Community's response to the Grade 7 ZIMSEC Ndebele Paper 2013

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2013-10-23 07:05


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2013-10-23 07:06

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2013-10-23 07:12

this director guy must resign as of yesterday



2013-10-23 08:33

l hope this does not smack of old sinister tricks we are too familiar with. Unfortunately , on a closer look it does. How else does one explain how this crappy exam paper was endorsed? As if this were not enough insult, you ZIMSEC officials unabashedly defend it! That exam paper goes to show how the Ndebele language is under siege. We can and will no longer TOLERATE THIS CULTURAL SUBJUGATION. We demand answers, not lame excuses and arrogance!



2013-10-23 12:03

It is one's true and undistorted language that defines them. Therefore protecting one's language from deliberate distortion is every being's responsibility. Mahlabezulu vikelani isiko lobuntu benu.



2013-10-23 12:47

Thi was very wrong some one must account for this!!!! Kwenzeka kanjani sifuna impendulo!!!!

#57 Pissed off

2013-10-23 16:38

This paper has shown how rotten the Zimbabwean education has become. We are now the laughing stock of Africa after we once had the best education in Africa. Failure to accept this "mistake" will prove how disgusting the Zimbabwean system has become. Till this day you cant find a so called expert who knows Ndebele culture,, nxaaaa



2013-10-23 16:40

What are you Gorverment doin, messing up our language. Whats wrong with you emakhanda. Amakhanda enu kalamakhanda hiii



2013-10-23 16:42

This is what we were expecting from a government that doesnt listen to its people. How do you expect to set a Ndebele paper if you cant even know the Ndebele people?
Chief Justice


2013-10-23 17:04

Ulimi kalufundiswe njengolumi hatshi isimanje!



2013-10-23 17:06

all those involved in drafting and approving this paper including DG should BE ARRESTED FOR PUBLIC INDECENTOR WE PART WAYS GUYS



2013-10-23 17:48

We say no to the use of vulgar words in our schools.



2013-10-23 18:45

makes me sick stop this madness



2013-10-23 19:29




2013-10-23 19:45

Kahleni ngokusonela abantwana



2013-10-23 22:06

Pliz ZIMSEC dont use those words, they are not for exposure especially in a exam for children. I grew up in a Ndebele setting and i know what i mean. Accept that you are wrong and then correct. Pride and denial will victimise these innocent souls. We expect you to protect kids not to destroy kids. pliz



2013-10-24 01:46

i may be in usa but had one of my kids write this ndebele test in bulawayo and feel it is an insult to us the ndebele people.the language we are questioning in never allowedin the day to day communication as it is is termed derogatory.what more now seeing in in the exam of our innocent kids



2013-10-24 01:58

The exam was abusive to kids and that shall happen no more



2013-10-24 02:03

Sithi phansi ngokubulawa lokululazwa kolimi lethu.



2013-10-24 02:10

Libulalela abantwabethu ingqondo,if bengasekho abantu bokuqhatsha iphepha lesiNdebele alibhalwe ngoPhathisa Nyathi,N S Sigogo laboSilandulo umfokaMoyo ngoba lento yinhlamba kithi singamaNdebele.


2013-10-24 11:30

Zakhamizi asikhuthazeni abanye bethu ukuthi labo bafake amasiginetsha abo phela inkulu lendaba kodwa isizwe sethu kasiyithatheli phezulu njengaba libona inani lethu elithe lazihlupha ngokubonisa ukukhathazeka. Kasizameni sibili ikakhulu intsha ngoba eqinisweni labo bafunde sekumi manzonzo abetshabi sebedlalela egumeni bafunda imikhuba yabo! Vuka sizwe Vuka!



2013-10-24 15:29

This realy shows that zimsec doesn't have respect to our culture this is not accepteble we can't tolarate this pliz Zimsec stuff show respect to our Ndebele Langauge we are proud of it pliz


#73 Apologise

2013-10-24 15:55

Apology is what is nedeed. You have underated your standards by coming up with such an examination. Of all the million Ndebele words you could have used, you chose words like "umangumba, isifebe" in little kidz examination. Do i really need to say well done.



2013-10-27 03:39

Sicela ingane zethu zifundiswe ulimi lwabo hatshi ulimi olungsilo olwabo njalo bafundiswe inhlonipho nabantu abahlela imhloliso yabo babengabazi isindebele njalo lababalisi babo babengabazi isindebele



2013-10-27 07:54

Its obvious these examiners are nt proper fully versed Ndebele people coz if they were none of the words in contention wud have been used as some are nt part of the Ndebele language while others simply respect n humanity forbids their frivolous use more so in an exam for grade7 kids....shocking cultural n language degradation of the Ndebele society.Unacceptable period!!