The People of Middleburgh are Angry with & Saddened by Mr. Dunn's Handling of the MCS High School Lawn

Monday July 13, 2020, Mr. Brian Dunn, current superintendent of Middleburgh Central School, acting alone, authorized the destruction of the center of our beautiful town through the unnecessary removal of 5 very mature shade trees. These trees adorned our school lawn at least since the time our grandmothers attended the school, perhaps longer, and were an iconic centerpiece of our beautiful rural town.

The irreparable harm included the removal of two memorial trees and one that honored a beloved long time Middleburgh administrator. Mr. Dunn did not seek public comment nor did he make the decision known to any local citizens, boards, or past or present mayors before the bulldozers began their destruction at 6:30am Monday morning. As such his incredible abuse of power has left a permanent scar on our hearts and our village.

The Middleburgh Board of Education should consider removing Mr. Dunn from his position, both because of his impulsive and deceptive handling of the tree issue and his handling of the community's outcry after the event.  The Board should further seek to repair trust with the community and especially with the families affected by the destruction of their cherished memorials. Village residents and all community members should have input going forward in order to preserve the character and ambience of the town and to begin the long process of healing this unimaginable infraction.

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