State University of New York COVID-19 Booster Mandate



It's not their right to tell me what to put in my body.

John Reinhardt (Tonawanda, 2022-01-23)


I’m signing because this is merely and EAU shot. There are no studies for long term effects. There are many adverse reactions reported but being ignored.

Heidi C (Farmington, 2022-01-23)


The vaccine should be an individual's choice!

Andrea Cooper (Dunkirk, 2022-01-23)


I'm signing because our kids need to get back to normalcy. They are among the lowest risk age population for severe infection from Covid according to CDC data, many have had it, and the benefits of the boosters do not outweigh potential risks for this age group.

Rory Kahn (Old Bethpage, 2022-01-23)


WHO and EU have all recommended that boosters are NOT necessary for healthy young adults. Further, EU has gone on to indicate that boosters may be detrimental to your immune system. Something tells me that this is your end goal

Joe Pajek (West Seneca, 2022-01-23)


I am opposed to any mandates whatsoever because I firmly believe through reviewing the true science that these injections are not vaccines in the traditional sense and they do not protect against getting or transmitting the virus. The vast majority of Students that attend our schools fall into the age category that are not seriously affected by the virus!

Luisa Smith (Lockport, 2022-01-23)


This “vaccine” & its boosters should not be mandated for many reasons. It’s still in trial stage, there is no way to know the long term effects, therefore no person should be forced to receive it. Also, the shots do not eliminate the potential spread of covid and therefore it serves no purpose to force people who are not comfortable getting it to do so.

Jaime Ertel (DEPEW, 2022-01-23)


I’m signing because I completely disagree with this poorly researched vaccine to be mandated. Do not take away my right to say no.

Joie Celano (Wildersville, 2022-01-23)


Everyone has the right to choice of what to do with his or her own body. It is shameful that SUNY has required an experimental vaccine and denied many their education because of this!

Emily McCarthy (Lake view, ny, 2022-01-23)


This violates the constitution in every way, and last time I checked THIS IS AMERICA NOT COMMUNIST CUBA!!!!

Jessica Sharp (Akron, 2022-01-23)


I have a couple college age children that I don't believe should be forced to be vaccinated. Both have had covid and the survival rate of children is almost 99.9% so pushing an untested chemical on children defies rational thinking.

Dino Fudoli (Depew, 2022-01-23)


Boosters are unnecessary in this age group. They are low risk. Many/most have had Covid infections. They have superior natural immunity and don’t need boosters. The booster immunity will wane quickly and is useless in preventing infection. Shame on SUNY and Kathy Hochul.

Domenico Berardi (Lancaster , 2022-01-23)


I'm signing this petition because the vaccine has proven it does not stop the spread. Therefore the matter is not a matter of public health, but that of a person al choice. No vaccine mandates. They are unconstitutional.

Jessica Gauvreau (Middleport, 2022-01-23)


Medical freedom against a ineffective vaccine that’s been proven to weaken the immune system

Kathy Wozniak (Youngstown, 2022-01-23)


I am signing because my son felt he had to get the vaccine in the fall to finish his college education and participate in sports with his lacrosse team. He did his part, is a healthy young man and should not be forced again to get a booster. Natural infection is proven to be better long term for the young men and women in this age group. My son has one semester left to finish his degree and his senior year as captain of his lacrosse team. Do what is right for these young adults. After all, isn’t the college experience about learning to make the best choices for yourself and becoming the best version of you for society? Being coerced into something against your will doesn’t seem to fall into that experience.

James Woodroe (North Tonawanda , 2022-01-23)


I am a SUNY Genesis alumni and I believe medical mandates are unconstitutional.

Megan Mazur (East Northport, 2022-01-23)


This booster rule is dangerous to my children and is not following scientific evidence of risk vs benefit

Steve Keelty (Pendleton , 2022-01-23)


I do not agree with mandating the booster

Jamie Bayley (Tonawanda, 2022-01-23)


The boosters continue to be ineffective in the Covid fight. Adding another is nonsensical.

Nicole Pietrzak (East Amherst, 2022-01-23)


Kids should not be subject to getting a covid booster. If the first, second shots did not work then the “booster” would be a result of a failed first attempt. The booster should not be required to attend school.

Jessica Daley (Orchard Park, 2022-01-23)


Please allow our choice for medical decisions to be left up to us who have made the right one for us that has been always acceptable and always should be.

Deborah Scott (Lockport, 2022-01-23)


My body, my choice. While I chose to be vaccinated and boosted, I respect the rights of others to make the choice for themselves. If the vaccine is as good as they say, I have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated.

Dominick Walenczak (Amherst, 2022-01-23)


My daughter had a positive diagnosis for Covid from UB in late November, she's immune and is MUCH less risk to other students than vaccinated students.

Gregory Bonnette (Niagara Falls, 2022-01-24)


I have serious concern about the long term health consequences of the covid vaccine because they are unknown. Where there is a risk there must be a choice.

Alisa Tranquilli (AMHERST, 2022-01-24)


I have a niece at the school and I do not believe mandates are right constitutionally nor do I believe those who choose to not get the booster are hurting others or are a threat. The new strains are less and less responsive to the vaccines and many of these students have also had COVID 19 and their own natural immunity has been proven by scientific data to provide better protection.

Molly Cullinan (Orchard Park, 2022-01-24)


I agree with his petition wholeheardedly.

Joni McGary (Bloomington, 2022-01-24)


My son and daughter cannot medically get the booster and there is no need they both had covid and have natural immunity. And the federal government under the constitution cannot mandate this vaccine .

Danielle Macagnone (East Northport, 2022-01-24)


I am fully vaccinated and do not want mandates forcing unwilling participation. Everyone should have freedom of choice.

Margaret Fuentes (Bronx, 2022-01-24)


It is illegal to mandate any EUA product: FTC Act - Deceptive Medical Practices Clause. It is Illegal to promote a product intended to diagnose, treat, cure a disease without at least 2 independent clinical trials which have shown the truth of the statement. It's illegal to practice medicine without a license. So any mandate or recommendation is a violation of the Medical Standards Act of every state, of the Deceptive Medical Practices Clause, and against medical advice (AMA). You cannot be a licensed medical professional and suggest therapy that's contraindicated to the thing you are promoting.
Under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and FDA guidance states that recipients shall “have the option to accept or refuse the EUA product.” '
“Federal law, Title 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(I-III) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, states the following about products granted emergency authorization usage:
Individuals to whom the product is administered are informed—
(I) that the Secretary has authorized the emergency use of the product;
(II) of the significant known and potential benefits and risks of such use, and of the extent to which such benefits and risks are unknown; and
(III) of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product, of the consequences, if any, of refusing administration of the product, and of the alternatives to the product that are available and of their benefits and risks. COVID genetic "vaccines" cause much higher risk of serious debilitating injury and death to college students than does COVID.

Kathy Dopp (Natick, 2022-01-24)


My son is a student at the University of Albany. The university has no right to not accept his religious exemption. He has complied by getting the first shot, already against his faith and belief. However both he and his parents, his mother and I, no longer want to betray his belief in what he should do with his own body. It is unconstitutional for the university to force him to.

Stephen Leggiero (Scotia, 2022-01-25)


My daughter had Covid, was forced to get the vaccine already and does not need a booster!!

Julie King (Phoenix, 2022-01-25)


I believe strongly in what is stated above.

Christine Murphy (Albany , 2022-01-25)


Vaccines should be a choice

Danielle Wagner (West Seneca, 2022-01-25)


The New York governor is tyrannical witch. She needs to go away.

Darren Hills (Ripley, 2022-01-25)


The boosters are not working and are having the opposite effects on those vaccinated. More people are winding up in the hospitals with the boosters then those without. Data is from Scotland showing more vaccinated per 100,000 (866) as opposed to 413 for the unvaccinated. Death rate is worse as well. Unvaccinated at 8 per 100,000 as opposed to 12 per 100,000 vaccinated.

John Buchholz (Cheektowaga, 2022-01-25)


My daughter attends Buff State college and is starting her 4th and final year. She got fully vaccinated against her and our better judgement just so she could keep attending college. Not they are mandating the booster for HEALTHY, YOUNG college students. She does not want them and according to their threatening emails, they may expel her over a unnecessary “shot”. You are denying our kids an education and it’s not right. The teachers and staff have the option to get vaccinated and boosted. Make that make sense???? Disgusting!

Tracy Covill (Getzville, 2022-01-25)


I am signing because I believe in the personal freedom guaranteed by our Constitution.

CAROLYN SIEGEL (West Falls, 2022-01-25)


My daughter would be getting this shot under duress. She should not have to choose between her rights, her health and her education.

Amber Wulf (Cattaraugus, 2022-01-25)


My son attends Alfred State and is being forced to be boosted, wear masks, and not allowed visitors

Charlene Hoad (Bath, 2022-01-25)


I am concerned for the safety of our children. A booster is not necessary for young healthy college students and they are more likely to get immune compromised due to a booster. Please read ALL the information available today.

Laura Siergiey (Queensbury , 2022-01-25)


I have a daughter in college and I am afraid about how these experimental vaccines will affect her health now and in the future.

Johanna Hedin (JAMESTOWN, 2022-01-26)


No vaccines should be mandated. I know numerous people who had severe side effects from the vaccines. They shouldn't be forced to get the boosters to continue their education.

Beth Huff (Ovid, 2022-01-26)


As an alumni and having family and friends under this foolish edict, it needs to be dropped.

Jesse Jerge (Getzville, 2022-01-26)


It’s the right thing to do

Lisa Norton (Lancaster , 2022-01-26)


The mandates are an unconstitutional attack on our student’s freedom and health.

Karen Miller (Spencerville , 2022-01-26)


It should not be a requirement but an option. My granddaughter has a lot of health issues but is being forced to get shots

Priscilla Lewis-conklin (Jasper, 2022-01-26)


Freedom of choice!

Rebecca Lauber (Massena, 2022-01-26)


I have a granddaughter attending SUNY Geneseo. Hochul, Malatras, and President Battles never responded to letters about the tragedy of vaccinating entering freshmen students.

Deann Nelson (Jamestown, 2022-01-26)


I am fully vaccinated but I believe people should have the right to decide if they want the Covid vaccine not the Governor. Her blatant disregard of people’s rights is extremely concerning. The shot is not without significant side effects from airway issues, heart issues, prolonged inflammatory flare up, lymphadenopathy etc. Please listen to our concerns and allow us to make our own decision. The booster doesn’t stop the spread of Covid… that is well known. The risk benefits assessment is not significant enough to force people and take away our rights to choose.

Kelly Keelty (Lockport, NY, 2022-01-26)


Because the vaccines have shown to be more harmful than the virus.

Joseph Atkinson (Horseheads, 2022-01-27)


“Universities' Covid Policies Defy Science and Reason”
“Parents and students should challenge dogma with data.” - Marty Makary M.D., M.P.H.

Hila Galon (Mamaroneck , 2022-01-27)


I oppose forced health decisions.

Sheila Cody (Rhinebeck , 2022-01-27)


This use of force and coercion is also in violation of the U.N.’s International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights Article VII, The U.N.’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article III, UNESCO’s Article VI at the Universal Declaration of Bioethics & Human Rights, the 1964 Helsinki Declarations of the World Medical Association and the Geneva Convention IV 1949 Article 32.

Teri Landi (New York, 2022-01-28)


This is ridiculous that they need a booster along with wearing a face mask and on campus testing. The state can’t expect to have it all it’s one or the other!

Melissa Perez (Smithtown , 2022-01-28)


I am a concerned American and parent who believes in medical freedom, not tyranny.

Kelly White (Poughkeepsie, 2022-01-28)


My son’s body his choice

Linda Smyth (Commack, 2022-01-31)


People can still get, and spread Covid if vaccinated. Vaccine injury has been increasing, and should not mandatory. It should be a choice. Coercion is not acceptable. Students should not be forced to get the Covid vaccine to go to college.

Richard Douglass (Pine Plains , 2022-01-31)


My daughter is in college only 20 years old. She was forced to be vaccinated last year to attend school and she just got over covid. They want her to get a booster. It is unnecessary and it does not work. There are a lot of adverse reactions that are happening with young people in the should stop immediately.

Jennifer Sitterly (Hilton, 2022-02-01)


My son attends this university

Charles McGee (Warwick, 2022-02-02)


As a past student, I am disgusted that this establishment would deny students to make their own medical decisions based on a false plandemic. This violates the Nuremberg Code, Federal and State laws. Shame on you! Read the VAERS database!

Laurie LaRusso (Jamesville, 2022-02-03)


Freedom of medical treatments and care.

Alyssa A Trombley (Hilton NY 14468, 2022-02-03)


I am an alumni against forced vaccination. Respect medical freedoms for all people- including students.

Erin Cavallaro (Hilton, 2022-02-03)


I am against any vaccine mandate. I have seen children harmed from vaccines.

Brenda Bonner (Ransomville , 2022-02-03)


My 19 year old college athlete son is currently being treated for vaccine induced Myocarditis from a mandated booster shot that he didn’t want or need

Anna O'Neil (Rexford, 2022-02-03)


These mandates and Coors and have nothing to do with Public Health and Welfare, and more about control and increasing wealth of politicians

Robyn Wolf (Wilson, 2022-02-04)


The Covid variants are becoming less virulent. Covid numbers are waning. The vaccine is not correcting the public health concern which is stopping the spread of the virus. Officials are not acknowledging immunity gained from having the actual disease. Administering the current formulation of the Covid vaccine for booster is the equivalent of asking the people to use last year's flu shot for this year's flu season.

Christine Terryberry (lewiston, 2022-02-04)


Because this is AMERICA!!

Jeanine Rotunno (Sound beach, 2022-02-04)


All mandates must end.

Susan Rieber (Port Crane, 2022-02-08)


There is overwhelming evidence that these shots are not safe. Do not ask anymore, pull their bonds.

Donna Narrod (Muncie , 2022-02-10)


Individuals who, within the span of the past 12-24 months, have had a natural COVID-19 infection AND two mandated mRNA vaccine shots (OR the single shot J&J vaccine).

Edward Ryu (BRIARWOOD, 2022-02-11)


This should be personal choice, not a mandate

Angie Santabarbara (Altamont , 2022-02-11)


I'm signing because I do not want my 21 year old son to be forced to get a Covid 19 booster.

Lancy Frongetta (Batavia, 2022-02-12)


True unaltered science

Chris Harp (New Paltz , 2022-02-13)


My son will be attending one of 3 SUNY schools he has been accepted to attend in the fall and I feel strongly that I do not want him mandated to be boosted.

Michele Teague (Schenectady, 2022-02-13)


Boosters are unnecessary, especially if you have had Covid and have natural immunity.

April Beauregard (Warwick , 2022-02-13)


My son is being forced to choose his health or his education as he was denied exemption from the booster while trying to figure out the source of ongoing chest pain after receiving two Pfizer doses Post COVID infection. The booster is unnecessary for a 22 yo male living in his own apartment off campus and in the risk category for myocarditis. It is absurd that his request for medical exemption was denied.

Nichole Towers (Ashburn, 2022-02-14)


My son was just forced to dis-enroll from University of Buffalo as a grad student. He had Covid, then the Pfizer shot and then started having complications (ER visits). His physician provided and exemption request and then an appeal, but the school rejected as his issues “did not conform to CDC noted complications”.

Scott Towers (Ashburn, 2022-02-14)


I'm being forced to take a Covid booster when I have already recovered from the alpha strain back in April of 2020 and have already received the 2 doses of moderna.

Jose Rojas (Brooklyn , 2022-02-15)


When money means more to these institutions than immunity and health, we the people need to stand together and say NO! Without us there are no universities, no hospitals, no schools...NOTHING. We the people hold the power. These are crimes against humanity. Enough is enough.

Yuri Tejada (Brooklyn, 2022-02-15)


This is an extremely serious issue affecting the life and health of everyone associated with SUNY.

Howard Beatty (Graham, 2022-02-16)

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