Sharyl Attkinson Forbid her Misusing her CBS News Blog

Sharyl Attkinson is an 'investigative' reporter for CBS News who uses her position to push her anti-vaccination agenda.

When it comes to the actual stories she puts on at CBS News there is oversight by her editors. And the facts that have come out mean that fawning interviews with disgraced Dr. Andrew Wakefield are a thing of the past.  But she has a blog under the CBS New banner in which she continues to put forward views that are wrong and dangerous.

And this blog is lovingly used by vaccination opponents who trumpet that this story comes from CBS News. This attribution misleads the public who think that the stories she writes have been checked and edited by CBS News when they are merely her personal views without anyone checking them for accuracy.

This petition merely asks that CBS News forbid Sharyl Attkinson from using her blog at CBS News to write anything on vaccines.  If she has a story about vaccines that CBS News decides to run, that is fine.  If she has views on vaccines that she wants to write about -- that is fine as well as long as she does so in a forum unconnected with CBS News. Without the imprimatur of CBS News, she is merely just another person ideologically opposed to vaccination.

A recent analysis of her CBS News blog is here: