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2013-10-31 00:44

Thank you in advance for your help!!!!! These animals here know they are safe and loved. Lisa



2013-10-31 00:47

I don't understand how the city can "change their mind" and jeopardize the well being of a few dogs. Please work with Lisa to resolve this situation. She is a good person and does NOT deserve this treatment.

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2013-10-31 00:58


There was an issue of having too many dogs when a foster home needed a place for hers in an emergency and for a few weeks- some got out and jumped the fence.  It didn't help that my dog loving neighbor had to move and a new older couple moved in and complained to the city.  Things calmed down after about 3 weeks but the city is showing no compassion at all. My new neighbor on the other side LOVES my dogs.  Her rescue bloodhound puts his head over my fence everyday to say hello.



2013-10-31 01:00

I have adopted a dog from this oranization. Thank God for IBDR and Lisa. They saved my poor Josie who was infected with Heart Worm, pregnant and only 23 lbs. Josie has brought many happy hours to our home and is a wonderful companion to my 93 year old mother and 3 other rescue dogs.


2013-10-31 01:30

News such as this is enough to make me sick! Does the government, no matter what state it is operating from have nothing better to do? Give me a break! These animals did not ask to be abandoned - compassionate hearts that take these animals in should be commended rather than penalized and the animals, they deserve a good life in loving homes! Have a heart, work with Lisa & focus on some real problems!



2013-10-31 01:33

Please help Foster dogs!!



2013-10-31 01:35

It warms my heart to see people go above and beyond for animals when a lot of people are so cruel to them. Keep up the good work and never stop fighting for all animals!! I hope everything works out for you and your four legged family members.



2013-10-31 02:00

Lisa has worked tirelessly to help abandoned
and abused hunting dogs for the last 12 years
since starting Illinois Bird Dog Rescue.

I have know her for over eight years and have
adopted and fostered for her during that time.

She is a dedicated animal advocate and speaks
for those that can't speak for themselves.

With heartfelt thanks for all she has done for
Illinois Bird Dog Rescue,

Very truly yours,

Maureen Koziol


2013-10-31 02:23

In light of the age (seniors) and health status (tick borne diseases) of the remaining pets at Illinois Bird Dog rescue, housed in the city of Wood Dale, I am asking the city of Wood Dale to consider and then allow these pets to live out their earthly lives in Ms. Spatkowski's care.

Due to their age and infirmity, these animals are allowed outside only to relieve themselves and so the annoyance to neighbors is either negligible or non-existent.  I urge you to consider the above proposed solution, which is a 'win' for the city of Wood Dale and a 'win' for the pets that cannot speak for their very lives, and a 'win' for the neighbors.

Peggy Morsch - adopter of an IBR dog

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2013-10-31 04:14

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2013-10-31 04:33



2013-10-31 05:15

I find the views and actions toward this woman and her care of these animals because of the ignorance of new neighbors reprehensible. If this woman has a license to foster and Wood Dale has been fine with it then someone new moving in should not be allowed to complain and have these animals put to sleep. Because they surely would be. No matter what their age, if they don't like pets, don't move next to someone who does! This completely has me dumbfounded. Let this woman and her animals be. She is doing something good.



2013-10-31 12:16

With all the serious wrongdoing there is in the world.....

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2013-10-31 14:37

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That is interesting as when the couple were looking at the home- I introduced myself and stated that I did dog rescue.  They said "We like dogs".  SO SAD that my Army neighbor renters were forced to move out prematurely to let this couple move in.



2013-10-31 15:38

What in the world is wrong with the "officials" here? SHame on them, SHAME ON THEM, for wasting time and resources harassing someone they should be helping. They want to dump more animals in shelters? How about helping the people who give their time and lives to care for animals no one else will help.....



2013-10-31 15:39

Please help this very worthwhile cause by signing the petition

#17 "Community Service"

2013-10-31 16:33

Lets demand that Wooddale politicians spend a day of "community service" operating some of these animal gas chamber facilities. With the press present of course. No one would have to leave Illinois and it would make no difference in the 50% of the animals that are killed.



2013-10-31 17:47

Do the right thing!



2013-10-31 21:48

I have adopted a dog from IBR. My life changed with the adoption and could never imagine not having a dog in my life. The care and assistance coupled with all the knowledge Lisa has given has helped me with a dog with a tick borne disease. It has been invaluable. You are punishing someone from your own ignorance. Lisa you need to get this on the local news.



2013-10-31 22:18

How many pets does your town allow and how many over are you? Can't you solve this issue by finding foster homes to take them or are they aggressive that no one else could. How many animals does the Dept. of Ag. allow a foster home to have, if you have the status of such from them. It would seem that your state would over-ride the town laws. Best of luck for peace for the animals in your care.


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2013-10-31 23:03

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City ordinances override the Dept of Ag licensing.  I still have no documention that states I can not have my 3 pets plus the 4 the licensing allows, I was just told that in court that I need to get down to 3.  Please read the information I provided about my senior unadoptable dogs.  No one wants a cat with tick borne disease either.



2013-11-01 00:24

I hope this succeeds as it shows the wide need for more and more people to get involved with saving elderly pets.


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2013-11-01 13:41

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2013-11-03 03:42

Please continue to allow IBR to take care of dogs that need help and raise awareness of tick borne disease.

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2013-11-03 03:59