Stage Run Community Petition for Birdsong Thoroughfare Restriction


Stage Run HOA (SRHOA) had initial concerns about a gate planned at the end of Barrow Post, a small stub of a street that for 15 years emptied to a small oak forest but is now an apartment complex currently being completed.  This gate, if general use is allowed, bypasses Two Creeks road that would normally go around Aue Elementary to Baywater Stage for access to Boerne Stage Crossing (Walmart, Chick-fil-A, IH-10 access) and The Market at Boerne Stage (HEB, etc.). This gate would primarily serve as a cut-through to both shopping centers directly through Stage Run, increasing traffic on an already stressed residential road that currently has no thoroughfare access.  After contacting Bexar County officials regarding the gate, on 6 Aug 2021 SRHOA was notified by Bexar County Fire Marshal David Brewer that the submitted plans to the county were for an emergency vehicle gate only.  This was the best resolution for the situation and SRHOA felt the issue was finished.

On 10 Jan 2023 SRHOA discovered Birdsong has deviated from originally submitted plans to allow this third gate to serve for general operational use. At this point we are asking that this gate be shut down immediately for all use but emergency vehicles. No more contractor traffic or otherwise from now until the full gate is installed and beyond. Birdsong and its contractors have full use of two access points onto Two Creeks, there is no need to use Cooper Valley/Royal Field for driving to their property.

What you will be signing to:

We, the undersigned eligible voters of the City of San Antonio/Bexar County, petition the City Council of Bexar County Precinct 3 to submit the following final resolution between Stage Run Home Owners Association LLC and Two Creeks/Bird Song Apartments:

Inhibit the ingress and egress access point (gate) to be immediately and permanently limited only to emergency service vehicles (siren operated sensor) as originally reported by Two Creeks/Bird Song Apartment complex to Bexar County City officials (David Brewer, Chief Inspector, Fire Marshal's Office) during planning phase.

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