STOP the BUILDING of 3477 Drummond St.



Another new residential building is really not necessary downtown. Moreover, with only 20 indoor parking spots, parking and traffic in the area and on Drummond St. will be impossible. The style of the new building would not fit in the general style of the street.

Gladys Gazal (Montréal, 2021-06-09)


I strongly oppose the height and width of this building being built on Drummond St. Because of traffic,and parking and obstructing my views.

Elissa Ross Walfish (Montreal, 2021-06-09)


I live at 3468 Drummond
Right across the street from these developers who feel they have the right to ruin residents quality of life!
To all my fb friends. Please share and sign.....they could do this to you one day if they are not stopped!

Susan Frank (Montreal , 2021-06-09)


My mother lives across the street.

Lauren Wise (Hampstead, 2021-06-09)


I live on Sherbrooke at the corner of Drummond and do not want my neighborhood to be affected by having this apartment built.

Susan Kolodny (Montreal, 2021-06-10)


The new building will diminish quality of life st Drummond street.

Jacob Masliyah (Montreal, 2021-06-10)


This building does not belong on Drummond. The lack of parking will affect the entire area.

Norma Zipkin (Montreal , 2021-06-10)


I agree with petition titled "STOP the BUILDING of 3477 Drummond St." to prevent real estate speculation from eliminating mountain and scenic views and negatively affecting the quality of life in our Golden Square Mile (GSM) neighborhood, dated June 2021.

Jean Luc Seguin (montreal, 2021-06-10)


Resident of 3484 Stanley. We do not need any more large appartments on the GSM

Martin MUELLERJUDSON (Vile Marie , 2021-06-10)


It’s wrong

Terry Cohen (Montreal, 2021-06-11)


We don't need another huge high rise in the area. As well as the insane price increase in rents.

Tawn Friedman (Montreal, 2021-06-11)


No need to add additional floors

Ruthie Feinstein (Montreal , 2021-06-11)


Per our Major encouraging more families to move to the downtown core which a 750sq/ft condo does not support.
Blocking views which add so much to the quality of life & blocking sun.
Architect of the building itself which does nothing to enhance the beauty of Drummond.

mona rizk (Montreal , 2021-06-11)


My quality of life and well-being and that of my family and neighbours on Drummond Street will be seriously negatively affected by this project.

Nadine Ghawi (Montreal , 2021-06-11)


It is so important to keep the downtown core as it is now, adding a huge building will change the whole face of that area, take away more parking spots it is already way to congested we have a beautiful city let's keep it that way we don't need more construction

Dana Bell (Montreal, 2021-06-11)


I live in the neighbourhood and have a need to preserve the quality of life and beauty afforded to all residents of the Golden Square Mile.
This building belongs near the Atwater market!!

Arlene Chinks (Montreal, 2021-06-11)


To preserve the neighbourhood.

Nicole Hughes (Montreal, 2021-06-11)


I agree with the ideas put forward in this petition

Bonnie Shemie (Montreal, 2021-06-11)



Jean Pierre Beauchamp (Dorval, 2021-06-11)


This project does not fit the space

Sally Levine (Montreal, 2021-06-12)


This is not a good project.

Earl Pinchuk (Montreal, 2021-06-13)


Stop the tear down!!!!

Angela Broccolini (Montreal , 2021-06-13)


I am signing this petition to STOP this construction. All Quebecers voices matter if we were all going to live in a healthy community with respect for our environment.

Sondra Sherman (Montreal, 2021-06-14)


I'm signing because of the uncivilized result of Griffintown, like pigeon coops

Roger Jochym (Westmount, 2021-06-15)


I oppose the construction of the proposed high rise because I want to
Keep your quality of life
Continue to enjoy the picturesque views
Preserve the family lifestyle of our neighbourhood
Prevent traffic and parking nightmares

Pierre Lamontagne (Montreal-, 2021-06-18)


Its obscene

Ron Granich (Montreal, 2021-06-22)


I live in the area and it will block views of the mountain and make parking very difficult. Also, it is not right to force people out of their homes.

Robert Hall (Montreal, 2021-06-23)


I am signing because I live here, 3450 Drummond, for many years and that new development will distroy my peace and health! We shall not let that happen!...


Anjelica Ashley

Anjelica Ashley (Montreal, 2021-06-25)


I'm signing because we need to preserve our quality of life and our neighborhood and our right to whatever little nature & exposure we have in the city.
We are sick of faceless investors & real-estate snakes taking over everything good about the city and turning into an empty ghost town.

Roba Al Ghoul (Montreal, 2021-06-28)

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