Why we stand by the Greeks – Our voice for the NO-Front

Why we stand by the Greeks – Why we raise our voice for the NO-Front  

European civilization has been built on struggles for freedoms, democracy, human and civil rights. Europe has a rich and priceless heritage based on the dignity, self-expression, determination and power of its people.  

Nevertheless, today a sovereign European country, victimized for more than 5 years by the cruelty of neoliberalism, becomes the scene of an unmasked intervention that targets the Greek people's fundamental right to express freely its opinion on a crucial moment of its collective fate.  

We stand by the Greek people and the NO-Front because: - We support the Greek people's right to take its present and future in its own hands. - We firmly reject the blackmail against Greece, be it political or economic. 

We strongly believe that the ongoing struggle of the Greek people is vital for the existence and strengthening of democracy, self-determination and freedom of expression all over Europe, all over the world.