a wave when they would say hi Robbie as little boys and then as they grew into men! I'm praying that this company rectifies this issue and give Robbie his much loved job back walmart in Angleton JUST ISN'T The Angleton walmart WITHOUT OUR ROBBIE there to brighten our day as we enter and go about our shopping!!

(Danbury Tx, 2017-11-29)


Robbie is a good guy and really didon't deserve to lose his job!! Walmart sucks for firing him!!!!

(Brazoria , 2017-11-29)


Robbie is a person you always expected to see at wal-mart. I will not be shopping there anymore if I do not see him back. HOW PATHETIC of the person who had this done.

(Angleton, 2017-11-29)


Robbie is a wonderful person.

(Angleton, 2017-11-29)


We love Robbie! He brightens your day as soon as you see him. Plus he is an awesome member of the community & father.

(Danbury, 2017-11-30)


I dont think he should have been terminated when the money called and told em he had no way wouldnt be able to make it all week sorry thats not a no show. He has been there for many yrs and been reliable. And was a great person.

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


I think he should be given another chance

(Rosharon , 2017-11-30)


Im signing because wrong is wrong and Walmart u are wrong for firing him. Im sure he could sit at home a get disability like so many other people that could be working but he choses to work and i support him and respect him for that.

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


Robbie is the most kind hearted hard worker I’ve ever met. He is always in a good mood. Some of us should take note. He’s not asking for a hand out he’s just wanting his job!!!! 22 years?? He deserves it! Robbie is amazing!!!!❤️❤️❤️#hisbankangel4life

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


He deserves better than this.

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


Go make that shmoney

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


This man has been a good, loyal employee for Wal-Mart for a very long time. Customers love him. The community loves him. Please consider that there may have been a miscommunication. He needs this job to help support his family. I'll be shopping elsewhere now.

(PP, 2017-11-30)


Robbie Is awesome at his job!

(Angleton , 2017-11-30)


PLEASE give this man his job!

(Fort Wayne, 2017-11-30)


This is absolutely wrong what Walmart did to him. We love seeing Robbie at the front doors. Bring him back.

(Danbury, 2017-11-30)


How can you fire Mitchell for this? This is awful

(Danbury, 2017-11-30)


What a shame! Walmart is obviously not working on the same foundation it was once built on! Sam would never have let this happen!

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


I’m signing this petition because Robbie has no way to get to work without a handicap vehicle or the bus. He is the most honest person I know.

(Danbury, 2017-11-30)


It was an unjustified firing of Robbie Mitchell we want him back

(Angleton , 2017-11-30)


Robby always makes you feel welcome.

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


That's just not right to fire an employee that obviously has a daily struggle to even work but does for 22 years! F Walmart.

(Brazoria, 2017-11-30)


I used to see him there friendly person:) sad they fired him:(

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


Robbie is a great guy and a hard worker

(Freeport, 2017-11-30)


This man deserves better than that !!!!!!!!

(Danbury, 2017-11-30)


I was one of the people that suggested we start this petition! I have known Robbie for over 40 years! He was an icon at Walmart! So you fire him because his his personal vehicle broke down over a one week period!!! The handicap bus could not come pick him up?? This was over a one week period!!! He called in to explain that his van broke down and Walmart said he didn't? Seriously Walmart he has worked there for 22 years! I'm sure his phone records can proove he called in! I also bet his employee file is pretty clean also! You strip him and his family that he has to provide for of a job and their RETIREMENT?! He was so close to retiring- my guess is that was a huge factor in your decision! I am encouraging Robbie to hire a labor law attorney. I am a Human Resource Director and would be willing to bet that he was wrongfully terminated. We may start a go fund me account just to help pay for his attorney! On top of the hundreds of patrons that Walmart will be losing! Many of us will be boycotting Walmart until Robbie is back!! Shame on you Walmart!!

(Danbury , 2017-11-30)


He deserves better than this. This store has really lost what ur use to stand for. I worked for that company for 14 years and till the past two years I have never seen it to down hill so fast. Most of the management sonr have a clue from left or right and the the others have no morals. Why don't they fix what's wrong like the management instead of hurting the people like Robbie who is the heart of the store

(Freeport , 2017-11-30)


Because this so Wrong to fire Robbie.. He has been there 20yrs ..

(Danbury Texas , 2017-11-30)


Robbie is one of the best employees angleton Wal-Mart has ever had since I've been going there. No matter what kind of day you're having Robbie could always make you smile. He loved his job and getting to visit with the customers every day.

(Danbury, 2017-11-30)


It is wrong to get of people that want to work and keep the ones that stand around talking or avoiding customers

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


I've known Robbie a long time. He is an asset to your store and the community.

(Orange, 2017-11-30)


Wal Mart just needs to do the right thing!!

(Angleton , 2017-11-30)


I think it was wrong to have fired him because of a truck problem

(Angleton , 2017-11-30)


I am signing because I know Robbie very well because he is my brother and I know that he loved working at walmart and needs the job to support his family.

(Brazoria , 2017-11-30)


Robbie did not deserve to be fired. Walmart was wrong on so many levels. He deserves his job back. He is such a great guy!

(Danbury , 2017-11-30)


Robbie is great! I always look forward to seeing his smiling face!!

(Danbury, 2017-11-30)


It is unfair for this to happen to a good guy like Robbie.

(Angleton , 2017-11-30)


Robbie deserves better than this.

(Angleton , 2017-11-30)


Robbie is a great man. I've known him my entire life. He's an amazing person.

(Angleton , 2017-11-30)


Robbie is a wonderful man and I enjoyed seeing him at the doors.

(Danbury , 2017-11-30)


Cause this is a wrong thing to do to someine that is loyal and hard working!

(Port lavaca, 2017-11-30)


they shouldn’t be treating people unfairly over him not having the time to call i mean hes probably helpless for all you know he needs as much help as possible.

(pottsboro , 2017-11-30)


I worked at this Walmart many years ago with Robbie, he is the sweetest person to everyone who walks through the door at Walmart. I pray that the powers that be reconsider and higher him back, because it won't be the same without him greeting me at the door.

(Danbury, 2017-11-30)


He deserves to be back at work!

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


I'm signing because Robbie Mitchell has been and is an asset to Wal-Mart. He is the friendly face we see as we enter. I will not shop in Wal-Mart again until he returns to his job. Target will get my money

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


This man deserves a job!

(Liverpool, 2017-11-30)


Want Robbie Mitchell to return to Walmart c

(Danbury , Texas, 2017-11-30)


It was wrong to fire him. Period. You know Walmart did it to not have to pay for his retirement.

(Danbury, 2017-11-30)


I have gone to Wal-Mart there along time and this man is the brightest part of going to that place.

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


I've known Robbie almost my whole life. He is such an asset to Walmart. He always has a smiling face and the sweetest greeter your company will ever have. I'm appalled that after 20 yrs of service to your customers WALMART! You let him go because he had no ride to work. You should have had a car pick him up!! Definitely Walmart loss.

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


I believe he deserves a second chance!

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


Robbie is a great guy and a hard worker.

(Danbury, 2017-11-30)


Not right, especially for a long vested employee like he is...

(Lake Jackson , 2017-11-30)


Robbie don't deserve this bullshit
He is a top notch citizen and Wal-Mart did him wrong

(Brazoria , 2017-11-30)


He's an excellent employee!!!

(Angleton , 2017-11-30)


He is a great guy and Wal-Mart y'all wrong for that.....

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


Trahan sent me

(Kansas City, 2017-11-30)


I beleive if the statement is true. Thisnis a reasonable excuse for either being late or absent to his job. The situation was reasonably out of control

(Rosharon, 2017-11-30)


For someone who has been there 22 years. Wal-Mart is VERY,VERY, VERY WRONG!!!!

(Brazoria , 2017-11-30)


I am appauled and angered..this man has dedicated 22 years and well like ..a good hard worked..what a slap in the face..he deserves his job

(Richwood, 2017-11-30)


I worked with Robbie at that Wal-Mart in 2000. He was the best and everyone loves seeing him at the door when they walked in. I was back in Angleton two years ago and went to Wal-Mart and seen Robbie he remembed me even tho its been 11 years that i have not been in Texas. Bring him back to Walmart.

(Hillsboro, 2017-11-30)


This is just wrong. I've always enjoyed seeing Robbie there. Walmart should be ashamed.

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


Walmart has completely lost all respect and gratitude towards its employees which are an important part of our community. There is no just cause in their decision to terminate Robbie Mitchell, who has been a loyal and dedicated employee to the company for the past 22 years. Personally, I see their decision as discriminatory!

(Liverpool, 2017-11-30)


It is a shame that Angleton Wal-Mart management has so little compassion for their employees. I certainly hope the corporate office gets involved.

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


He’s always so nice and deserves much better than this.

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


Robbie is a great employee. He has dedicated 22 years to Wal-Mart. He truely brightens my day when I see him there. He deserves a second chance.

(Angleton , 2017-11-30)


Robbie is a staple at wal mart. Give him his job back. It's nice to see him greeting customers.

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


I have shopped at that Wal-Mart for years. I also have known Robbie since he was a child and respected and admired Wal-Mart for hiring him. Robbie was always a highlight of the day to anyone that met him. This is a disgrace and will cost that store if they don't bring him back. Can you spell BOYCOTT!!!

(Kerrville , 2017-11-30)


I’m signing because it’s ridiculous that a major corporation would fire an employee of 22 years and probably still making minimum wage. Really Walmart??? Horrible decision. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Angleton/Danbury area stopped shopping at the Angleton Walmart!

(Angleton , 2017-11-30)


He is a very sweet man and can put a smile on your face when you aren't having a good day.

(Angleton, 2017-11-30)


Hire him back!! It's the right thing to do! That job is his life!

(Danbury , 2017-11-30)