Moon Gymnastics Parents Need Your Help



My sister was part of the gymnastics family and I have known Amy since I was part of the rec gymnastics program 30 some years ago. I have always admired how Amy coaches, and the involvement and dedication that she has provided to the community over the years. I am lucky to be able to have my daughter now enrolled in the Rec program to now be part of the organization that is such a staple on Moon Township in which she built.

Nick is also a staple in the organization, and his love for the sport is amazing. I was already through the organization before Nick’s time, and he is not involved in the her rec program. However, having conversations with him about my daughter’s issues with the sport and his thoughts on things that we can do to increase her love for the sport shows just how determined he is to advance the sport in our community.

Elizabeth Lukac (Moon Township, 2023-08-16)


I am a former Moon gymnastic parent and a retired PIAA Gymnastics Official and have known Amy Caprino for close to 40 years. I am proud of her devotion and dedication to Moon Gymnastics program which she has built up through all those years and is respected through out Allegheny County, the state and outside of Pennsylvania.
I have known Nick Price for close to 20 years and have judged him in his competitins on Moon Gymnastics and officiated with him. I have watched how how enthusiastic, dedicated and professional he has been in his coaching and teaching our young gymnasts.
For a school board member to go after these two because she does not believe or agree to the rules of practice and competition that her daughter would have to follow to be part of the varsity Moon Gymnastics team and to try to get Amy and then slander, defame and spread lies about Nick and get him fired, this school board member does not belong on our school board.

Vikki Lukac (Moon Township , 2023-08-16)


I went to Moon High School and this gymnastics program, as well as its coaching staff, have always been led with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. I support Amy Caprino and the Moon gymnastics!

Morgan Sava (Gibsonia , 2023-08-16)


Amy, Nicole, and ALL of the Moon Gymnastics coaches are truly amazing. My young daughter adores everyone involved in the Moon Gymnastics program and they have inspired her love of the sport. Shame on anyone for using their power to defame someone’s character. Amy, Nicole, Nick, and coaches….we love and support you! ♥️

Lauren Quallich (Coraopolis , 2023-08-16)


This petition should be to remove the school board member that is trying to use her power to ruin someone’s life. The Moon gymnastics coaching staff is a great asset to the community, as it has always been.

Nikki Judge (Pittsburgh, 2023-08-16)


I have been following Moon gymnastics for year and is the summer program for my daughter and son and it is amazing program and they have done wonders for my autistic son and making enjoyable for him, with out changing the program.

Katie Celender (Mars, 2023-08-16)


To support the Moon Gymnastics Team, Board and Nick Price.

JoEllen Daugherty (Evans City , 2023-08-16)


My daughter has been a part of moon gymnastics since she was in kindergarten. Nice has always been professional, caring and such a wonderful asset to the program.

Brittney Mayo (Moon Township, 2023-08-16)


School board positions are not for personal gain. Defamation of innocent people…gross!

Kristen Tucceri (Moon Twp, 2023-08-16)


Proud parent of former Moon Area students and proud parent of Moon Area Gymnastics.

Terry Engel (Sewickley, 2023-08-16)


I disagree with the actions of Crystal Barr

CJ Price (Moon Twp, 2023-08-16)


I support Coach Amy Caprino and Youth Team Coach Nick Price

Judy Kosinski (Freedom, 2023-08-16)


I am an alumni of Moon HS (1995) and an alumni of Moon Area Gymnastics. I was involved in the recreation program growing up and on the Moon Gymnastics team until I graduated. I find it highly troubling and offensive that someone on the school board is trying to use their "power" for personal reasons. (Truly I am disgusted and sick to stomach!)
Both Amy and Nick are the most compassionate and caring individuals towards the kids, teenagers and their parents in (and out) of the sport of gymnastics. I can not even express in words how much Amy and Nick mean to the recreation program and the Moon Gymnastics team through all the years.
Moon Gymnastics simply would not be the best if it were not for Amy and her dedicated team/staff.

Alisa Lukac (Wendell, 2023-08-17)


My daughter is on the gymnastics team and has had nothing but great experiences in all the years she has been participating.

Brian Kleijnjans (Moon Township, 2023-08-17)


My daughter does gymnastics there

Tracy Morosetti (Moon twp, 2023-08-17)


Amy is an important part of the moon community. She is the best coach and a role model to hundreds of kids over the years.

Courtney Goodwin (Moon, 2023-08-17)


Amy has dedicated her entire life to this program. She has impacted more athletes than one can count. The program is strong, consistent, and loved by the community. Although I no longer live in the area, I treasure my memories made with MAGA and Amy. I share about this program to anyone I can. I also coach because of what Amy instilled in me.

Lindsay Strittmatter (Hebron, 2023-08-17)


I went through the Moon Gymnastics program myself from 1st grade up through Varsity and have seen the amazing gymnasts and humans this program creates . Also, its success speaks for itself. It’s so sad to see what harm one upset parent can do to someone’s life, and in this case, potentially many lives.

Sara Morrow (Moon Twp , 2023-08-17)


As a former athlete of Amy, I full heartedly believe that her number one priority is her athletes and the gymnastics program at Moon. She holds all athletes to the same standards and treats each individual with nothing but respect. She is incredibly influential to her athletes and the entire Moon Twp community.

Holly Goodwin (Pittsburgh, 2023-08-17)


As an MAHS alum, I’m shocked and embarrassed by the absolute selfish and egotistical behavior of Ms. Barr. She should be ashamed of the way she’s attacking Moon Gymnastics. If her daughter is unable to follow the rules, she does not get to participate. Kudos to Amy for standing up for her girls.

Rachel Poore (Tampa, 2023-08-17)


Alumni of Moon and I remember this program and one of my best friends on the team. The coach is a good coach and rules should always be followed regardless of the student or parent.

Jessica Gray (Weirton, 2023-08-17)


I support Moon Gymnastic and the impact it has in the community. My daughter has been apart of this association since she was 4 years old. She is now a Junior and she has gained tremendous growth not only in the sport, but as a person. She understands what it is to be a part of a team, hard work and dedication in all aspects of her life.

Rachel Lubitz (Moon Township, 2023-08-17)


I believe with my full heart that Amy has and is doing a fantastic job with Moon gymnastic. If Ms, Barr wants her daughter to have private lessons that is fine but she needs to do that on her own time and practice with the team as everyone else does. Ms. Barr is completely using her board membership to an advantage. Any other moon sport has the same rules. If you want extra help then it’s on your own time but you still must practice with the team.

Mallori Goodling (Moon township, 2023-08-17)


I am a Moon alumnus and supporter of Amy, Nick, and the Moon Gymnastics program.

Tara Pfeifer (Pittsburgh , 2023-08-17)


Amy and Nick are well-respected coaches and community members. Any attempt to remove them from their positions is a waste of time, money, and resources. Certainly, there are more significant issues for school board members to address instead of focusing their energy on how to use their influence for personal gain.

Chelsea Gumpf (Philadelphia, 2023-08-17)


Amy and Nick, we stand beside you. Keep doing the amazing work you've done for years! The love, support and dedication you've shown this community is unmatched.

Carlie Goodwin (Pittsburgh , 2023-08-17)


I have been involved in this program since I was in the recreational classes, and have been an instructor since I graduated high school (around 15 years). Amy and Nickie taught me so much that really had absolutely little to do with gymnastics itself. Like many of my close friends who also had the privilege of being involved in this organization will say, I truly would not be the person I am without the experiences I had in Moon Gymnastics. I love this program, and hate to see it's integrity called into question. Nick has been my coach, colleague, and friend - he is the epitome of the values this program instills in it's gymnasts. The love and dedication he puts into coaching is truly commendable. I fully support this program and hope to see it continue it's success in the years to come.

Amanda Pawuk (Coraopolis, 2023-08-17)


Amy Caprino has dedicated so much to the gymnastics program of Moon Township & to the township as a whole. We’re a former gymnastics team family. Amy has always maintained high and equitable standards for her team & coaches. I’m appalled by this attack of a school board member. A coach is allowed to set the rules for his/her team to be able to compete at the highest level as a cohesive unit. Having a competitor come in & compete w/o being part of the team at all times, building those crucial bondis is ludicrous. Try that with any other team!! 🤦🏻‍♀️. Just a ridiculous, entitled expectation.

Terri Gumpf (Moon Twp. , 2023-08-17)


Moon Gymnastics alum, signing in support of Amy and Nick.

Jenna Lucci (Moon Township, 2023-08-17)


Moon gymnastics and Amy were apart of my childhood for many years! I have nothing but good memories and love for the gymnastics program. Now my daughter is in that same program under Amy’s leadership and LOVES IT!

Jennifer Bolea (Moon twp, 2023-08-17)


I support Amy and Nick and believe they help to make Moon Gymnastics the amazing program that it is.

Christina McMasters (Moon Twp, 2023-08-17)


Thank you for bringing attention to the Moon Area Gymnastics Association and its dedicated and amazing coaches, Amy Caprino, Nickie Daugherty, and all of the other awesome coaches including Nick Price. I wholeheartedly support the gymnastics program and the positive impact it has on our community. The hard work and dedication of the athletes and coaches deserve recognition and support, not slander. I stand with the Moon Gymnastics Association and its teams in their pursuit of excellence. Moon Area Gymnastics is a very special and unique program that is about so much more than the sport. As a parent of a gymnast, I am honored to be a part of this program for the last 12 years.

Jenn Stacy (Moon Township, 2023-08-17)


This is a valuable program for the school and community.

Matt Peterson (Coraopolis, 2023-08-17)


I believe in this program and what it offers the students of MASD.

Lori Peterson (Coraopolis, 2023-08-17)


Former moon gymnast here (1985-1998). Amy Caprino was very influential in my life and Moon Gymnastics would not be as successful as it has been through 4 decades without her leadership. Hate to hear about what Crystal is trying to do! Totally in support of the Moon Gymnastics program.

Robyn Tirado (Delaware , 2023-08-17)


I’m signing because I have had daughters in the program with Amy and now have granddaughters in the recreational program and on the youth team. You will never find more fair, caring, and knowledgeable coaches than Amy and Nicole Caprino.

Barbara Keene (Moon Twp, 2023-08-17)


I have 3 girls in this program. 1 in rec and 2 on the team. I am in disbelief that someone would try to do this to our beloved organization. Amy and Nick are irreplaceable and are too contributors to all of my daughters success in this program.

Mallory Natali (Moon Twp, 2023-08-17)


Animosity gets you nowhere. Move on.

Trisha Miller (Meridian, 2023-08-17)



Laura Schisler (Moon Township, 2023-08-17)


Amy Caprino is a wonderful coach who is highly recognized by WPIAL. She is literally the coach you want in your district. To this school board member, your daughter didn’t meet a requirement, so there are consequences

Kim Belicose (Moon , 2023-08-17)


I was involved in the program for 11 years. Amy was an amazing coach through and through and I was on the team with Nick who was a great friend and competitor! They do not deserve this!

Kim Obusek (Meridian, 2023-08-17)


I disagree with Crystal Barr. We can’t change the rules because it isn’t convenient for you and to abuse your power as a board member.

Doug Vanderheyden (Moon, 2023-08-17)


I love the moon gymnastic program and what it stands for. Great coaches and we are all one big FAMILY!!

Jonnie Kraft (Moon twp, 2023-08-17)


Fair is fair, special consideration should not be made because of unjust leveraging of positions.

Michael Mills (Muse, 2023-08-17)


I’m a Moon High gymnastics alumni. Amy has put her heart and soul into this wonderful program for decades. Amy and Nick deserve this program as much as the kids deserve them.

Stephanie Minter (Hillsborough, 2023-08-17)


Our daughter has been deeply involved with Moon Gymnastics since she was 7 years old. She will be 25 next month and she is now an assistant coach with the team. Her mother and I know that it is because of Mrs. Caprino, Mr. Price , all the coaches and the entire Moon Gymnastics Family that she is the special woman that she has become today. We are very honored and proud to say that we are part of that family. We will defend that family at all cost and from anyone who tries to defame it. Ms. Barr should resign immediately from the Moon Area School Board and leave the district. Please let me know how else I can help in achieving this?

Dave Kraft (Moon Township, 2023-08-17)


I’m just here for the comments…

Crystal Barr (Moon , 2023-08-17)


I support Moon gymnastics! My daughter has been in the program since age 4. Amy, Nickie, Nick, and many other coaches associated with the program have taught her so much more than just gymnastics. I can’t thank them enough for their dedication to the sport and their athletes. Thank you!!!

Tim Lubitz (Moon Twp, 2023-08-17)


No person needs to be framed because a child couldn’t meet the requirements and a “Karen” needs to get her way

Brittany Krznar (Moon Township, 2023-08-17)


My daughter Ava has been part of the program since she was 4 years old, and competing since age 8. There has been no one at MASD with more positive influence on her life than Amy & Nickie. The Moon Gymnastics Program is a vital part of the Moon Community. Nick Price has been nothing but a professional and outstanding coach to all of the girls. I was present when Crystal began her very vocal attack on the program last November, and have had to field question after question from friends over the months asking about the ridiculous lies being spread. This petition has nothing to do with hatred or malice. It is only in support of our coaches and to stop this aggression.

Diana Scally (MoonTownship , 2023-08-17)


I’m signing to support the program!

Anthony Antoniades (Moon, 2023-08-17)


I’m signing because Amy Caprino was my coach for over 10 years of my life, and I know she is an incredible woman of high integrity. After high school and college, I continued to garner inspiration from her as I taught in the program for a time before starting graduate school.
I owe my work ethic, drive, and success in my adult life to her unmatched skills in coaching and leadership. Amy was like a second mother over the years, instilling positive character traits in me that I get complimented on frequently in my adult life. I find the allegations against her by Ms. Barr unbelievable, having known Amy personally for so many years.
Nick Price was a few years behind me in the program as we grew up, and although I do not know specifics about the allegations against him by this Ms. Barr, I can say that I know him as a person of strong character and believe he is worthy of the benefit of the doubt.

Kayla Imbrogno (Denver, 2023-08-17)


Amy was my coach years ago and this gymnastics program was my second family . She was the glue that held everything together.

Stephanie Seretti (Pittsburgh , 2023-08-17)


Moon Gymnastics was a part of my child's life since the second grade. This program is the best around. Participating in this program has taught my daughter self discipline and what it means to be a team player. You will never find a better Coach than Amy Caprino. The amount of time and dedication that she puts into this program is well beyond what I ever expected as a parent of a Moon Gymnastics.

Geri Viti (Moon PA, 2023-08-17)


I was a Moon gymnast for over 15 years and am so thankful for that experience and for Amy Caprino’s tireless work to keep gymnastics accessible to so many in Moon for so long!

Emily Pease (West Orange, 2023-08-17)


I am signing because i feel passionate about Moon gymnastics- the coaches have been simply the best in the 17 years my daughters were coached under Amy and Nickie. They have the best program in Moon Township and my kids were involved in football, soccer, basketball,lacrosse, track and field, and club sports. Their program about being a good team mate, supporting each other and following rules which promotes being kind and responsible and accountable humans. Their program is fair and you need to be committed to being at your practices as well as being on time to set up and take down equipment and work the meets of the other teams. There are no favorites or special exceptions. You are all in and it’s because it’s for the good of your teammates. It’s not individuals showing up whenever it’s convenient and not participate in all of the practices, challenges to compete and all of the time setting up equipment and taking it down. Working the other teams meet is also how these gymnasts bond and support each other. The values Amy and Nickie instill are exactly what Moon and the world needs. They love their students and we love them for what they and their program bring to the gymnastics families and to Moon School Area, not to mention all of their outstanding awards and to be 4-peat State Champs and back to back WPIALS champs- look at the banners in the gymnasium- they are the most winning Sport in our township. That’s all because Amy and Nickie have mentored outstanding student athletes year after year. Every coach has rules, if you miss a practice in soccer you won’t play. There’s standards and expectations and that’s what makes everyone accountable and keeps it fair. Leave Moon Gymnastics alone. It is perfect just as it is. The USAG students need to make the commitment for season and do all of the practices and follow the same rules, there are no exceptions for anyone. If our girls don’t follow the guidelines they don’t compete. They are welcome if they are all in. Every coach has these expectations.
These students have to make tough decisions. It’s part of life. The mother needs to stop her witch hunt and focus her energy elsewhere. It’s disgusting and disturbing she is targeting Nick Price, an innocent person, to make problems for Amy. Be kind. Be a good person. Be a supportive team mate. That’s what Amy and Nickie teach. Seems like a lot of adults need to learn this life lesson.

Dana Romah (Crescent, 2023-08-17)


No one should have something they’ve worked for taken away for selfish reasons.

Brittany Burns (Frederick , 2023-08-17)



Devin Mackenzie (Pittsburgh , 2023-08-17)


My daughters have participated in Moon Gymnastics for years. Amy is an outstanding coach. The gymnastics team is one of the only winning sports at Moon Area, School District‘s, and it would be a shame to put it in jeopardy.

Brenda Chambers (Coraopolis , 2023-08-17)


Amy and Nick are wonderful coaches and people and have always supported all of their athletes even past their time as a gymnast

Holly Zucchero (Pittsburgh, 2023-08-17)


I agree with the Moon Gymnastics members. Just because someone is on the school board doesn't mean they can do what they want. I won't vote for her again.

Patty Long (Moon Twp, 2023-08-17)


Moon area alumni who knows a lot of people who loved their time as a gymnast at Moon Area

Courtney Cook (Orlando , 2023-08-17)


Amy Capriino has been part of the Moon Gymnastics helping students achieve their goals by either recreational or professionally. My children have been part of this wonderful organization headed by Amy. Please keep Amy as head coach and not allow one person to ruin all what she has done for our students.

Heidi Anderson (Moon Township, 2023-08-17)


I’m signing because I believe it’s the right thing to do out of respect for Moon Athletics.

Sam Engel (Raleigh, 2023-08-17)


I was a gymnast and went through the Moon Gymnastics program for over 13 years. I grew up in the gym and spent more time with Amy Caprino than my own Mom and was at times my second mother. I’ve also known Nick Price since we were in middle school. He was my prom date and we spent so much time together in middle and high school. It is so disheartening to hear that someone is trying to tear town a program and individuals who have meant so much to me.

Kylee Joyce (Moon township , 2023-08-17)


This is ridiculous

Larry Speelman (Huntersville, 2023-08-17)


My niece has been a member of the moon gymnastics recreational team, as well as the middle school team. I have witnessed the phenomenal showcase put on over the years by Amy Caprino. It is upsetting to hear that a board member, who clearly has a personal vendetta and agenda against a highly respected and decorated coach, would try to destroy such an amazing and successful program.

Jamie Chambers (Mc Kees Rocks, 2023-08-17)


We cannot allow this vendetta waged by one angry parent to bring down a program that has enriched the lives of thousands of our kids.

John Sember (Coraopolis, 2023-08-17)


This is completely unfair to Moon gymnastics. Someone who is not involved should not be trying to get “better” coaches.

RJ Kanith (Moon Twp, 2023-08-17)


I support Moon Gymnastics.

Annette Doria (Coraopolis, 2023-08-17)


The moon gymnastic program is amazing and creates independence and strength in our young athletes
Amy and Nickie are amazing coaches

Tina Zucchero (Moon, 2023-08-17)


I was apart of the program during my childhood and love every second and that was all because of Amy. Nick is also a former classmate and he is nothing but dedicated to these gymnastics and helping them succeed.

Amy Hott (Washington, 2023-08-17)


I am a proud alum of this organization and signing in support of Amy. Training with your coaches, supporting your teammates in the gym, and regularly attending team practices is a completely fair requirement for competition. I’m sure every other athletic program in the district has a similar policy. Using her position on the school board to benefit her family, undermine the organization’s attendance policy (which every other competitor adheres to), and tarnish Amy’s reputation is an egregious abuse of power. Sending love to the Moon Gymanstics community!

Katie Northy (New york city, 2023-08-17)


I believe there is a higher standard required for those who say they are representing all as a publicly elected individual. You do not use that power to specifically benefit yourself, family, or friends. If the requirement is unfair to just one person, that should indicate the fairness of said requirement is most likely a reasonable one. If one can't follow what is required to be part of an organization, especially when the requirement is within reason, you then have a choice to make: follow it and be part of the organization or not follow it and not be part of the organization. It truly is that simple. It doesn't mean you attack individuals who have shown they are actually there to help and guide others. Perhaps a lesson could be learned and that is one doesn't always get what one wants or thinks they deserve. Life doesn't work that way. It is best to learn this lesson early in life and as parents, we should be setting an example on how to handle situations like this and guide your child through that decision making process because every decision has positive and negative outcomes. Learning how to weigh those outcomes and make an informed choice based on them is a great life lesson to learn. When making life decisions, it is always better to do the hard work and take the time to think it through and not one of just immediately playing the victim.

Erica Hedderick (Moon Township , 2023-08-17)


Crystal Barr always has the students welfare as a priority and stands up for what is right.

Linda Barr (Pittsburgh , 2023-08-17)


I am signing this because I loved my time I spent with Moon gymnastics while in grade school. Ms. Amy was an amazing coach and helped me further my skills without me ever having to ask. She pushed me in a good way to get over my fears and be better. I was a friend of Nick’s while in the program. He is an absolute gentleman and a person of high standards.
Whatever bad rumors are being spread about these two amazing people who have put their heart and souls into this program are unfounded and completely distasteful.
This is ruining lives and the persons whom started this should be held accountable.

Leah Himes (Wichita Falls , 2023-08-17)


Graduated in 2015 and fully support the original coaches as they have led the tigers to victory many times. Meet the attendance requirements or try again the next year. WPIALS dont revovle around others. Is the private gymnastics more important? Set your priorities before you come after hard working dedicated coaches. Shame on your mrs. Barr.

Nicole Taylor (Sewickley, 2023-08-17)


I’ve been involved with a lot of different sports and Amy Caprino is the best coach I’ve dealt with at Moon area. She teaches the girls life lessons that they will carry with them forever. To replace her would be a real travesty to the girls and the program that she built.

Marty Romah (Crescent , 2023-08-17)


I love working with Amy and the rest of the leaders at Moon gymnastics! We need to keep everyone on the leadership team as they have done an outstanding job for so long for Moon gymnastics and our area!

Antonia Wilson (Coraopolis , 2023-08-17)


I will always support Amy and moon gymnastics.

Ashley Wakefield (Chagrin falls, 2023-08-17)


I’ve seen similar behavior from parents who don’t force accountability of their children and instead attempt to ruin things for those who actually follow rules that are published and acknowledged as part of participation.

Scott Jones (Glen Dale, 2023-08-17)


My 3 daughters were all part of Moon Gymnastics - participating at every level. The rules were always consistent and the same for every competitive Moon Area gymnast. I support Moon Gymnastics, Amy Caprino as Head Coach and staff coach Nick Price.

Ann Eberts (Kennedy, 2023-08-17)


All three of my children were involved in the Moon Gymnastics program. The success of the Varsity team is due to the commitment of Amy and all of her staff!

Cindy Bartus (Moon Township , 2023-08-17)


I grew up in Moon. I was in the program when I was younger and several friends were on the team all the way through high school. Amy is wonderful and Crystal Barr is in the wrong in this situation.

Kelly Gourley (CANONSBURG, 2023-08-17)


I believe Amy and Nick are the best fit for their positions. Every decision they make is for the benefit of the team and to make everything fair. I have never once questioned their decisions. Every sport has their requirements that all members need to follow. I believe Amy is the best person to be coaching Moon gymnastics, considering her experience and many titles, and should not be removed.

Gianna D'Antonio (Moon, 2023-08-17)


This concerns me greatly. A school board member should not be using their public position to benefit themselves and their children.

Jennifer Suehr (Moon Township, 2023-08-17)


I’m signing because I was on a moon gymnastics team under Amy when I was in school. I also know Nick Price and his dedication to everything that he does - especially his coaching of the gym team. They both deserve support and should never have to defend something that they have already been able to prove year after year.

Anna Colbert (Pittsburgh, 2023-08-17)


A good friend grew up in this gym and knows Amy very well.

Nicole Covell (Circleville , 2023-08-17)


I don’t believe someone in a position of power regardless of the type should use that for their own personal gain. The other gymnasts should not suffer because one couldn’t meet the requirements which I’m sure were known before joining.

Gretchen Greene (Freedom, 2023-08-17)


I was a moon gymnast for over 10 plus years. Amy is an amazing coach and I believe moon gymnastics is where it is today because her amazing leadership, guidance and growth of the organization. I am a personal friend of Nick who did not deserve what happened to him. He’s one of the most dedicated, talented and best coaches there is!!!

Branigan Shipman (Lawrence, 2023-08-17)


Moon Gymnastics was always apart of my life since several of my cousins and sister participated in the program dating back to the early 90’s

Mark Snyder (Coraopolis, 2023-08-17)


I 100% support Nick, Amy, and the Moon Gymnastics program. Rules are meant to be followed and this sends a terrible message that a board member thinks her and her child are above that.

Melissa Bertrand (Coraopolis, 2023-08-17)


Moon gymnastics is THE program to be a part of within Moon Area School District! It allows EVERYONE to learn, practice and excel at a high level of training. This program brings the entire community together! The most positive program! As with any commitment there are rules and expectations. All the sports teams gave them in Moon Area School District! Being a part of a team requires that both with the athlete and parents/guardians. My now adult children benefitted immensely in what is required to be a part of a team. Removing the head coach and staff member is a vendetta and not the essence of MASD and the entire Moon/Coraopolis community!

Amy Schultz (Moon township, 2023-08-17)

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