Community's response to the Grade 7 ZIMSEC Ndebele Paper 2013

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2013-10-29 04:23

when you say expert you mean Shona people who are seating in their offices in Harare,the expert are down in the villages who have spoken and lived this language all their lives.



2013-10-29 13:14




2013-10-30 17:01

I hope this petition will get the attention it deserves


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2013-10-31 00:36

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kwenza sibonalkala njengezilima,yikho nje sibuhlungu ngendlela abantwabethu abaubzwengayo kulo umhloliso




2013-11-03 04:09

Who in their right mind would want their child saying any of those words during their presence? An exam shoul be something I can freely revise or talk with my child without embarrassment or insulting. I will never utter any of those words in my child's presense. Why would I want to teach my child nosense when there many decent words to choose from? Why would I want my child to be corrupted by a stupid examiner in the first place? If that is the so called examiners's language at their homes and what they teach their children, let them not corrupt mine whom I try to teach what's right and wrong. Buffled am I, for these examiners didn't write such degrading exams during their time. That I'm sure of. So why the overzealousness now? Is it the positions that make people enforce such rubbish upon children? Come on people don't tell me that Zim is left with such insensitive,unscruplous,corrupt,irresponsible people. To all the children I I would say "don't try this anywhere until you are mature and you want to use those words". Vele what do grade sevens or anyone learn from them? If you can't do your job hamba khatshana le, don't trial and error our children.



2013-11-04 18:03

This is a serious issue which should be pursued with vigour until a response or convincing explanation on the real intent of those who set the paper intended to achieve, bayasidelela sibili


#82 Re: thina sizwe esimnyama singathi c 1 c 2 coz silandela ulimi lwethu

2015-04-12 07:36

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2015-11-30 13:06

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