BMG, make Conception's Back Catalog Available to Us!



They deserve to have all their albums available for their fans!!!

Erna Kjemhus (Os, 2020-11-25)


Conception deserves it

Ancestrum Paganblack (Mar del Plata, 2020-11-25)


Because we love Conception

Håvard Løvvold (Fredrikstad, 2020-11-25)



Stavros Banos (ATHENS, 2020-11-25)


This is a story Of The band

Jonathan Frère (Roux, 2020-11-25)


I think Conception should have the possibility to share all their music with all their fans. We need it to be available!

Janne Therese Kongsmark (Bergen, 2020-11-25)


We to release the back catalogue ......

Victor Salazar (Monterrey N.L., 2020-11-25)


not that i really give a damn eitherway, since i own the originals, but c'mon, what's the point in owning a catalogue, other than exploiting it :D and if they can be made into attractive remasters i 'd buy em over in a heartbeat !

Dimitrios Fatouros (Athens, 2020-11-25)


I want them on Spotify

Jan Zetterblad (Orebro, 2020-11-25)


I'm Signing this petition because of Conception. These albums are some of most underrated in Progressive Metal History! Truly Masterpieces!!!!!

Giorgos Kefalas (Athens, 2020-11-25)


I really want these albums re-released.One of Norways finest bands ever.

Jon Høybakk (Lødingen, 2020-11-26)


I want to listen that on spotify too.

Daniel Siqueira (Americana, 2020-11-26)


I am a huge Conception fan.

Evgeni Todorov (Sofia, 2020-11-26)


It’s necessary...

Binho Viante (Curitiba, 2020-11-27)


Мне нравится эта музыка

Андрей Тараканов (Архангельск, 2020-11-28)


I want these albums on spotify

Yulia Kucher (Poltava, 2020-11-28)


It needs to be available to the masses!!

Joakim Bredahl (Tønsberg, 2020-11-29)



Justin Burla (Thunder Bay, 2020-12-01)


Conception is one of the most underrated bands of the 90's. Would love to have those 4 great albums.

Gabbo Garcia (Coatzacoalcos, 2020-12-01)


Come on. Give Conception back the ownership to their music😈💪🏻

Bjørn Stenvold (Gjøvik, 2020-12-01)


Art deserves to be shared

Juanjo Romero (Barcelona, 2020-12-01)


I'm signing because I love to have their discography On Vinyl

José Manuel Rodríguez Alvarado (San Luis Potosi, 2020-12-01)


Because its my life c:

Omar J. De Ávila (Jerez Zacatecas , 2020-12-01)



Javier Montalbán Massotti (Barcelona, 2020-12-01)


Many year of Conception great music

Mario Hernández (Ciudad de México , 2020-12-01)


Conception are easily one of the best bands and their albums have been out of print for too long, papa isn't happy.

Adrian Valmont (Seattle, 2020-12-01)


I want to🤘

Geir-Ove Hansen (Nesna, 2020-12-02)


I'd like to buy the early Conception catalog.

Ricardo Choy-Kifox (Lima, 2020-12-02)


Conception rules!

Dany Saenz (Monterrey, 2020-12-02)


Conception deserves to be available to the whole world! ✨

Alexandra May (Ocosingo, 2020-12-02)


These amazing albums deserve a proper rerelease.

Chris Olson (Hesperia , 2020-12-02)


I want the release of the back catalog, these artists deserve for their fans to purchase the music.

John Zawadzki (Elk Grove, 2020-12-02)


I’m signing because I would love to have old stuff from Conception

Dusan Ilko (St. Gallen, 2020-12-02)


I’m signing this because I want the whole Conception back catalogue awailable so I, and other fans can buy the albums.

Nils-Henrik Lande-Thomassen (Storforshei, 2020-12-02)


I love their music :)

Marcin Skrzypek (Warsaw, 2020-12-03)


I love their music dearly and would love to hsve all their music available.

Raija Zetterblad (Örebro, 2020-12-03)


Please, re-release Conception's back catalogue!

Roberto Iacovacci (Roma, 2020-12-08)



Frode Nordby (Drammen, 2020-12-12)


A great band that sadly released their music in the wrong decade. I am sure it would be economically viable to re-release these albums again, especially on vinyl. Metal fans are dedicated fans that like to own physical copies.

Andreas Nilsen (Skiptvet, 2020-12-13)


I want the Conception albums!!

Salvador Almagro Abellán (Córdoba, 2020-12-19)


Please reissue Conceptions back catalog.

Scott Varney (Ypsilanti , 2020-12-20)


We, the undersigned, would like to express our concern that the back catalog of the Norwegian band Conception, as owned and controlled by yourselves, has not been made available for public consumption on legitimate music platforms. We, as Conception's fans, would respectfully request that you do so at the earliest available opportunity so that we may enjoy the band’s incredible music as released originally in the 1990s, or failing that, hand over ownership of the recordings to the band themselves so that they may release it.

Helen Nettleship (Sheffield, 2020-12-20)