We are asking the City of Stoughton to remove ordinance that prohibits fences in all easements

We are asking the city of Stoughton to remove the ordinance in the zoning code section 78-718 (3) (i) that prohibits fences in all easements. 

Have you ever tried to get a fence in Stoughton? It’s not easy- there’s an ordinance, which prevents fences on all easements. In some yards, there are so many easements, or they’re so large, that it takes up the entire yard.

On June 10th, the Stoughton Planning Commission decided unanimously to remove the unnecessary ordinance in its entirety. 

But.. the work is not quite done. Even though they chose to not attend the June 10th meeting to voice their opinion, Stoughton Utilities is trying to keep the ordinance in place. Even if a homeowner has permission to erect a fence from easement holders, this zoning ordinance, without exception, prohibits any fences. Several surrounding communities do not have this ordinance and it is working just fine.

I’m just trying to prevent my 4 boys (14 month old twins, a 3 year old, and an 11 year old, one with ASD) from getting lost in the two cornfields 30 feet from my back door, running up to a tractor they think is a toy, and from running into a busy street with speeding cars. That’s it. It would be nice to keep my dog safe, too. We followed the process that American Transmission Company (ATC) has in place to approve fences in their easements, and we have permission from ATC to build our fence, but this ordinance prevents us from being able to get a permit for it, so we’re stuck.

I’m sure you have your reasons, too. By signing this petition, we can show the city that we are ready for them to finally get rid of this ordinance once and for all! 



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