Justice For Jacob

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2015-07-22 11:35

Do a adult crime do adult time!! Period!!



2015-07-22 11:40

he was adult enough to try and steal a bike and resort to murder... he is adult enough to do adult time in an adult jail.. he obviously knew it was wrong.. he is 14.



2015-07-22 11:41

a life for a bike. no room in our society for people like him.



2015-07-22 11:43

That boy is a menace to society



2015-07-22 11:46

because minors need to be held accountable for their crimes and Murder is Murder no matter the ago he knew damn well what he was doing



2015-07-22 11:47

Jacob needs to have justice for the senseless act of violence committed against him.

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2015-07-22 11:47

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 At 14 you know the difference between right and wrong, you know the consequences of what a gun could and did do in this case, the person should be punished to the full extent of the law as an adult.  This person pursued the victim and sought out trouble he should be locked up for the rest of his life.  His actions forever changed the lives of Jacob's family and this cannot and should not be tolerated.  A strong, consistent message needs to be sent to those who choose the path of gun violence or murder and this message needs to stick regardless of your age or your color.   You kill, you pay as an adult.



2015-07-22 11:48

Now if it was a white boy killing a black boy we would have riotting in the streets, treat the little bastard as an adult and bring the death penalty to Pa. you want to plain out Murder someone in Cold Blood, the only verdict should be Death !!! the hell with life in prison, why should our taxes pay for him to get 3 hots and a cott the rest of his days!! Think about the victims family who has to live with this the rest of their lives!! The only verdict should be the death penalty!




2015-07-22 11:52

For the family of Jacob



2015-07-22 11:54

Something need to be done there is to many killings after the age 12 then need to be changed as adults and the parents need to be charged also.



2015-07-22 12:06

If you think you are old enough to act as though you are a man,

then face the consequences as a man.



2015-07-22 12:08

Teen offenders who do adult crimes need to do adult time!!



2015-07-22 12:12

I don't care how old you are or how you were raised, you know right from wrong at 14 years old!



2015-07-22 12:23

Accountability for ones actions...What on earth was this kid thinking...or not? If you are going to deliberately take this life of someone on purpose you must be responsible. If you can acquire hold and shoot a gun and take a life prices must be paid. Where are the parents of this kid???????? SO SAD!



2015-07-22 12:24

At 14 you DO know right from wrong. As such you Must pay the price for said crime.



2015-07-22 12:27

at 14, you know right from wrong...I have a 15 year old son...I would want him to pay as well if he did something so cruel and violent....



2015-07-22 12:27

a 14 year old that murders someone should be tried as an adult. obviously something is wrong with these kids that commit such hard crimes and they will never receive the help they need on the streets. He will need therapy and help for the rest of his life. These crimes are no accidents.



2015-07-22 12:29

at that age one knows the consequences of shooting a gun ,what death is ,you can only blame parents for so much .want to act like a tough ass ,then you get the same treatment as any criminal with a weapon .He intentionally hurt another human being and should be charged as an adult for his crime.Many hugs and prayers to Jacobs family.RWA young Jacob!



2015-07-22 12:33

Justice should be served accordingly



2015-07-22 12:38

Keep him in adult court...



2015-07-22 12:39

Erie used to be a quiet and beautiful place to live and visit. Now minors and PARENTS of minors find it ok to terrorize and kill innocent and law abiding citizens.



2015-07-22 12:40

Derrys Sanders is a 14 year old who made an adult decision to carry a weapon and use it to take another's life. He is an adult now!!



2015-07-22 12:41

This person needto be treated as an adult.



2015-07-22 12:44

He should be tried as an adult the severity of the crime speaks for itself.



2015-07-22 12:47

This appears as its. been a long time in the works.Kids who raise theirself are adults.Such a waste of tax payers money.He did it now pay.