The Union has failed to represent my interest.



Unions are not representing teachers anymore.

Duncan Khakina (Lodwar, 2023-07-31)


Am paying unions for no work done

solomon karanja (Nyandarua , 2023-07-31)


I want to withdraw

Micah Amisi (Nairobi , 2023-07-31)


Please allow teachers to have a choice of the Union to belong to and stop KEWOTA deductions as well.

Margaret Wanjiru (Meru, 2023-07-31)


No benefit of the union

Erick Makori (Kisumu, 2023-07-31)


I want union to be voluntary

Evans Ocholla (Nairobi, 2023-07-31)


I am tired

Eric Kirui (Kapsabet , 2023-07-31)


They have overstayed their usefulness

Erick Koros (Bomet, 2023-07-31)


To allow me contribute to the housing levy and other government taxes confortably and still remain with my one third due to the prevailing economic status.

Collins Korir (Bomet, 2023-07-31)


Against Tsc

Josephat Mose (Kisoo, 2023-07-31)


The unions have failed us

Francis Adams (Nakuru , 2023-07-31)


I'm irked by retirees and politicians feeding on teacher's earnings as they collude with employer to frustrate the same teachers

Martin Otieno (Kisumu, 2023-07-31)


The union has failed in championing my interest as far as a teacher welfare is concerned

Kipkoech Ngeno (Nairobi, 2023-07-31)


I need to exit

Shadrack Lagat (Busia, 2023-07-31)


Allow only the willing members to stay in the union

Irene Gakii (Meru, 2023-07-31)


I feel am not well represented as a teacher

Joseph Risa (Nyamira, 2023-07-31)


Failure of unions to represent our grievances to the government

Moses Kipkoskei (Thika, 2023-07-31)


Knut has been an individual body benefiting only the sg and company

Kibet Sawe (Bomet, 2023-07-31)


Don't see the function of unions

Benard Jomo (Homabay, 2023-07-31)


Be out of KNUT

Nderitu Mwangi (Ol kaluo, 2023-07-31)


No longer interested in unions

Catherine Adhiambo Ocheing (Kisumu, 2023-07-31)


Am fed up with unprotective unions.

Irene Wanjiru (Meru, 2023-07-31)


Kenya unions have become bogus

PAUL MAEKA (NAIROBI, 2023-07-31)


I am signing this because I want myself off of kupet

mutwiri joseph (Nkubu, 2023-07-31)


Activate the exit person

Issanda Douglas (Kisii, 2023-07-31)


I support the petition, because of the underlying issues affecting me as a teacher

John Ojwang (Nakuru, 2023-07-31)


The unions are no longer serving their intended duties other than siphoning our hard earned cash.

Evans Ogeto (Nakuru , 2023-07-31)


Financial burden amidst less representation by unions

Shikanga Peter (Kakamega, 2023-07-31)


I, the undersigned being a teacher, in employment with Teachers Service Commission, forcefully locked into membership to KUPPET, hereby petition Teachers Service Commission to urgently activate TPAY Exit Button on the premise
Unions have outlived their usefulness and the undersigned will depend on SRC's constitutional mandate

Mwalimu Korir (Kamega , 2023-07-31)


KUPPET is no longer useful!

Ronald Kosgei (ELDORET , 2023-07-31)


I want being a union member to be voluntary

Raymond Mutembei (Meru, 2023-07-31)


I was forcefully enlisted as a member of kuppet without my consent!

Muthee Kariuki (Nairobi , 2023-07-31)


KNUT is useful for teachers as it is for now and must give me a reason to be their member

Evan Maina (Muranga, 2023-07-31)


Unions don't help teachers in anything

George Okech (Marsabit , 2023-07-31)


a) Unions have outlived their usefulness and the undersigned will depend on SRC's constitutional mandate.
b)Allow only willing employees to remain in unions and contribute union dues willingly.
c) Enable employees to comfortably support and contribute to government of Kenya's Housing Levy programme.
d) Enhance members credit ability to access credit facilities in banks and Saccos.

NANCY MUMBI (KISUMU , 2023-07-31)


I am not pleased with deductions on my payslip while union does nothing to protect my already miserable pay.

Abigael Nyakundi (Mekenene, 2023-07-31)


I want to exit KUPPET and or have the UNION dues stopped

Benson Katiku (Kibwezi, 2023-07-31)


I am not comfortable contributing to a union that isn't ready to carry out its mandate and serve me as a member. Membership should be voluntary and exit at will.

Daniel Mulei (Kitui , 2023-07-31)


I feel the union is not doing enough to fight for teachers.

Wilson Chacha (Eldoret, 2023-07-31)


I need freedom

Phillip muli (Embu , 2023-07-31)


I want to exit from knut

Dickson Mosoti (Nairobi, 2023-07-31)


I want to quit KUPPET with no agency fee deduction

Steven Otieno (Kisumu , 2023-08-01)


I am signing this because I feel exploited by the unions. With my shrinking payslip I am no longer comfortable supporting the union whose is leadership is engaged in politics. For instance Omboko Milemba is an MP, does he really represent teachers’ interests?

Felix Ironde (MARSABIT, 2023-08-01)


The unions have outlived their usefulness and overcharges members.

Justus joram (Murang'a, 2023-08-01)


My interests are not catered for by the unions

Stephen Githaiga (Nakuru, 2023-08-01)


The funds are exorbitant and the union nolonger think about our welfare as members. No pay rise, delayed payments upon contracts

Josphat mwema (Embu , 2023-08-01)


Misrepresentation by KUPPET.



Our union is useless

Patrick Kivuza (Bungoma, 2023-08-01)


The unions are not helping me as a teacher.



I don't have faith on the unions, It doesn't serve it's purpose

Nelson Eyokh (Nakuru, 2023-08-01)



Godfrey Barasa (Kakamega , 2023-08-01)


Of the above mentioned petitions

Samuel Kanyi (Nyeri, 2023-08-01)


I wish to pull out ok useless kuppet

fredrick mutisya (Mwingi, 2023-08-01)


I want the Kuppet deductions to stop

Kanana Ngari (Thika, 2023-08-01)


The unions have not been on my side

Zaccheus Kakui (Nairobi , 2023-08-01)


Non performance expected from Knut

Abraham Muyei (Kapsokwony , 2023-08-01)


I am not in support of how the union is running teachers' affairs, I am deducted union dues monthly but I benefit nothing from the union because the leaders are out to benefit themselves instead of talking onbehalf of the teachers whose payslips are being raped daily.

Susan Mumia (Kodich, 2023-08-01)


I object unexplained pay cuts

Maundu Mumo (Makueni, 2023-08-01)


The union don't fight for teachers

ALFRED Paul (Mombasa, 2023-08-01)


My payslip can no longer support my needs,due constant and frequent deduction.

VINCENT OSUMBA (Homa Bay, Nyanza, 2023-08-01)


I agree with reasons provided above

Edwin Makokha (Webuye, 2023-08-01)


I am signing this to petition TSC to activate TPAY unions exit button so that I may not automatically be locked in KUPPET

Rukunga Kithinji (Meru, 2023-08-01)


Unions are no longer for teachers but for themselves

Alice Kimotho (NORTH KINANGOP, 2023-08-01)


I want to exit KUPPET as a member

Peter Otieno (Homa Bay, 2023-08-01)


Consent to active exit button on t-pay from unsupportive union

James Sumba (Kakamega, 2023-08-01)


The unions are nolonger delivering on their mandate .

Wilson Osoro (Kisii, 2023-08-01)


The union does not represent my issues well.

Fatuma Mao (Kwale, 2023-08-01)


They dont reoresent my opinion

Geoffrey Kemei (Kitale, 2023-08-01)


I want to exit from kuppet

Josephat Oyunge (Kapenguria, 2023-08-01)


I'm signing because i want to exit KUPPET

Sorvaden Jayiro (Kisumu , 2023-08-01)


I want freedom

Peter Ogallo (Kisumu, 2023-08-01)


Not satisfied with unions representation

Simon Tungani (Kakamega , 2023-08-01)


Knut is not helpful

Grace Anne (Kisumu , 2023-08-01)


Not of any help

Peter Kamau (Mombasa, 2023-08-01)


I'm singing this because KUPPET does not fight for my needs

Fanuel Mbiru (Vihiga, 2023-08-01)


I don't gain anything in this union that only cares about what gets into their pockets and not the teachers' pockets

PETER NJOROGE (Nakuru, 2023-08-01)


The unions are not anymore of any benefits

Nicholas Kimeu (Machakos , 2023-08-01)


KNUT isn't representing me as expected

Simon Murage (Kagio, 2023-08-01)


Kuppet is no longer representing teachers intrests ,but thei selfish gains

Collins Odenyo (Kisumu, 2023-08-01)


Becaue of this tough economic times and that I have faith in SRC.

Rogers Kimutai (Ravine, 2023-08-01)


I would like to withdraw from kuppet with immediate effect.

Rose Wangari (Nakuru, 2023-08-01)


I find it unfair to have been pushed into a Union I know nothing about and don't even see the need for it let alone monthly deductions!

Catherine Mmanyi (Turkana , 2023-08-01)


Am tired of union siphoning my blood

Wycliffe Scott (Kisumu, 2023-08-01)


I want tsc to activate exit button on tpay

Eric Ongoro (Voi, 2023-08-01)


I have not been represented well by the said union.

Ruth Wanjiku (Ruiru, 2023-08-01)


Am dissatisfied with the union policies of not caring for the classroom teacher

Beryl Okech (Nairobi Kenya, 2023-08-01)


I approve this message of petitioning TSC to activate T-pay union exit button.

Godfrey Gwako (Kisii, 2023-08-02)


I want equity and free environment for prosperity out of my sweat not to be forced to do things suppressing my desire and my family as a whole

Edward Ouko (Nairobi, 2023-08-02)


The union is no longer important

Edward Ndachule (Nairobi , 2023-08-02)


Kuppet ni longer care about teachers

Emmanuel Kipruto (Eldoret , 2023-08-02)


I don't want to be represented by KUPPET.

Simon George (Kisumu, 2023-08-02)


I don't need the union services.

Cosmas Ngetich (Eldoret, 2023-08-02)


The union is not for us.

Julius muthee (Kerugoya, 2023-08-02)


They no longer defend teachers interest. We are taxed left right center. Too much deductions on teachers payslip without a course

Daniel Nyaisuti (Isibania , 2023-08-02)


I want to exit from kuppet

Cyprian Orina (Kandara , 2023-08-02)


Frustrated by KUPPET

Duke Abuga (Keroka, 2023-08-02)


Was forced into the union without my consent



I want to move out of KNUT

Paul Ombewa (Bondo , 2023-08-02)


Knut is of no value

Rachael T (Nairobi , 2023-08-02)


The unions unlawfully locked me in without my written consent

Kepha Oagare (Keroka, 2023-08-02)


I feel conned

Delina Mwalimo (Taita, 2023-08-02)


The Union has become useless

Erick Oginga (Kisumu , 2023-08-02)


I'm tired of this Knut thing , not relevant any more

Mathews Opara (Busia, 2023-08-02)


The unions do not add any value

Peter Wambugu (Kiambu, 2023-08-03)


The union is not helping me

Ferdinard Khisa (Lodwar, 2023-08-03)


I feel like Knut is reaping where it did not sow.

Babaye Ashapu (Malindi, 2023-08-03)


Kuppet union no longer represents my interest, union leaders are using it to enrich themselves and seek political seats and appointment at the expense of representing teachers and championing teachers welfare.l don't need union representation anymore.

Walter Onyiego (Kitale, 2023-08-03)

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