Rink Hockey to be considered for the Olympic Games



This sport needs to be in the Olympics

Robert McClements (Tunbridge Wells, 2023-09-12)


I am involved within the sport and my son currently plays and it has not only improved his health, but his confidence. He is diagnosed with Autism and it has him social as well

Melanie Dalton (Canterbury , 2023-09-12)


Rink hockey deserves to be in the Olympics!

Shirley Montgomery (Lewes, 2023-09-12)


Because Jack Dalton plays and he’s great

Martin Mepham (Kent, 2023-09-12)


I believe that this is an agility sport and there are some really advanced players out there that would shine in this area

Shelbs Barton (Hastings , 2023-09-12)


I think it’s a great idea

Andrew Mcclements (Bridge of weir, 2023-09-12)


This needs to be done

Christopher Bishop (Maidstone , 2023-09-12)


This sport deserves a larger audience.

Paul Oltai (Kings Lynn, 2023-09-12)


Roller rink hockey should be considered 100% it’s an amazing sport and should be represented by all the amazing players in the worlds

David Franks (Herne bay , 2023-09-12)


I am signing this because I believe that rink hockey is a worldwide exciting sport.

James Jost (EAST TROY, 2023-09-12)


Ce sport mérite d'être au jeu olympiques, c'est un sport physique et plein de tactique mais trop peu connu

Christophe Dupont (Tourcoing , 2023-09-13)


Roller Hockey is a fast paced exhilarating sport to watch. The UK has some very talented players. More funding is needed in the sport so all talented players get a chance to progress. It would be a fantastic addition to the Olympics.

Godfrey Lynn (Herne Bay, 2023-09-13)


My son loves playing the sport and I would love to see it grow!

Ashley Clark (Alvord , 2023-09-13)


It should be in the Summer Olympics!!

Valerie Hansen (Fort Smith, 2023-09-13)


Rink Honey should be in the Olympics

Tammy Johnson (Pilot Point, 2023-09-13)


Supporting rink hockey

Lori Harris (Wylie, 2023-09-13)


I play rink hockey would love a chance to be an Olympian and represent my country

Dylan Sordahl (Lacey, 2023-09-13)


This is a very athletic sport played worldwide. With the introduction of rink hockey into the Olympics, we could easily see many more athletes dreams come true!

Lee Mckenzie (Lubbock, 2023-09-13)


My fiancé is a rink hockey goalie and we love the sport! More hockey the better!

Paige Ford (Lubbock, 2023-09-13)


I believe it is a great sport that should be recognized and shared with the world.

David Montgomery (Boyd, 2023-09-13)


I full heartedly believe in this sport and its ability to gain attention and recognition in the USA! It is exciting to watch and it is such a joy to be a part of the amazing community! I believe this sport adds versatility and uniqueness to the Olympic world!

Kesha Smith (Bedford, 2023-09-13)


I play rink hockey myself and i hope rink hockey will become more popular. I play for the lichtstad in the netherlands Eindhoven

Samantha Verrijt (Eindhoven, 2023-09-13)


I am a rink hockey player. I play at an international level for New Zealand u19 side as well as the men’s team. I would love to see and and participate in the Olympics for rink hockey and would be an awesome way to get some more recognition for the sport.

Elijaj Bramwell (Motueka, 2023-09-13)


Roller hockey should be recognized as a national sport, and receive more funding.

Andrew Procter (Grimsby, 2023-09-13)


I’m signing because I love this sport and would love to see it on the olimpics!!

Glenna Kemp (Nieuwstadt , 2023-09-13)


I do the sport myself and I would love to play in the Olympics

Janette Baan (Den Haag , 2023-09-13)


i think that they play verry good and deserve a change

shreya dhoresing (denhaag , 2023-09-13)


This is a nice sport to do and to see

Paul Weise (Rijswijk , 2023-09-13)


Nice sport

Daantjuh Padlina (Dordrecht , 2023-09-13)


I okay the sport and think that it is by far a superior sport than some of those current games that are of “Olympic standard”

Brook Dando (Auckland, 2023-09-13)


I concur.

Fabrizio Cannizzo (Cambridge, 2023-09-13)


I’m a international player for nz

Quinn Fraser (New Plymouth , 2023-09-13)


I compete in the sport

Dillon Barton (Ocala, 2023-09-13)


I love to watch rink hockey

Kutuzov Serge (Mount Louisa, 2023-09-13)


This sport has a long history of World Championships, both Men & Women competitions, played in over 80 countries, played on every continent except Antarctica, was in 1992 Olympics.

Bill Schmelcher (New Hartford, 2023-09-14)


I play the sport and really want it to grow in the United States and around the world

Darren Smith (Bedford, 2023-09-14)


Roller hockey is a great sports which should be more known.

Rees Leighton (Melbourne, 2023-09-14)


I've watched roller hockey for years and it is a lot of fun!

Lori Strege (Poulsbo , 2023-09-14)


Great sport. Very little support from “money nations” holding it back. With proper promotion would be a hit. Fast paced. Athletic. Lots of emotion.

Duane McMinn (Las Vegas , 2023-09-14)


Rink hockey is awesome

Chris Dugas (Ocala, 2023-09-14)


Rink hockey deserves to be an Olympic sport.

Shanelle Enlow (Milton, 2023-09-14)


It’s a beautiful sport! Played across the globe & deserving of being an Olympic sport.

Matthew Bayless ( Vallejo, 2023-09-14)


Rink Hockey is an incredible sport of skill and tactics. It's fast and exciting, with incredible broadcast potential.

In the past, it suffered due to broadcast technology being unable to pick up the skill and trickery of its most scintillating players, but with HD technology it is now a joy to watch.

Peter Kutuzov (Hobart, 2023-09-14)


I’m signing this petition because rink hockey is a great sport and brilliant to watch

Ben Teager (Wanganui , 2023-09-14)


Im playing for the Netherlands

Dave Holtzer (Valkenswaard , 2023-09-14)


I’d love to see this sport in the Olympics.

Alan Mackie (Newark, 2023-09-14)


Rinkhockey can be of value at the Olympic Games. It's time that our sport gets the appreciation it deserves

Jordy Veerman (Zaandam , 2023-09-14)


I believe this to be an amazing sport

Alexis Zacharia (Canterbury , 2023-09-14)


Roller Hockey is an amazing sport and should be recognised as an Olympic sport.

Dawn Owen (Manchester , 2023-09-14)


It is a great sport

Doris van Gerwen (Valkenswaard, 2023-09-14)


I'm signing because this sport deserve to be olympic

Stéphane Rizzotti (Salerm, 2023-09-14)


My child is an active player and it would be beneficial to see that there is a possible future in the sport she loves.

Gosia Hawro (Manchester , 2023-09-14)


The sport needs the recognition it deserves

Jason Moon (Copenhagen, 2023-09-14)


This fantastic sport should be included it’s unbelievable that it’s not there!

Alan Adams (Newmarket, 2023-09-14)


3 of my children play rink hockey, it's great to watch and I would love to see it in the Olympics

Charlotte Wrigley (Cambridgeshire , 2023-09-14)


As a former player, a coach and referee, and also having 2 sons who play this sport, it staggers me that this is not an Olympic sport already!
Its so exciting and would be one of the most popular sport to watch!

Lyndsay Lee (Sheffield, 2023-09-14)


Would love to watch this sport more.

Carol Pearce (Spalding , 2023-09-14)


It's played all over the world and goes
virtually unrecognised.
It doesn't get the funding or publicity it deserves.

Annita Moffett (Ely , 2023-09-14)


My son plays roller hockey, how amazing would it be to aspire so many youngsters seeing the sport they love and work hard for as an Olympic sport!!

Katie Harvey (Norfolk, 2023-09-14)


Because this is an amazing all inclusive sport. I have two children who play & one who coaches. It would be amazing to see thus sport in the Olympics.

Phoebe Lee (Spalding, 2023-09-14)


Signo perquè aquest és l'esport que vaig practicar jo de jove i el que practiquen els meus fills, i perquè Catalunya és potencia mundial en aquest esport, d'on han sortit grans jugadors de totes les èpoques. M'encantaria poder gaudir d'aquest esport tan complert i vibrant en uns jocs olímpics

Gemma Tort Cortado (Caldes de Montbui , 2023-09-14)


I believe in equity across sports, I’m not a fan of watching many sports but I would enjoy watching this as an Olympic sport representing Great Britain

Colleen Allen (Luton, 2023-09-14)


This is such an awesome sport that builds real community in our City and Country.

Dionne Potaka (Whanganui, 2023-09-14)


I’m a player of 40 years and my son plays he’s autistic and this sport has helped to change his life! It should be at the olympics because we really need to get our sport recognised so young players have motivation to carry on playing

Heidi Wiernicki-rayat (Hitchin , 2023-09-14)


I agree that rink hockey should be an Olympic sport. The game is high intensity and offers great entertainment

Duncan McClements (Glasgow, 2023-09-14)


I want rink hockey valued as other sports.
In uk children can not use rink hockey as there sport in GCSEs as is not considered a sport!

Helen Aaltonen (Arlesey, 2023-09-14)


This sport is fantastic for kids and should be recognised for a diverse talent

Melanie Greenwood (Manchester , 2023-09-14)


Played for near on 20 years as a goalkeeper, love and miss the game.

Kipper Walker (Herne Bay, 2023-09-14)


It’s really fast and exciting

Steven Edwards (Cambridge , 2023-09-14)


I want to see this in the Olympics

Amy Thomas (Sheffield, 2023-09-14)


It's a wonderful sport with lots of skills required.

Rui Luís (Funchal, 2023-09-14)


I want the sport of rink hockey to be included in the Olympic Games it’s an inclusive exciting sport to watch and the sport needs to be wider recognised

Carol Kerry (Spalding, 2023-09-14)


I coach and play myself and it's the greatest sport of all time!

Konnor Lee (Sutton st James , 2023-09-14)


this is a great sport, it needs to be shown for the great skill and team work. this is a sport that the british started way back in the 1890s.

william wells (kessingland, 2023-09-14)


Hockey is a sport very nice

Francesc Marlet (Barcelona , 2023-09-14)


I've been playing rink hockey for the last 20 years, including on the national team. it's a great, unique sport and should defnitely be an olympic sport.

Ziv Zakalik (haifa, 2023-09-14)


Roller hockey is ready to make the next step!

Harold de Wit (Westerhoven, 2023-09-14)


My sons play hockey, there needs to be more funding for this sport.

Penny Correa (Peterborough , 2023-09-14)


I was a goalie for the Dutch national team of rink hockey.
Best sport ever!

Vincent Remijn (Rosmalen, 2023-09-14)


I believe it should be an Olympic sport

Scott Black (Wigan, 2023-09-14)


I am adding my name to this petition for Rink Hockey to be considered for the 2028 Olympic Games, as I believe it would be an excellent addition to the Olympic sports.

Andrew Kneeshaw (Middlesbrough, 2023-09-14)


The only experience of rink hockey's inclusion on the Olympics had not been successfully organized and prepared. Millions of players and fans -specially on the Latin world- play and admire the game, that deserves an Olympic position, symbolizing the inclusive and plural spirit of Olympics, the greatest moment of sport on human life.

rui pereira (Vila Nova de Gaia, 2023-09-14)


I livre the sport

Jose Cunha (Aveiro , 2023-09-14)


mijn man en zoon deze sport beoefenen

linda tobben (den haag, 2023-09-14)


My son plays rink hockey

Rachael Thomson (Clacton on sea, 2023-09-14)


My son has been playing since he was 6 and was selected to play for England under 17s this year. It is an amazing sport and we need everyone to hear and see it! More support with inject more cash into this exciting sport which will help our country grow in rink hockey!

Christine Hughes (HITCHIN, 2023-09-14)


Le rink hockey est un des sports les plus spectaculaires qui existe et mérite d'être un sport olympique.

Jean-François Le Goff (Ploneour Lanvern, 2023-09-14)


Minority groups and sports should be allowed in Olympic Games

Philip Akitt (Bakewell, 2023-09-14)


Roller hockey is a face paced, exciting and incredibly skillful sport. It is already played across the world and these players deserve the chance to represent their country at the Olympic Games.

Lucy Carter (Cleckheaton, 2023-09-14)


It is a hugely popular sport and should be in the Olympics

Michael Donnelly (Cambridge, 2023-09-14)


I'm signing because the Rink Hockey ( Hóquei em Patins) is the best sport in a world

Rinito Rita (Barreiro , 2023-09-14)


I’m a player myself and would love to see the sport I love so much being played in the Olympics and get the recognition it deserves

Ronnie White (Herne Bay, 2023-09-14)


Melissa Gorsuch

Melissa Gorsuch (New Paris, 2023-09-14)


I’m a regular spectator of rink hockey and family members play the sport.

Emma Norris Mrs (King's Lynn, 2023-09-14)


Amazing sport that only has levels to go

Souleyman Toure (Manchester , 2023-09-14)


I'm a player

Louise Holland (Middlesbrough, 2023-09-14)


Rinc hockey is fantastic !

Cédric Gabucci (Mions , 2023-09-14)

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