Zeekee's Law

This was Zeekee. She was rescued by 112 Carlota Galgos but sadly succumbed to her injuries. Zeekee is just one of thousands of hunting dogs that perish every year in Spain. The lucky ones if you can call them that are dumped with broken limbs, their mouths tied shut so they cannot eat or drink or like Zeekee with a fused jaw, caused by a blow to the head. The unlucky ones are thrown alive down wells, shot, hanged...unbelievable cruelty is inflicted by their hunters when they are no longer needed. The Spanish Goverment passed an animal welfare bill in 2023 to exclude hunting dogs like Zeekee as sentient beings. They have no protection & are deemed worthless. 

We are their voice and we will continue to campaign, demonstrate, adopt, foster, fundraise until these beautiful beings are protected.

Please join us!


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