Citizens Opposed to the Toll Road

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Doug Wesley;

#1 this toll road would be a nightmare.

2011-01-17 17:39

Unbelievable....your maps are confirming my worst fears. All they want to do is connect big new subdivisions just east of white ranch to dia. And no worries about increased traffic southbound on 93!! This has me fired up even more now.

Bottom line, if they build this we will be selling our house out at Table Mt. There is no compelling reason to live in the foothills if there is just concrete everywhere.
Anna Zubricky

#2 Where's the Air?

2011-01-17 18:28

With all the proposed expansion, where does the clean, breathable air come from? Double the front range population in twenty years and only the developers will win, who's going to want to live in a cesspool of development? RF pollution, Ralston Creek with Uranuim, Cities drunk with foriegn developers money.

#3 Re: this toll road would be a nightmare.

2011-01-17 18:35

Brent Morrison

#4 just another smarmy politician

2011-01-18 21:41

When Jacob Smith came to my door campaigning we talked about one thing, his opposition to the tollway. I voted for him solely on the basis of that opinion. People wonder why politicians are held in such low regard.

Golden Resident

#5 Bad for Golden, Bad for Colorado, Bad for America

2011-01-19 02:10

The city council is after money, not quality of life for the people of Golden. Look at the ugly to the east of downtown Golden, to the north along Hwy 93, it looks like a cheap trashy ski resort. Increasing traffic will only serve to magnify that look and spread it as they uncaringly and unresponsibly push the population of Golden to 50,000. Increased traffic and population will bring more crime, big city type, gang bangers, illegal aliens, traffic congestion whether there are more roads or not, and the other ills associated with high density population.

During the campaing, Smith claimed to be against development, for open government, against wasteful spending, everyone probably heard the same spiel as he brought to my door. We are not getting what he claimed to be representing, he appears to be very liberal, and irresponsible about keeping his word, which doesn't bode well for Golden or America, this proposed toll road would send more American dollars out of the country. Shouldn't I be able to expect politicians at all levels, from all Parties, to keep their promises made during campaigns, or else show the scars of the failed fight. I see no scars on the Golden mayor or city council, what I see are glazed smiles. as listed in "@ Home in Golden, does not work. is the correct address. It might make a difference in the number of petition signers.

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2011-01-19 19:28

patricia grant

#7 Citizens opposed to the beltway

2011-01-20 00:39

This is unnecessary and will be a major problem for many surrounding communities.
Don't let it happen.
Resident of Heritage Dells, Golden

#8 Betrayal from city council & mayor

2011-01-22 21:29

The city council and mayor are not compromising, if they drop opposition to what will be a foriegn-owned toll road, they will be betraying the People they were elected to represent. What incentive could be enticing enough to warrant this planned betrayal, this "compromise", of the People by the city council and mayor?

Our neighborhood was the recipient of one of their wasteful projects, narrower streets, instead of addressing the streets that were in worse condition, in our neighborhood and around Golden, they screwed up our streets using labor and contractors that don't live in or near Golden, thereby effectively sending the money out of the community, and making our streets more difficult to navigate, which begs the question: should the people of Golden allow them near our highways?
Imagine how much narrower Hwy 6 & 93 might become if they get their hands on more "free" money, money which will actually come out of our pockets.

The mayor and city council are acting like the Democrat Congress of the past four years, ignoring the People and common sense. It's a good reason to boot the entire progressive mindset from city government now.

How many members of the city council showed up at the community meeting?

Did the mayor attend the meeting of concerned citizens?

The answers to those two questions are a reflection of their regard for the opinions of their constituents.

Jeannette Rogers

#9 Northwest Parkway

2011-01-24 03:53

I think Golden should ask the home owners and annex areas prior to them being consumed by Arvada - Golden is getting squeezed out (of tax revenue, growth, etc) just like what happened at Denver West and Lakewood.
Tom Jordan


2011-01-27 18:40

Keep up the pressure and good work!!
Todd Short - CO Native

#11 Muller or nothing

2011-01-27 19:20

I was impressed when Golden adopted the Muller plan. I saw it as a great step forward to integrate the East and West sides of Golden and make it a cohesive town, something which it has lacked due to being cut into quadrants by major roads and highways.

To think that the proposed toll road will not bring future sprawl is to completely ignore what's happened and is proposed all along E-470. Do we really want Golden to look like East Aurora? Toll roads benefit only a select few, and to allow a private company to come in and give them the ability control future planning of any roads surrounding the toll road through non compete agreements is simply selling out the interests of the citizens of the towns effected by the toll road.

This new "compromise" (if you can even call it that) is nothing short of abandoning the Muller plan and the interests of a majority of the citizens of Golden. I have yet to meet a single person that thinks the parkway is a good idea for Golden, much less abandoning the city's position on Muller.

I urge our elected officials to not accept this new "compromise". Stick to the plan that the city originally approved. The Parkway needs Golden's approval to work, but Golden does not need the parkway, so we do not need to negotiate away our town. It's bad enough that Golden is getting a reputation like Greeley due to the smell of the waste treatment facility at Coors as people come into the city on Highway 58, but giving up the quality of life and small town atmosphere the citizens of Golden appreciate so much could transform Golden into a place where many of those same citizens will no longer want to live. The bottom line, the full Muller plan is in Golden's best interest - bailing out on that plan now for little or no guaranteed benefit is not.

Rob Medina

#12 Its More Like "Muller-Lite"

2011-01-27 20:06

Todd, you have hit the nail on the head. The city calls their proposal "Muller", but its more like "Muller-Lite."

The Muller Plan has seven major road improvement projects. The city's compromise only offers one or two. And that's "maybe" - if Perlmutter gets the money, which is questionable. (If you heard Pres. Obama's State of the Union speech, he called for an end to earmarks).

Back in 2003, in concert with the Muller Plan, council adopted Resolution 1439. It requires Arvada to improve Indiana/McIntyre - which is critical. Our past council understood that Arvada must share the traffic burden, otherwise everything gets pushed through Golden. The city's current deal doesn't mention improving Indiana/McIntyre. Its basically off the table.

I can't understand how this council has so easily forgotten about the hard work that went into the Muller Plan which represents what Golden wants and deserves.

Now, the city says our only options are to sue or accept "peanuts." And we have to decide right now! What the heck is going on here?

At minimum, this council should push for a better deal for Golden. This current compromise is awful.

Todd Short

#13 Hwy 93 reroute

2011-01-27 20:45


Can the map of the proposed rerouting of Hwy 93 be added to the CINQ website as well? I saw the map briefly at the meeting, but have not been able to find a copy. I'm a little confused as to where the intention is to "straighten" out 93; where the new section would start and end; what neighborhoods it would effect; how it would go through the current commercial development West of 93; and what would happen to the existing section of 93 once it was rerouted.

Is this rerouting of 93 part of the original Muller plan as well, or is it part of the new "compromise" being looked at?
CT Westgard

#14 Beltway/Toll Road To Destroy Golden/NWQ Environment

2011-01-27 21:18

West Jefferson County, Golden City, and the greater Boulder-to-Morrison Scenic Corridor will inevitably suffer irreparable environmental damage if the proposed Toll Road north of Golden is allowed to be built. Quality of life, open space, and the scenic backdrop will be sacrificed on the altar of short-term road construction and commercial development profits. Another example of short-sighted, run-away urban sprawl! It has happened in many US towns and cities, where Interstate HWY quality roads devastate adjacent neighborhoods increasing crime, pollution, etc. and decreasing property values. Case-in-point the Front Range in the Colorado Springs, CO area.

As a Golden resident, I protest vigorously that our City Council would encourage the proposed Toll Road. No amount of immediate additional tax and fee revenues can repair or replace the environmental and aesthetic damage which will be done; nor can such plunder give to our children, and our posterity, their due. Some things do not change. Where is the moral and ethical strength that we elected our representatives on the Golden City Council to show on our behalf? Shame on anyone who would let this happen.


Rob Medina

#15 Move 93

2011-01-27 23:22

Todd, its my understanding that moving SH93 to the west near the hogback has been in the works for a while. Apparently, moving this road mitigates road noise for Mesa Meadows -- apparently to the detriment of another Golden neighborhood. These are the types of choices we are forced to make when a toll road and eventual beltway are assumed. One neighborhood benefits, and another looses. From a community perspective, there really is no way to mitigate for the negative impacts the toll road. What is bad for one, is bad for all.

I "heard" that residents who bought new homes near the hogback were told of the plan to move SH93 to the west. It might be a good idea to check your closing papers for documentation. I also suggest emailing City Manager, Mike Bestor for more info.
Joshua WIsell

#16 Fight, fight, fight

2011-01-29 17:31

Don't let them "compromise" so Arvada, Broomfield and JeffCo can more easily build a revenue generating, cheaply-built, suburban wonderland on the quiet land that runs into the foothills. Don't just fight for Golden's sake, but for the entire northwest side of our greater community.
doug wesley, PhD meteorology

#17 weather for the meetings

2011-01-31 05:46

Does anyone know if the first two town meetings this week could possibly be postponed or repeated, considering it will likely be 0 to -20F with snow for the first 2 meetings?

#18 Beltway for Traffic or as a "Development Engine"??!!!

2011-01-31 10:20

It has been clear since the initial push for this "beltway" that it is truly an "engine for development" under the guise of a traffic calming measure. No study to date has shown the need for this Toll Road for traffic purposes - in fact several studies (with millions spent) have shown that improving multiple north-south routes will be more effective than finishing the beltway. WHY THEN, does Arvada and Jeffco County Commissioners continue to push for this? THE MAP IS PRETTY CLEAR. See areas in red on the map along Hwy 93 - scoped for huge developments both against and across from the mountain backdrop!! They are trying to replicate the kind of development found along C470 to the Tech Center. How many times do we need to say NO?!! In addition, this will be incredibly risky, given some of the failures of the rest of the beltway, particularly under management of a foreign company with NO local interests other than making money through the developments. We will very unlikey get enough money to build the "Muller Plan" as is or even the "lite" version.... thus we will sell our voice for nothing in return!

Another Concerned Golden Citizen

#19 Benefits No One

2011-02-01 04:57

Building a beltway or even adding more lanes will benefit no one in Golden. Many of use choose to live here based on the quality of life and small town atmosphere that exists. Building out 93 and 6 will quickly detract from that, and there will not be any financial benefit to Golden (just more noise, traffic and pollution). We should keep fighting the good fight here!
Holly Bidle

#20 Regarding this petition - outcome?

2011-02-03 21:14

This website has some interesting statistics, but what is the plan for this petition? Will it be presented to City Council at some point, along with the comments so people can feel like our voices are being heard?
Rob Medina

#21 Petition

2011-02-03 22:55

Good question - yes, this petition will be presented to Golden City Council, likely in a week or two. It may be combined with other activities. Please encourage your neighbors and friends to sign the petition, and to join our email list.

Sandra Westgard


2011-02-04 04:53

I am against the Beltway! I am also against
the toll road north of Golden.

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2011-02-04 19:53



2011-02-04 23:47

Locals will not pay to use a road to go 10 miles. Stupid, ill thought out plan. Too bad our state officials are supporting this, maybe they too have a private investment. Has any state official considered the outcome of Northwest Parkway? The majority of drivers find alternative FREE routes to NWPKY! Let's stop spending tax payer money on unwarranted projects.
Laura Fahrenbrook

#25 Beltway expansion and Urban sprawl

2011-02-05 05:07

It's a shame that people keep coming from out of state because they love the beauty of Colorado, but yet they want it to be just as congested and "convenient" as where they came from. Urban sprawl is taking away our enviroment - fields, farms, woods,
trails, peace and quiet, mountains, big expansive views, etc. Completing this "beltway" will only add to the 100's of King Soopers, Starbucks, Blockbusters,
gas stations, fast food places, and home developments in which all the homes look the same, etc. that have been developed along every other new road and highway in Colorado. It's starting to look very repetitive from town to town and neighborhood to neighborhood. The wildlife people love to look at then becomes
a nusiance with more development. And the wildlife always lose the battle.

Please stop the beltway. Stop the urban sprawl. Stop destroying Colorado!!

The roads arent' being built for traffic mitigation, but for developers....commercial and residential.
Maybe the millions of dollars that people want to spend on the "beltway" need to
be spent on lightrail between towns.