Petition in support of Mr. Yassin Saad and Mr. Haliem Yousif

We would like to draw your attention to a petition, which appeals to a negative decision for protection of Mr. Haliem Yousif, born March 14, 1986 and Mr. Yassin Saad, born April 25, 1981. We wholeheartedly support the application for legal status of these two Sudanese individuals on the basis of the provisions of the French Code for Entry and Residence of Foreigners and Right of Asylum (CESEDA) Article L.313-14 and the circular of November 28, 2012.Mr. Yassin Saad and Mr. Haliem Yousif have proven their exceptional artistic talents through actively producing literature such as poems and novels. These writers, who openly oppose the Omar El-Beshir regime, have had their articles published in the French newspaper Libération and magazine Esprit. They have ever since contributed their talents in different cultural venues both in Paris and in other regions. They recently participated in an event hosted by the Arab World Institute in Paris.They came to France in 2015 in search of safety and peace. They filed for asylum through the French institution in charge of granting protection. Their request has been thus rejected by the French National Court of Asylum, leaving them in a serious predicament. This means that they would be facing an uncertain future and the risk of deportation by French police authorities.They have ever since contributed to society through their participation in the Arts. Their involvement is well-appreciated and praised by the community. All this to simply say that they are perfectly capable of contributing to their host country as well-rounded citizens. Their literary background is an asset, which reflects French society.We therefore ask you, acquaintances, friends, colleagues and those who believe in them to demonstrate your support by signing this petition. In signing it you are not only helping them with safety, but also you giving them a chance.  This will hopefully make the French National Court of Asylum reconsider.  We would also really appreciate it if you can share this with others who feel concern. Thank You!   Translate©Gary Berrios

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