Tiktok Discrimination Petition

We started this petition to raise awareness surrounding the abuses we have had come against us as women, wives, mothers and daughters.  We are tired of our speech and expressions being excluded and extinguished because of our beliefs and faith.  We believe in empowerment of women and helping all other women to be all they can be via freedom of expression, freedom of religion/faith, freedom of simply being a woman.  

Tiktok has stifled many women’s expression of their entire belief system.  They have deterred us at every avenue stifling our rights to gender neutrality, equal opportunity, freedom of religion and freedom of speech. They have repeatedly severed our ties to their platform while allowing violators of their community standards to remain. We are no longer allowed to express our morals & values directly related to our 1st amendment rights that are not in violation of the platforms community guidelines.  All while claiming to be a news entity (remaining protected under our own freedom of the press rights) as other social platforms and the like.

We are peaceful and law abiding citizens of the United States of America.  We do not break laws, insight riots, or harm others.  We are a group of women who do good things such as:

- help a fellow sister in need

- feed the homeless

- provide assistance to abuse victims (all genders)

- promote and protect our 1A & 2A rights under the constitution

- starting a mentorship little sister program for children ages 13-18

- provide safe spaces and shelter for abuse victims of sisters in our group

- protect our freedom of religion and belief system

- ensure of safety in all regards

- ensure justice is served via the justice system to any entity that fails to ensure these inalienable rights.

This social media platform Tiktok has:

- thrown us off their platform continuously while allowing extremist groups, different gender groups, anti-American groups, people that speak of killing others and the like to continue to operate on their platform without violation of their "community standards".

We seek justice by means of reform within their platform (in any capacity allowed by law) and to be allowed the same freedoms within their platform as the same community standard violating persons are allowed (inside tiktok platform).

If you agree we implore you to sign the petition as we are securing attorneys as I type this.

We are also taking donations for this endeavor on our website www.americanpatriotwomen.com - 

If you have any questions you can email us on our website as well.

Thank you for your support!

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