Make Armored Mud Balls a State "Sedimentary Structure"



Gotta love armored mud balls!

Sophia LaRoche (Hatfield , 2021-03-03)


I like this rock!

Matthew Steinem (Shelburne Falls, 2021-03-03)


I’m signing this because I believe that Franklin County, MA deserves to be recognized for the rare Armored Mud Ball. What a neat discovery and the fact that here in Massachusetts is the rare Armored Mud Ball, well it should be a symbol for MA history going back to Mesozoic time. #rockonMA#ArmoredMudBallStrong

Jennifer Goodnow (Goshen, 2021-03-03)


Unique geology matters in history.

Michael Patnaude (Chicopee, 2021-03-04)


It’s really a national treasure, not seen anywhere else in sedimentary form right here in Ma! Harry

Harry Sharbaugh (Erving Ma, 2021-03-04)


I am signing because armored mudballs rock! (and probably roll as well)

Su Hoyle (Shutesbury, 2021-03-04)


These armored mud balls are so rare and significant for our state. We should recognize them as such and make them the official state sedimentary structure. Armored Mud Balls rock!!!!!

Nancy Goodman (HADLEY, 2021-03-04)


I'm signing because I think this is a unique object that should be recognized as something special in our state.

Cindy Schimelpfenig (Bernardston, 2021-03-04)


Armored mud-balls are the coolest geologic feature in Massachusetts!

Tom Prunier (Oxford, 2021-03-04)


Armored mud balls have literally been embedded in Massachusetts since prehistoric times, and this state is the only place in the world where they can be seen. What better credentials could a sedimentary structure have to merit such a designation of honor?!

Nancy Caldwell (Northfield, 2021-03-04)


Mud balls are unique and special. As a graduate of Hampshire College and Boston University (PhD, 2012), I find value in protecting and promoting what Massachusetts has to offer.

Eric Anderson (Woodbridge, CT, 2021-03-04)


The unique nature and beauty of our Franklin County mud balls should be heralded and promoted.

Eileen Wood (Amherst, 2021-03-04)


These are unique formations, and illustrates that Franklin County is a particularly interesting area exhibiting geological events and processes .

Charles Kelton (Greenfield, 2021-03-04)


It's a good idea!

JOSEPH ZORZIN (Orange, 2021-03-04)


Professor Little's Discovery of, Promotion of, Protection of and Maintenance of the ARMORED MUD BALLS makes this a truly
worthy endeavor indeed!

Ed Gregory (Greenfield, 2021-03-04)


I learned about the importance of mud balls as a geologic state treasure in College in the 90s from Richard Little. It's important to celebrate what is truly unique about where we live.

Farlin Black (Easthampton, 2021-03-04)


I am signing because of the rarity of armored mud balls.

Herbert Hoyack (Shutesbury, 2021-03-04)


As Prof. Little says, armored mudballs are found nowhere else in the world but Franklin County, MA, which makes them an even more specific symbol of Massachusetts than our state bird or state pie. But they're only the tip of the iceberg in terms of geologic features here. I'm a lifelong Mass. resident and geology buff who has planned vacations around that interest. So if honoring the armored mudball could bring attention to what we have to offer and bring visitors like me here, it could be a good thing for all. Tourism is one of the few sources of jobs in our rural areas, and could use all the support it can get!

Norma Roche (Northampton, 2021-03-04)


Armored mud balls are recognized by geologists as significant and unique and should be officially recognized.

Guy Lanza (Amherst, 2021-03-04)


This little-known geological anomaly, to date discovered uniquely in Western Massachusetts, illuminates a key period in the evolution of the Connecticut River Valley — and, by extension, of all great rivers. The petitioner, Richard Little, is a serious, respected geologist who has dedicated his life to teaching geology both in the classroom and on local and international study trips.

George French (Lunenburg, 2021-03-04)


I have seen these unique geologic phenomena. They are a rare part of our Earth history. Please help protect them.

Beverly Taylor (Templeton, 2021-03-04)


While I'm not a Massachusetts resident, I've come several times to the site to see this geologic phenomenon. With more recognition, more geologists will want to come to see them.

Leonard Cadwallader (Hanover, 2021-03-04)


In these days of cancelling our "history" it is most important to preserve our geological sites.

Deanne Brochu (Shelburne Falls, 2021-03-04)


As a geologist I support efforts to educate people about geology, especially local geology that people can enjoy. The armoured mud balls are unique to our area and deserve recognition in the state.

Virginia Irvine (Northampton, 2021-03-04)


The Armored Mud Balls in Turners Falls must be at least as significant as a Boston Crème Donut and therefore worthy of recognition as the official State Sedimentary Structure. I have known Dr. Little since 1980 and value his knowledge, expertise and perspective on the geology of the Pioneer Valley.

Lawrence Dean (Greenfield, 2021-03-04)


This is important and needs to be made a Massachusetts State Symbol !!!

Wayne Corwin (Belchertown, 2021-03-04)


I'm signing because little armored mudballs are so rare you can only find them in Massachusetts so why wouldn't call them our state sedimentary structures!?!

Pamela Morawski (Montague, 2021-03-04)


I live in Gill, Ma

Joan Pillsbury (Gill, 2021-03-04)


These armored mud balls represent one of the best examples of how special and unique the geologic record is in Massachusetts. Also, this is yet another example of the many contributions that Professor Richard Little has made on behalf of Massachusetts geology. Armored Mud Balls deserve to be designated the official State "Sedimentary Structure".

Bill Finn (Holyoke, Ma, 2021-03-04)


Our earth created gorgeous treasures and we should do our best not to trample them all to extinction. Thanks professor little for working to protect our local treasures!

Lacey Arnold (Hatfield, 2021-03-04)


I take my students on field trips to see the armoured mud balls in Franklin County. They are a rare and special phenomenon

Ronadh Cox (Williamstown, 2021-03-04)


The armored mudballs are fascinating and deserve recognition

Barbara Meunier (Springfield , 2021-03-04)


I support naming the Armored Mud Balls as the MA state sedimentary feature. These unique structures are only found in Franklin county and deserve notoriety and recognition by the state.

David Theoharides (South Deerfield, 2021-03-04)


Armored mudballs are special!

Michael Williams (Amherst, 2021-03-04)


I'm signing because I agree with Professor Little that these geologic rarities that can be seen here in western Massachusetts are worthy of recognition. They are very cool to see!

Stein Feick (Conway, 2021-03-04)


These are unique features particularly useful in documenting the history of the Earth

Steven Bill (Keene, 2021-03-05)


We need to add a Sedimentary Structure to the list!

Donald Sluter (Whately, 2021-03-05)


I agree that this sedimentary structure should get state wide recognition for there rarity and the unique circumstances of how they formed in what is now Massachusetts.

Mark Agostini (Franklin, MA, 2021-03-05)


I am signing this petition because the Armored Mud Balls are a unique feature of our geology here in the valley that should be recognized and preserved.

Lissa Ganter (Easthampton, 2021-03-05)


I learned about these many years ago when I took Rich Little's geology class at GCC

David Small (Athol, 2021-03-05)


I'm amateur geologist and love (mudballs) and other unique features in our Valley

Holland Hoagland (HATFIELD, 2021-03-06)


As an educator, I feel that any way to promote the uniqueness of our local environment and increase public awareness will be beneficial.

Jennifer LaRoche (ATHOL, 2021-03-06)


These are unique geological formations that deserve recognition.

Kathleen Lanza (Amherst, 2021-03-06)


It is important to advance the attention of the public to earth science and environmental information.



Feel certain that the discovery of this very unique geological formation should have more presence in Massachusetts State identity. Besides my brother-in-law discovered them in Massachusetts!

Judith Bertozzi (Rehoboth, Mass, 2021-03-07)


Local natural treasure ! Natural treasures can be so easily lost forever. We will help bring another generation as guardians of these wonders and the stories of the natural world!

Bonnie Benjamin (Athol, MA, 2021-03-07)


Something totally unique should be celebrated!

Vanessa Bertozzi (Rhinebeck, 2021-03-07)


I attended a semester of geology class instructed by Prof. Richard Little. As a washashore from Cape Cod I wanted to find out more about the interesting geology of the Connecticut Valley. Also as a science educator in Mass for 40+ years I agree with prof. Little this is a highly worthwhile project.

Barbara Waters (Montague, 2021-03-07)


Armored mud balls rock!! They should be honored by the whole state.

Diana Roberts (Greenfield, 2021-03-07)


I'm signing because I've seen these armored mud balls and they are marvelous.
I graduated from Greenfield Community College. I feel that Franklin County has this treasure and people worldwide would benefit by knowing about them.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen Wickum (Santa Barbara, 2021-03-08)


Armored mud balls are unique and special to Massachusetts because they were first identified in rocks here in Massachusetts. They are just one example of the fascinating and comprehensive geological history of this state.

Debbie Voland (Leverett, 2021-03-08)


They represent a unique geologic aspect of our region.

Barry Steeves (Florence, 2021-03-08)


I'm signing because this is an amazing historic and noteworthy part of our Massachusetts heritage.
Please include it as an extraordinary MA state symbol! Barbara J Weene

Barbara Weene (Northampton MA, 2021-03-09)


AMBs are awesome and should be preserved!

Joshua Knox (Holyoke, 2021-03-09)


The armored mudballs are unique and should be preserved and documented as special in MA.

Tarin Weiss (Westhampton, 2021-03-09)


Geology rocks!

Michelle Traub (Rhinebeck, 2021-03-09)


I'm signing because I realize how rare and unique these geological formations are. As president and representative of the Pascommuck Conservation Trust in Easthampton, let it be known that the trust also supports this effort.

John Bator (Easthampton, 2021-03-10)


Mudballs are amazing!

Danielle Desmarais (Wilbraham, 2021-03-10)


This is exciting and needs to be done!

Alan Tatro (Leverett, 2021-03-10)


I worked at Greenfield Community College in the late 70s/early 80s, when Dick Little was a professor of Geology at the college. It was during that time that he discovered the armored mud balls, so I have been aware of this discovery and its significance for a very long time. I fully support Dr. Little's efforts to officially recognize this important local natural phenomenon.

Helene Wegrzynek (Haydenville, 2021-03-11)


I'm signing because mudballs are unique to Massachusetts.

Christopher Fox (Belchertown, 2021-03-14)


I agree with everything Professor Little has said about armored mudballs, especially how educational and inspirational it would be if more people knew about these rare formations.

Bridgit Litchfield (Belchertown, 2021-03-14)


This is very important to me and my friends.

Anan Eisenstein-Bond (Sunderland, 2021-03-15)


It’s important to preserve things to remember the past and where we come from.

Blake Harris (Belchertown, 2021-03-15)


Armored mud balls are a rare and fascinating geologic phenomenon that were discovered and studied by Richard Little, a wonderful professor at one of our wonderful state community colleges, Greenfield Community College. They are an excellent example of how we value science and scholarship in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts!

Laura Garcia (Williamsburg, 2021-03-15)


I'm signing because I'm an Environmental Science major with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from GCC 08', have always had a high admiration/appreciation for both national and local geological phenomenons, love outdoor adventures, love preservation and conservation. I think this is a fantastic idea to really show how proud we are of our glacial erratic activity!

Andew Helgerson (Northfield, 2021-03-15)


I agree that the armored mud balls are unique, special and worth being recognized as the official State Sedimentary Structure.

Linda Cavanaugh (Shelburne Falls, 2021-03-15)


Geology matters!

Katherine Wegrzyn (South Hadley, 2021-03-16)


I am in favor of preserving our precious natural resources and geological wonders!

cindy Spelman (Williamsburg, 2021-03-17)


Armored Mud Balls are unique. Mud balls are commonplace, 3 year olds can make them. But, a 200 Million year old, hard as a rock (it IS a rock) covered-with-pebbles mud ball and which can only be seen in Massachusetts is pretty special. People from all over should see them, and think and learn what's under foot and about how our Earth was formed.

Violet Walker (Greenfield, MA, 2021-03-18)


The more we know about deep history and the local environment - the more we will want to appreciate and conserve!

Matt Verson (Northampton, 2021-03-19)


These are special, rare, and unique to Mass.

Leslie Pilder (Flornce, 2021-03-22)


These armored mud balls are an extraordinary geological treasure worth preserving. Status as a state sedimentary structure will ensure that generations of students and residents can continue to learn about the legacies of our region and state.

Teresa Jones (SUNDERLAND, 2021-03-24)


These rare armored mud balls are very unique to our state and should be appreciated and preserved!

Jade Linscott (Turners Falls, 2021-03-26)


This region in western Massachusetts has a remarkable geological history, available to anyone who wants to see the evidence. I want to promote these armored mud balls across the Commonwealth!

Carol Letson (Greenfield, 2021-03-30)


This is a great story and a great idea!

Lista Lincoln (Mount Hermon, 2021-03-30)


I believe in the importance of understanding Earth processes and the wonder and beauty of science.

Lori Weeden (Andover, 2021-03-31)


I wish New York had Armored Mud Balls!

Melissa Purdy (Mineola NY, 2021-03-31)


I support this effort

Andrew Dowd (Northborough, 2021-04-05)


A unique feature, if properly explained, can attract visitors, schoolchildren, Earth Sciences students, all sorts of people. And where else will they get to see them?

Deborah Rohan (Edinburgh, 2021-04-07)


Most rock formations are found in multiple locations around the world, here is a very interesting formation that involves a fascinating history, and it happens to be unique to Massachusetts! It deserves some acknowledgment.

Gordon Hugenberger (Gloucester, 2021-04-08)


To promote elevating unique geological features in Massachusetts.

Amanda Hyde (Greenfield, 2021-04-10)


My daughter says that it is right and the meet thing to do.

Walker Taylor (Asheville, NC, 2021-04-27)


I think it’s important to educate people about natural history in their regions

Cheryl Hickock (Ajijic, 2021-04-27)


Hooray for mudballs!

Reeve Gutsell (Belchertown, 2021-04-27)


A friend asked me to; interested in geology.

David Hill (Attleboro, 2021-04-30)

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