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2014-10-04 21:06

24 years here at American, rarely taken a leave or much time off, aside from my cancer battle.. We have cheated over & over out of so many things that were promised to my work group. We are a hard working bunch of educated, kind hearted, well trained group of people. We love our job and are tired of being cheated out of the experience that we deserve!



2014-10-04 21:25

A union should represent all members needs, not just specific factions. The ultimatum way of voting does not represent members' interest, and shows a clear bias towards the company. It is unethical!



2014-10-04 21:51

Enough is Enough!!!



2014-10-04 22:44

IMHO , Laura Gladding is in this just for her. She does not deserve to continue to hold the position of president of this ASSociation.


#5 Petition to remove LG

2014-10-04 23:21

How can we make this petition more visible and keep it going and alive?


#6 #6 Petition to remove LG

2014-10-04 23:39

Laura Gladding, you have a real disconnect with the work force you are supposed to represent. Are you embarassed to be a flight attendant?? The representatives from the pilots union are always seen in full uniform...How about you?? You know how much we value the flexibilty of this job. Why are you allowing it to be taken from us?? If this TA was supposed to be so industry leading, excuse me, market valued we should be buying it like ice water on a hot summer day. But it clearly is not. We are almost 24,000 strong and we deserve better.

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#7 Subject

2014-10-04 23:44

I am very tired of her high handed, exclusionary way of running our union and her concessionary negotiation that continually pander to the company. Shedoes not represent me! She is out of touch with the membership and even went as far as to say she doesn't represent low time flyers! Everyone pays the same amount of dues and deserves equal representation. She, however, chooses to reward herself and her board over the membership! This is not an industry leading contract, it is zero sum at best and once again she has taken away our voice and ability to dissent. It is time for her to go.



2014-10-05 00:02

She failed us.



2014-10-05 00:03

Very disappointed in the union!!


#10 Re: Petition to remove LG

2014-10-05 00:05

#5: - Petition to remove LG 

  Share it with other groups, text/email the people who don't have Facebook. We have to get this to the LUS dude as well, they are more bring represented by apfa. Let's do it like they did the fcfs petition. Post it everywhere. 



2014-10-05 00:40

Get this person who has ZERO interest in it's membership !!!!



2014-10-05 00:41

Get Laura Glading OUT of office!!



2014-10-05 01:19

She failed the membership again



2014-10-05 02:13




2014-10-05 04:12

I feel it is time for a change.tired of this disappointment called glading.



2014-10-05 04:42

I am signing because I believe this union splinters the rank and file and NOTHING to unify it.



2014-10-05 04:42

Laura Glading and her negotiating team has failed to allow the membership it's right to negotiate items important to the membership. The dues paying members of our union have been made to accept items that we had no power to speak on or given no choice to know what items AA and APFA have agreed to.



2014-10-05 05:21

LG has failed in her duty to fairly represent, she has failed in her fiduciary responsibility. She refuses to acknowledge the disappointment and anger of her constituents. Many have questioned whether her loyalty is to apfa or aa. Not clear at all.



2014-10-05 05:23

Get back to the line or quit!



2014-10-05 05:40

We need leadership we can trust and has our best interest at heart



2014-10-05 06:43

time for a new regime change--we need a leader who works for the members not for themselves and the company--we need a leader to stand up to the company and show the company we are "valued" employees--



2014-10-05 07:05

She is paid by us, she should FIGHT for us. Or she should be fired by us!



2014-10-05 08:38

It's time to get someone in office who doesn't get bought by the company!



2014-10-05 08:53

Pray this happens!!!! She has done very little to truly get us the best!!!! We need someone who who really wants the best for us all!!! Unity!!!!



2014-10-05 10:09

I'm sick of the corruption!

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