Close off Alberton Dam Public Open Space to vehicles

We the residents of Ward 37, City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Petition the City of Ekurhuleni regarding our concerns with the Public Open Space: Erf 2537 & Erf 2021 Verwoerdpark. Between Bloutulp, Kritzinger Roads and Freesia Ave Verwoerdpark.

This Public Open Space is supposed to serve as a servitude for the Power Lines which run above it, but is being used for various illegal activities which include, public drinking, drug use, loud music and gatherings & public urination & defecation which result in mass scale littering, pollution of the environment and water, noise disturbances and uninhibited drunk driving. There has also been vagrants who have set up a tent in the park. 

We Petition the following:

1. Regular Law enforcement interventions by both SAPS & EMPD

2. That a physical barrier be erected which stops vehicles from parking inside this property.

3. That the physical barrier can include the raising of the curbstones on either side of Freesia and Bloutulp or erection of a fence. 

4. If Council does not deem these interventions plausable by any means that it gives its consent to the local community to erect said barriers. 

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