Residential Petition - Town of Loomis. Say No to application #21-04 RV Campground on Brace Road



We will be heavily impacted by this RV Park. The noise and traffic on Brace is already bad. Adding RVs to the mix will only increase noice.

Dorothy Robinson (Loomis, 2022-03-21)


I'm signing because I feel the Loomis Campground project is not consistent or a good fit with the rural , predominantly residential open space of the Brace Road, Martin lane, Betty lane neighborhood and the architectural look of the rural, predominantly residential open space of the brace road, Martin lane , Betty lane neighborhood.

Aaron Zurek (Loomis, 2022-03-21)


I'm a neighbor to this property and I DO NOT want this development due to the reasons listed.

Corey Whitney (Loomis, 2022-03-21)


This will directly affect the property value and safety of our home. This will also diminish the rural life we enjoy in Loomis.

Whitney Perona (Loomis, 2022-03-21)


This property used to be zoned residential/rural. It was changed to Commercial/Tourism during the Turtle Island project. Once that was rejected it was never zoned back like it should have been. The CEQA docs have been avoiding on this property and Jared Taylor needs to find a better use for this space. Despite what Jared (the developer) says, Loomis doesn't need another RV park. Build it somewhere else!

Devan Perona (Loomis, 2022-03-21)


I grew up on Martin Lane and then purchased a home on Brace Road with almost 46 years as a resident of Loomis. I’ve watched the sleepy rural community grow and I embrace growth that is measured and consistent with the town’s general plan and mission statement. This proposed development is not consistent due to the proposal’s conflict to the following principals:
• A quality of life in which families can grow and enjoy the small-town atmosphere.
o The families on Brace Rd and surrounding side roads moved to Loomis to enjoy a small-town rural atmosphere. Bringing a transient population to a residential area endangers our families and the children in daycare on the adjoining property.
• A plan that calls for slow, quality growth while preserving the financial integrity of the town.
o The proposed development is not “quality” growth but rather will deteriorate the property values and quality of life for all residents in the immediate surrounding area.

The town council’s direction and guiding principles indicate this is the appropriate time to resolve inconsistencies with the town general plan, which is focusing on land use. The residents in the surrounding neighborhood do not support or want this development. We are not against growth but desire something complimentary to our neighborhood and urge the Loomis Planning Commission and Town Council to reject this proposal and protect our rights as residents and productive members of this community.

Janet Van-Y (Loomis, 2022-03-21)


I live across the street from the proposed development and am concerned about children’s safety in the area. Opposed for the reasons listed.

Lance Ulmer (Loomis, 2022-03-22)


As a family who's children go to Little Orchard Pre-school, this would cause hazards that could put my family in danger.

Audrey Schoen (GRANITE BAY, 2022-03-22)


I'm signing this because I am both a homeowner on Brace Road as well as a parent of children who attend Little Orchard Preschool. Not only do I have concerns regarding the negative impact this will have on my home, neighborhood and community, but also the negative impact it will directly have on my children while attending preschool. Another RV park has no place in Loomis, especially in the location proposed, and has no place next door to a preschool!

Blaire Lunsford (Loomis, 2022-03-22)


I am concerned about having an RV Park next to a preschool. As a mother whose two young children attend Little Orchard I worry about all the negative impacts it will have on all the young children in the area. Little Orchard is a loved and well desired preschool that has been serving the community for 30 years. The RV Park will hurt the owners business as well as all the other small businesses on the street.

Christina Fletcher (Roseville , 2022-03-22)


I am signing as I oppose the RV park in this area/neighborhood.

Matthew Winans (Loomis, 2022-03-22)


I am signing this as a parent who has a child at the pre-school, Little Orchard Pre-school. It is dangerous enough to enter and exit the pre-school with the current traffic and speeding that occurs. The addition of an RV park will continue to strain the currently over used road.

Peter Kessler (Penryn, 2022-03-22)


My child attends the preschool next door, having an RV park next door could potentially impact the safety and welfare of the children and the staff. Also, as a RV owner myself, a RV Park in the middle of residential area has no appeal for a “vacation destination”. It’s clear the owner is looking to use the property for long term RV parking even if they haven’t openly declared such use. Further, Brace Road is not conducive to RV driving and access. The narrow roads and low limbed trees make driving on Brace in an RV dangerous. RV Campgrounds have appeal in tourist/recreational destinations, Loomis is not one of those towns. It’s clear the property owners intention is to use the campground as RV long term rental as apposed to a vacation campground.

Shari Schultz (Loomis, 2022-03-22)


This proposed project is in close proximity to a pre-school.....I am concerned with (1) safety and security of school aged children with the transient nature of an RV park/campground (2) environmental, air quality, traffic and noise pollution impact and (3) additional toll and strain on public services - including public safety.

Andrea Robertson (Loomis, 2022-03-22)


As a father of four that that was born and raised in Loomis I am stunned that the town would approve this type of business on brace Road. Two of my daughters have gone to little Orchard preschool and my third daughter is still attending. The idea of having a RV Park down this narrow two lane road just baffles me. The traffic and noise associated with motorhomes, trailers, and horse trailers is not the type of normal traffic for a rural residential neighborhood. I was stunned when Loomis change the zoning of brace road to begin with, Once Turtle Island never went through all those areas should have been rezoned back to residential, especially in a time where Loomis is growing in population I can only imagine the devastating effect that this will have on the surrounding neighborhoods but also little Orchard preschool! If this trailer park was there when I was looking for a preschool there would have never been a way that I would allow my children to go there. I believe I speak for a majority of parents not do not want to have their children surrounded by unknown people that come and go like the wind

Ryan Werner (Citrus Heights, 2022-03-23)


I support the petition. A rural residential road with no freeway access is not an appropriate location for a RV park. The close proximity to Little Orchard Preschool is a primary concern of mine.

Matt Harrison (Loomis, 2022-03-23)


My three year old attends the daycare on Brace road. This type of facility, added traffic, and crowd attracted is unwanted and does not fit with this quiet residential street.

Cody Orbea (Rocklin, 2022-03-23)


Our child attends a preschool next door to this lot. It would be dangerous for our child to have so many strangers, possible drug users, possible sex offenders near by. This type of business is not what the community needs. We need to keep the charm and beauty Loomis is known for. Please keep Loomis beautiful!

Jaime Bruno (Loomis, 2022-03-23)


I oppose the rv campground. I believe it is very poorly planned, being right next to a preschool, area not

Tyler Lunsford (Loomis, 2022-03-23)


I oppose putting in that type of facility next to or adjacent to a long established preschool.

Jeanne Bonner (Loomis, 2022-03-23)


I’m a parent and our children have been attending Little Orchard for over 5 years. As a Loomis resident and a parent I am opposed to an RV park being adjacent to a preschool. I urge you to consider the children, families and community this will impact. Thank you.

Holly Bonner (Loomis, 2022-03-23)


The project will affect my livelihood —and potentially cause the preschool to shut down. Parents will not want to bring their children to a preschool that is not what they originally signed up for. They don’t want to risk exposure to so many unknown people, the added dust particulates, diesel fumes, smoke from cigarettes and campfires, generators. Just ask them. They are very willing to share their feelings.
Traffic will be horrendous and cause accidents. Cars will be carrying children and families -
Brace Road is not meant for that much traffic and weight -
No turn around and they will use the preschool as a turnaround when they don’t know what else to do when they miss the entrance.
The RV park will create unsafe conditions including, traffic, unknown transients that could potentially be criminals everyday of the week.

Susan Piette (Loomis, 2022-03-23)


I RV Parks are a bad fit in this area. And a disregard for those living here.

Cheryl Benson (Loomis, 2022-03-23)


I don't see anything positive from a RV campground being established in this location.

NIck Hoffart (Loomis, 2022-03-23)


All of the above, described in the petition.

Valentin Krasnodemsky (Loomis, 2022-03-23)


Absolutely not the place for an RV park. There is a preschool/ daycares, a swim school and many families that live in that area that would greatly be impacted in a negative way if this RV park goes in.

Talia Herrnberger (Penryn, 2022-03-23)


The location is adjacent to a pre-school and children’s rehabilitation center and many families live nearby with small children. There is no way to prevent sex offenders from living in the RV park.

Sarah Bailey (Loomis, 2022-03-23)


This is not a place for an RV park because of all the listed reasons.
Funny enough the Taylors didn’t want an RV park there either 2 years ago and made sure to tell all the neighbors of a potential RV business going in. They were second in line to buy and If they bought the property they would never do that. Hmm, I guess all morals & ethics go out the window when there is money to be made.

Michal Whitney (Loomis, 2022-03-23)


I agree with all the points made in this petition about the potential negative effects to the area if this project is allowed to move forward.

Jessica Kimball (Loomis , 2022-03-23)


There are too many “What ifs” and not enough facts presented for this to happen. Always side on what is current. For me to even be okay with this, roads need to be redone to allow this many vehicles and their weight, proper turnaround area so an accident doesn’t happen when someone backs up onto roads, impact on crime for our Sheriffs, noise ordinance, power, sewer, a safety measure in place for children, proper routing from freeway, traffic surveyors, impact on environment, etc.

Michael Morgan (Loomis, 2022-03-23)


Brace Road is a narrow local road and should not be the home of an RV park. RV parks can be magnets for non-desirable types of people that may be detrimental to the existing preschool next door. If my children were going to that preschool I would be extremely worried about the type of people that could be living there.

Ashley Orsaba-Finders (Loomis, 2022-03-23)


This is not the area an RV park should be placed.

Hollyann Rutledge (Loomis, 2022-03-23)


1). There's no emergency fire access.
2). Would exceed weight limit on brace bridge thar already needs replacing.
3). This property is located in a rural residential setting and is not wanted by majority of the neighbors.
4). The applicant dose not understand that you cannot cater to only traveling contractors and nurses using a third party app and has no clue who his clients would be and needs to state as such.

Richard Fenbert (Loomis, 2022-03-23)


Do Not allow an Additional RV park in Loomis!! Zoning Has to be Residential Agricultural. Noise and additional traffic. Brace Road Cannot handle this. Will be next to long time Loomis Family business.

Char Altman (LOOMIS, 2022-03-23)


We live off Brace Road on Hunter Oaks Lane so would be impacted negatively by the RV traffic this would bring into our area. We don’t feel that this is the right area for that type of business. Brace Road is already very busy with traffic.

Benay Nielson (Loomis , 2022-03-23)


I wish for this not to be here in our nice street that is already a busy street

Mel Lockard (Loomis, 2022-03-24)


I support the Brace road neighborhood and their wishes.

Danielle Meyer (Loomis, 2022-03-24)


I’m against an RV park being put in so close to my home.

Amy Chamberlain (Loomis, 2022-03-24)


If we allow one to do this in our area then more will be allowed.

brook kelly (Loomis , 2022-03-24)


I oppose having an RV park on Brace road

Jen Matsuoka (Loomis, 2022-03-25)


Brace road is a lovely country road in Loomis that meanders toward the unincorporated beautiful outskirts of the area. Many who have invested their time and energy into making this area their home would be saddened to see the roads leading into their beautiful estates marred with unnecessary eye sores that bring not only esthetic but also environmental and health concerns for this town. I 100% disagree with this development on Brace Rd. The proposed business among other issues will bring short term tenants who are not invested in this particular neighborhood or town. There are many other options for this space that would better serve our existing neighborhood, businesses and community. NO TO THIS TRAILER PARK!

Elizabeth Croft (Loomis, 2022-03-25)


Brace Road is a road with a community preschool, a community swim center, and two community churches nestled among country estate style homes. What it is not, is a place for a transient trailer park that is not part on the community. The local community does not support this trailer park. Let’s keep Loomis the small town and values that attracted us here. VOTE NO on the trail park.

George Croft (Loomis, 2022-03-25)


I'm signing this because the location they are planning to develop this is adjacent to a pre-school that my daughter attends. Many family live nearby with small children. The RV park will attract strangers to this residential neighborhood. Most importantly there is no way to prevent sex offenders from living in the RV park. This type of business in this location is not a good match.

Maricela Martin (Citrus heights, 2022-03-26)


I do not think adding an RV PARK is a good idea for the community of Loomis. There are very nice neighborhoods and this would bring the value of our homes down.

Stephanie Williams (Loomis, 2022-03-26)


I care about property value ! I care about traffic pattern!
Already have drug type houses on the street

Janet Smith (4170 dias lane , Loomis, 95677, 2022-03-26)


Cari Dehart

Cari Dehart (Loomis, 2022-03-26)


Stacy Schmidt

Stacy Schmidt (Loomis, 2022-03-26)


I'm STRONGLY AGAINST an R.V. park at this location.

Billy Burns (Loomis, 2022-03-26)


I live here and I do not want a campground here.

Cheryl Isheim (Loomis, 2022-03-27)


I believe this will cause more damage to existing roads in need of repairs, including multiple pot holes we must dodge daily. In addition, this will bring more traffic and congestion and crime will surely follow.

Erica Wildrick (Loomis, 2022-03-29)


There should NOT be an RV park allowed to be installed in the middle of a peaceful residential area. Especially backed up against a pre-school!

Shannon Sweeley (SACRAMENTO, 2022-03-29)


I am 100% opposed to this project

William Hooper (Loomis, 2022-03-30)


An RV park is not suitable for a residential street. There are to many safety concerns, traffic issues, and potential depreciation of the surrounding area. Let’s keep Brace Road rural !

Bettina Hooper (Loomis, 2022-03-30)


Brace Rd neighborhoods has been re zoned for Homewood, and The Otter Swim School and now COSTCO.
We have been inundated enough. This is entirely an inappropriate use for Brace Rd and should never have been zoned for tourism. Brace road should not be accessed for these types of vehicles and this type of transient living. It is not consistent with the roads, the neighbors, the surrounding environment, the existing properties and homes that have been established for decades.

Melanie Keller (Loomis, 2022-03-30)


I went to Little Orchard Preschool and my family lives off Brace Rd. This is SO WRONG. Our road shouldn’t have a bunch of RVs and creepers like the Loomis RV. I’m sure you wouldn’t like to live next to it and we should not have to either.

Tanner Keller (Loomis, 2022-03-30)


I’ve family who live on Brace Rd and visit often. This is not OK! This road has heavy traffic already and all the new huge motor vehicles will make this little country road far worse and dangerous.

Rose Stevens (Rocklin, 2022-03-30)


This RV park will directly affect my family who live in a neighborhood on Brace. To approve a wheeled transient facility (RV Campground/parking lot) on next to a school with young children unconscionable.

John Stevens (Rocklin, 2022-03-30)


It’s the right thing to do.

Tanner Keller (Loomis, 2022-03-30)


I oppose the proposed RV park on Brace Rd. Loomis already has an RV park, another one is not needed. Brace Rd cannot safely handle the increased traffic. And the guise that this will increase “tourism” in our small town is simply ludicrous. The loophole that states guests can stay up to two years will bring unwanted transient population to town, potentially putting children at risk. This should not be approved.

Alyson Whitaker (Loomis, 2022-03-30)


This is completely inappropriate next to a very long standing, well regarded preschool. This type of development should in no way should be zoned for tourism. The property was rezoned to accommodate that project and should have reverted back to residential acreage when Turtle Island was scrapped. The Town of Loomis should be liable for subjecting the Brace Road residents and neighborhoods to this fiasco.

Nyle Keller (Loomis, 2022-03-31)


I am against mobile trailer park.

Santokh Mann (Loomis, 2022-03-31)


I’m opposed to this trailer park at this location.

Patricia Ferguson (Loomis, 2022-03-31)


I don’t think an RV park is a good idea for our rural community. This would be too close to the FANULOUS Little Orchard school. We moved to this community 35 years ago for a peaceful life. Adding this RV park would be a BIG mistake. DONT ALLOW this to happen.

Darby Isenberg (Loomis, 2022-04-02)


The idea that the town of Loomis is seriously pursuing the project of having a trailer park on a three (3)acre piece of property on a rural road with no access to the interstate is incomprehensible. The community is primarily residential with services for the people including a long time established preschool next to the property with travelers of all sorts. What are the town planners doing? It clearly is inappropriate to encourage out of town strangers bringing traffic, noise, pollution as well as potential dangers and harm to the people including children. This cannot happen. This must not be approved. Loomis has never had an image that is anything other than one that supports families and beautiful communities with acceptable businesses in acceptable locations. It must continue that positive image.

Jean Piette (AUBURN, 2022-04-02)


Live off of brace road

Nathan Bloxsom (Loomis, 2022-04-02)


I am against RV parking camp ground

Kashmir Mann (Loomis, 2022-04-03)


No trailer park for all the reasons already listed!

Rick Van-Y (Loomis, 2022-04-04)


This road his turned into a speed way at night and the last thing we need is our local preschool that has taught so many children feel threatened by a Halfway house/ RV park. Loomis has been a small quiet and friendly town that has been a part of my life for the past 25 years. Let's keep it that way.

Jeff Pierce (Loomis, 2022-04-04)


We don’t need another RV park. It will decrease the value of our area and increase people and traffic.

Jennifer Ritzema (Penryn , 2022-04-04)


I am an LCSW who works closely with low income and I housed persons. I know first hand how difficult it is to monitor and/or regulate RV parks that attract transients and persons on a 290 or 288 status. Offering a temporary housing situation, right next to a preschool would not only be irresponsible to the community, but guaranteeing unnecessary exposure to young children.

Molly Tamm (Loomis, 2022-04-04)


My 3 year old son goes to a day care down the street, not the preschool next door. But also for the benefit of the preschool and the neighborhood. There is no reason to build a RV campground in the middle of a neighborhood. Also per #8 listed here, there is no way to protect the neighborhood from possible sex offenders. There may also be no adequate way of monitoring who is coming and going. I doubt there will be full background checks being run on people not staying long term, or on guests coming to 'visit' other campers. This could put everyone in danger.
I feel like there has to be some rule or ordnance, something, that would prevent any campground, short or long term to be placed in the middle of an established residential community. More so directly next door to a preschool.
I hope my two cents helps.

Jennifer Barto (Roseville , 2022-04-05)


My property borders this purposed Rv park. This project would put 30 plus RVs with people living in them just 350 feet from my bedroom, with just a fence in between us. This will bring noise/ alcohol/ people that won’t care if they are disrupting the neighborhood because they are just passing through. This would also be next to a preschool that has been serving our community for many years. Brace rd is already a busy road add to this big RVs trying to turn in right next to the entrance to the preschool it will make it really dangerous. Not to mention that it will make it harder to anyone trying to sell their property in the neighborhood with an RV park next door. The only business we have in our neighborhood are preschool, swimming school and churches which serve our community. A lot of families with small children live here . I feel this project doesn’t fit our rural neighborhood. I hope that our concerns are taken into consideration before a decision is made thank you

Annette Sousa (Loomis, 2022-04-06)


A transient RV park is not suitable for this area of Loomis

Stephen Ferrero (Loomis, 2022-04-06)


I’m simply 100% against this!

Roosevelt Kirby (Loomis, 2022-04-06)


I’m signing because we can’t handle the additional traffic and damage to roads with extra heavy vehicles

Judith Steele (Loomis, 2022-04-07)


I agree that this is not a good space for an RV park. Too many negatives including traffic on this already impacted roadway.
Thank you!

Steven Sloan (Loomis, 2022-04-08)


Stupid is as stupid does!!! This RV park is truly the dumbest IDEA EVER! No logical impact report? No research or approval or property owners in the neighborhood? Anyone do a study of crime rates exploding around RV parks?
I am BEYOND against this park going in. You took y
YEARS to approve Costco, but think this going to slide by? NO! I believe cash slid under the table on this one.
NO ON THIS RV PARK NEAR A PRESCHOOL which was studied and approved AFTER the neighborhood approved it. My daughter and many friends attended 28 years ago and I remember the major hassle the owner went through to get her little school approved and you're approving this nasty RV park with no research and a swipe of the pen????
NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!
Sheri S Stone,
a Loomis resident since 1986.

Sheri Stone (Loomis, 2022-04-10)


I live very close to this proposed site. I agree that there has not been enough traffic, environmental or public studies completed that prove thus will not have a negative impact. This logically is not a site RV owners will even want to stay at.

Sandra Granada (Loomis, 2022-04-28)


This is absolutely not an appropriate location for a RV campground. 1. Safety to children and staff at nearby established Pre school. Not a matter of “if” but when there be an occurrence from unknown vistors and passers by.
2. RV camp grounds often opperate 24/7 require large sewage holding and Propane tanks, completely not enough area to insure safety to visitors or nearby residents.
3. Increased Traffic from freeway exits 24/7 in a area already known for high incidence rates. Residents do not deserve this.

Walters Greg walters (Loomis, 2022-04-30)


I agree that this is no place for an RV park. This is not a tourist destination. It will bring down the value of homes and impact the preschool.

Crystal Beever (Loomis, 2022-07-10)


I am a resident of Loomis living off Brace Rd.
First, I am in total agreement with the concerns of other petitioners, as to the welfare of children in the neighborhood, in the established, long term, Preschool in the neighborhood, as well as other children related businesses.
Second, with the traffic congestion of the proposed Costco at Brace Rd and Sierra College Blvd, this RV Park will add additional recreational vehicle traffic to Brace Rd. It's obvious no one has done their adequate duty on the impact traffic would have to Brace Rd and the residents of the neighborhood.
Third, in what way is Brace Rd considered a "Recreational Area"? If city zoning officials failed to correct a "zoning" issue previously, then correct the zoning issue. Don't punish a neighborhood, endanger the lives of children, further damage Brace Rd, and add more congestion to the traffic of Brace Rd.


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